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Fri, Mar

Canada U-20 Women vs Trinidad and Tobago

A goal in each half lifted Canada to a 2-0 win over Trinidad & Tobago in the 2015 CONCACAF Under-20 Women’s Championship opener on Thursday at the Estadio Olimpico Metropolitano.

The victory provisionally puts the Canadians atop the Group A table with an encounter between host Honduras and Jamaica to follow later in the evening.

Sarah Kinzner netted first with a shot from distance, while Martina Loncar struck late. Goalkeeper Rylee Foster -- the Golden Glove winner at the 2013 CONCACAF Under-17 Championship -- recorded the shutout.

After enjoying a bright start, Canada took a 1-0 lead in the 16th minute, when Kinzer received a neat feed from Ashley Moreira, turned to hold off a defender and fired a left-footed effort from the top of the arc inside the right post

Trinidad gained cohesion and organization in the second half. It closed down the Canadians more authoritatively, but generating a sustained offense still proved to be tricky task.

It took until the 82nd minute for the lead to be extended and a pair of substitutes combined to create the opportunity.

Defender Sura Yekka, who has 13 caps with the senior squad, delivered a cross from the right into the box that Camilla Shymka either failed to hit cleanly or dummied for Loncar. The 18-year-old midfielder, though, did well to snap off a right-footed shot from 15-yards out that snuck past goalkeeper Rebecca Almandoz at the left post.

Both sides return to action on Saturday as Canada will face Jamaica and T&T takes on Honduras.


Canada - Rylee Foster; Victoria Pickett (Sura Yekka 66th), Bianca St-Georges (capt), Mika Richards, Marike Saint-Pierre-Mousset, Ashley Moreira, Sarah Stratigakis, Sarah Kinzner, Alex Lamontagne (Martina Loncar 70th), Anyssa Ibrahim, Taylor Pryce (Camilla Shymka 81st).

Coach - Daniel Worthington.

Trinidad and Tobago - Rebecca Almandoz; Shaunalee Govia, Amaya Ellis, Naomie Guerra, Renee Mike, Sawsha Woznuk, Kelsey Henry (Ranae Ward 77th), Shanelle Arjoon, Chevonne John, Kedia Johnson (Raenah Campbell 46th), Tsaianne Leander (Laurelle Theodore 66th).

Coach - Jason Spence.

Highlights - T&T vs Canada