Thu, Jun


The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), through its technical director Anton Corneal, will begin introducing several coaches attached from Primary Schools across the country into the Dutch ‘C’ License course.

This will take its course after the TTFA, in collaboration with Atlantic LNG, completed a coaching course for over 150 primary schoolteachers and coaches in eight districts. The course, which is part of the TTFA’s youth development programme, ran from March to June and was designed by Corneal using the Dutch methodology of presenting information to youth players.

“We created a learning environment to teach tactical awareness, technical efficiency and proper communication and decision making,” Corneal explained.

“The next stage would be for coaches to do the Dutch ‘C’ license course which will enable them to coach at secondary school level and club level.”

Corneal said: “This type of course was long overdue. It is important for young players to be exposed to formal coaching and relevant information at this age. The primary school league organisers have been advised to change the league structure to encourage proper development, by using smaller fields, appropriate-size goals and less players per team with unlimited substitutions.

“This programme also helps develop the all-round player on and off the field, with proper values, discipline, and respect.”

Shaun Fuentes, TTFA director of communications, said the coaching course was part of the FA’s holistic approach related to youth development.

“We are very pleased to have completed this course and Atlantic LNG must be commended highly for playing such an integral role in this initiative in our quest to help in the development of young people and young players in Trinidad and Tobago.

“We may be a bit behind in our developmental thrust as compared to the other higher-ranked countries in Concacaf but steps are being taken and will continue under the guidance of president Tim Kee and general secretary Sheldon Phillips.

“Programmes of this nature, outside of the preparation of a national senior team takes resources and financial commitments that we hope to acquire through meaningful partnerships with stakeholder corporate bodies in coming months.”