Former national captain Clayton Morris is enthusiastic about his new job as Director of Youth Programmes at Superstar Rangers.

Morris, who played at the St. Ann’s-based club in his earlier days, is expected to start working with the youngsters from Saturday (February 10), with the intention of taking them to a next level.

“The first goal of mine is to shape the youngsters,” said Morris.
“When I got a look at them, I noticed that they possessed the talent, they know how to play football, but they must do it with discipline and in a more constructive way. My main focus is to guide the guys and keep them focused with the emphasis being disciplined.”

Morris said working with the future generation is going to be an enjoyable challenge, adding that he is familiar with most of the faces under his guidance.

“A lot of the players are related to me in some way… family, nephews, what have you. St. Ann’s is the community that moulded me into the person and the player I turned out to be, and I just want to give that back to the community.”

Rangers chairman Richard Fakoory was instrumental in attaining the services of the ex-Strike Squad skipper.

Morris said he has a good relationship with the top man at the club.
“I am glad to say that I have a good rapport with Mr. Fakoory. It just happened that when Mr. Fakoory joined up with Rangers, I had already left for ECM Motown and then ASL Trintoc. However, we still maintained a good rapport and camaraderie, and it was good to see that he came forward to assist financially with the development of football in St. Ann’s.”

Morris is also expected to work with coach Anthony Streete, who is in-charge of the senior team at the club.
Morris, however, emphasized his task is to deal with the youth at the club.

“The senior players are already moulded into what they want to be.
“There is not much you can do with that, but I will help Mr. Streete when he needs me.”

At the same time, Morris said it would be a pleasure working with the coach of the St. Ann’s side.

“Streete and I go a long way back since we both played for Trintoc and ECM Motown. It is, therefore, going to be a joy working with him.”

“However, I am more focused on taking the youngsters forward with the hope of continuing to work with them when they reach the senior level,” said the former Strike Squad Captain.