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Soca Princesses hammer Dominica 14-1

Trinidad and Tobago's Olympic women's team virtually assured themselves of a place in the final CONCACAF qualification round in Vancouver next January with a comprehensive 14-1 victory over Dominica on Thursday.

Following their 5-1 win over Bermuda two days ago, the Richard Hood-coached team will close off their CFU campaign against Dominican Republic on Saturday as they seek to maintain their impressive one hundred percent winning record.

T&T got their goals from Kennya Cordner (9), Karyn Forbes (3) , Janelle Mc Gee (1) and Jo Marie Lewis (1).

Hood was satisfied to see his team finish off their opponents in a no-nonsense fashion.

"We never let our foot off the gas even though we were dominating and went up by five goals. The girls kept up the pressure and converted their chances which was a good sight for me," Hood said. "We missed some chances in the first match but today we really took control and took care of the opportunities on goal.

We will now look to finish the round with an equally impressive showing on Saturday and then work on maintaining that form for the final stage in Vancouver next January as we seek to book a spot at the next Olympics," added Hood who is in charge as head coach for the first time in his career having served as an assistant on previous assignments.