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Former Debe High Secondary Girls’ football player Jeannette Clarke is pursuing a future as coach and is aiming to be one of the youngest coaches in local women’s football.

Clarke, who hails from Cocoyea, San Fernando, was one of the participants who completed the TTFF/Dutch KNVB “C” License Coaching course in Rousillac earlier this month.

She was a member of Debe High’s girl’s team player during the 2008/2009 Secondary Schools League season as well as local club  Petrotrin.

“I don’t think there are enough female coaches involved in women’s football and It would be ideal if I could the opportunity to try and change that stereotype,” Clarke said. “And this is why I’m here for the TTFF coaching course. It’s an excellent way for me to start.”

“The Under 17 Women’s World Cup was a huge thing but for me I haven’t seen the momentum being carried through. What happens now after the World Cup. I would like to see myself being a part of that driving force to help push women’s football and to help educate women players and coaches.”

She had some advice for other aspiring women coaches in T&T.

“Get involved in the course. It’s a chance for us to become more recognized and to be part of the development of the game especially women’s football. This is the ideal opportunity for us to make a start,” the University of Trinidad and Tobago student concluded.