Pro League registration closes May 14.

In immediate action steps after the UEFA/TT Pro League seminar, club owners of the league are meeting almost daily to iron out plans for the start of the 2018 season.

Chairman Richard Fakoory stated, "Having gotten clear guidelines and advice from UEFA, there are some short term steps we are working on before we announce a date to start the 2018 season."

Describing the current situation as an egg and spoon race, Fakoory, who is owner of St. Ann's Rangers, said, "Given what we have learnt, it cannot be business as usual and while we want to start as soon as possible, there are some critical steps that must be put in place before we start. Funding for league operations, club budgets, staffing are all engaging our attention at the moment. We want to move quickly but we do not want the egg to fall out of the spoon.”

Current league CEO Julia Baptiste revealed that owners are rising to the occasion given the challenges faced by the league.

"There is a very collective spirit in the boardroom. We have people from the board addressing sponsorship, governance, television, etc. Its’ a total team effort,” said Baptiste, who has been a mainstay in the Pro League from its inception.

"Of course there are challenges, but coming out of the UEFA meetings while we did not get a fish, we certainly have a better idea of how to fish. We are in close contact with the people at UEFA and bouncing off ideas and suggestions in our efforts to launch the new season,” she explained.

Pressed for a start time Baptiste told Guardian Media Sports: "Now, the office is focussing on registration and putting things in place. As soon as the I's are dotted and the T's crossed we would start."

Deadline for clubs in the Pro League to submit their registration and contracts is May 14.