Thu, Jun


The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association on behalf of the local football fraternity yesterday offers its condolences to the family of now deceased former President of the Republic, Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson.

 In a press release yesterday, TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee and former national captain Dwight Yorke both expressed sympathy on the passing of Trinidad and Tobago’s third President and former Prime Minister.

“The country has lost one of its important leaders and the football fraternity joins with the people of Trinidad and Tobago in celebrating the life of our former President and Prime Minister.

Mr Robinson was a man of courage, honour and conviction. His name will live on for what he stood for and his long-standing service to our country. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family at this difficult time,” Tim Kee stated.

Yorke who was a member of the 1989 Strike Squad during a time when Robinson held the position of Prime Minister, stated “I remember very clearly the support that there was from him when he was Prime Minister during the 1990 World Cup campaign. I was a young boy back then at 17 but these are moments that don’t ever leave you.

“And having been born in Tobago myself, I am saddened that we have to see another great son of the soil depart. He was a leader in many regards and I know he will be missed by many back home but also remembered for all of his achievements and service to Trinidad and Tobago.” Yorke told TTFA Media yesterday.