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Flex 1 - In the past you have qualified teams such as Holland and Saudi Arabia for the World Cup. Now your most recent achievement would be qualifying Trinidad and Tobago to the big dance, in Germany. My question, how did you feel when you qualified a country that has never been to a World Cup and created history in the process compare to the others.

Leo Beenhakker - It was a great feeling no doubt. We knew we were the smallest nation to qualify but football is the same everywhere and you treat each job with the same respect and you have the same ambitions.

Flex 2 - Who was the one person responsible in bringing you to T&T. Who made the contact then.

Leo Beenhakker - I was contacted by the TTFF, the main person was Mr Jack Warner. All the arrangements went through him.

Flex 3 - Now that the qualifying stage is over. Do you think Russell Latapy will make a good assistant on your staff, possible after the World Cup now. Also, do you think he has the right attitude/knowledge to be head coach of T&T one day.

Leo Beenhakker - Russell is  a great player. I am sure he has ambitions to coach.

Flex 4 - Judging from the time spent in T&T, lets say you leave after the World Cup is over. Will you ever return on vacation. What parts on Trinidad and, Tobago do you like to visit the most.

Leo Beenhakker - That’s in the future.

Flex 5 - When you look for players to join your team. What exactly do you look for.

Leo Beenhakker - We all have our ways of selecting a team and this is a thorough process along with my assistants to determine the best team possible for the task ahead of us.

Flex 6 - For 2010 and beyond. Do you think we have the right infrastructures in place to repeat the 2006 success. Also, did you manager to see any special young talents coming up.

Leo Beenhakker - I have said before that this should be the start of something beautiful and not the end because we qualified. You build on talent and you try to develop football at all levels. At the end of the World Cup it starts all over again. The Federation will see about this because it’s a big boost to get to the World Cup.

Flex 7 - If you were asked to stay on after your contract has expired. Will you consider, if yes, specifically more like 60-40, 70-30 or 50-50 chance of staying on.

Leo Beenhakker - That’s in the future!

Flex 8 - Please note that you are very loved on the Soca Warriors Online ( by many, if not all. Have you ever visited the Soca Warriors Online, if yes, what's your thoughts and will you ever return, if no, will you consider surfing on one day.

Leo Beenhakker - Thank you for the love. Keep supporting.

Flex 9 - Which T&T Pro-League (PFL) teams do you like the most and why. Also, how do you think we can improve the league both the standard and the supportive/attendance part.

Leo Beenhakker - No favourite teams but the league can only grow with continued support and a good level of competition.

Flex 10 - Many feel that England and Sweden will be our biggest test in Germany. I say, Paraguay maybe the surprise team in the group (T&T apart, wink)... Any thoughts on this. What's your take on our three opponents. Despite your outmost respect for them.

Leo Beenhakker - Paraguay brings that South American style which I like very much but we will prepare for them and maybe we are best suited to play them in relation to our style. Almost all our players are based in the UK so we have an idea how to play England. We know the English style of play and we also know what to expect from Sweden. We shall prepare in the best possible way for these teams.

Flex 11 - Generally speaking, people from T&T should be the last to question your team selection as you have done what no other has ever done before. But just for argument sake, do you think that PFL top scorers Josh Johnson, Kerry Noray, exciting Arnold Dwarika, talented Evans Wise and hard working finisher Scott Sealy should have been around your team a little more that would have given them a better evaluation and a chance to make your final 24.

Leo Beenhakker - We have seen all these players and we went through the process very carefully. For no time was there too much time for players to train for longer periods around the full national team.

Flex 12 - Lets say you have decided to leave after the World Cup is done and returned to your native Country, you were offered a job with a Dutch Pro Team (PSV for example). They asked you bring over for trial or, sign, 4 T&T players. Who will you consider and, why.

Leo Beenhakker - No answer.

On behalf on the Soca Warriors Online members, we say thank you Mr. Leo Beenhakker for taking the time out to do this Q&A Interview for us. We wish you all the best in the future and the World Cup with T&T. May Gob Bless you and your family.