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Warrior Nation member, and Russell Latapy worshipper, Gary “Big Magician” Hector is on tour in the UK with his band jointpop. Here is some media coverage from their Speak Slowly Tour as the make their way from England to Scotland (current home of the Little Magician).
JOINTPOP will be the first rock band from Trinidad to tour Scotland and they just can’t wait. The band are aiming to follow in the footsteps of their pal and Trinidad’s top sports star, Falkirk and ex-Rangers football star Russell Latapy. Singer Gary Hector, 45, said: “Rock ’n roll is what turned us on, it made us pick up our instruments and make music.

“We’re pretty big in Trinidad but it’s a really small island, so we have to get out and show the world what we can do. “Rock ’n roll and indie music is still an underground thing here because you’re up against reggae and calypso. “So it was a big deal when a band like us got played on the radio and ended up on television.

“We convinced people and it’s just kept progressing from there.” The band, who formed in 1996, are now targeting Scotland after hearing about the country from Latapy, below. Gary explained: “Players like Russell and Marvin Andrews made their home in Scotland. “I know them both well as it’s a small island, so we’re all good pals. “When Russell comes home, we hang out in clubs partying. He’s a huge hero here — I even have a Latapy 10 tattoo on my arm as a tribute.”


Jointpop are signed to a local label in Trinidad but are trying to land a record deal over here. Gary said: “We need someone to take us on and give us that push. We have a story to tell and want to share it. “We’re rock ’n roll musicians just living our lives ... and we want people to see all that.”

Jointpop play The Box in Glasgow on July 16, for other dates visit