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Former Trinidad and Tobago captain Dwight Yorke would love for this country to grace the centre stage at the 2015 Fifa Women’s World Cup.

Yorke who led T&T as captain to the 1991 Fifa Under 20 World Cup in Portugal and the 2006 Fifa World Cup Finals in Germany, believes a victory for the T&T women against Ecuador on Tuesday could be the ideal lift for the country at this time, particularly for women’s football.

“It would be a great achievement to get to the World Cup on the women’s stage,” Yorke said. “I was hearing all kinds of things about the team last month when they were in the Concacaf round and to see that they’ve gotten this far is a an accomplishment by itself. But they must keep focused and finish the job.

As captain I can tell you there’s no greater feeling that reaching the end and being able to celebrate victory or qualification like we did in 1991 and 2006. So good luck and hopefully there’s better things in store for the women’s game back home,” Yorke added.

The former Manchester United forward said he never forgets when November comes around, for obvious reasons.

“November 19 still stands out because I was a kid at the time and I knew what it felt like back in 1989 when we had the nation in a frenzy and then we didn’t make it. It was a sad day for me and all of us.

But winning in Bahrain and getting us to the World Cup in Germany is top of the list for me. Nothing can beat that if you ask me and I still remain immensely proud of what me and my teammates were able to achieve and the way we represented in Germany.

I’ve seen the guys have made it to the Gold Cup and they came in second in the Caribbean Cup so it’s a good sign. Hopefully we can continue improving and get ourselves ready for the next qualification and for the future in general,” he added.