TRINIDAD and Tobago Football Association Board member Keith Look Loy has confirmed that documents have been served by the court in relation to his ongoing dispute with the Association and its president, David John-Williams.

Look Loy told reporters yesterday that the court served the documents on Tuesday morning and they (the TTFA and John-Williams) have to respond. 'They have to submit documents to the court indicating why they should not have to give up documents I have been asking for (for) almost a year now, although I am a board member.'

Having won the first round in his battle with TTFA boss David John-Williams, Keith Look Loy said he was awaiting whatever defence, if any, the Association and its president would present after judge Ronnie Boodoosingh ruled on Friday that he (Look Loy) had put forward enough of a case for his legal matter against the Association's president to proceed to the next step.

Look Loy took John-Williams to court seeking the release of documents pertaining to the TTFA's Home of Football in Balmain, Couva among other matters. John-Williams had previously stated that the said documents were available to members, providing a confidentially and non-disclosure clause was signed.

However Look Loy, who is also president of the Trinidad and Tobago Super League, has thus far refused such terms. He argues that as a board member, it is his right to see documents pertaining to the Association's business. 'We had a hearing on the 26th of the month (October) and the judge gave permission to go ahead and file for judicial review, and that hearing is on the 15th of November,' he said.

'I have already made my argument. They have to defend,' Look Loy added. 'Now that the TTFA have been served by the court, they have to respond and try to convince the court that they don't have to give up the documents.'

Despite initial success, Look Loy acknowledges not knowing in what time frame the matter would be determined. 'John-Williams, if he wants, supposedly on behalf of the TTFA, could take this as far as the Privy Council if he wants.'

Look Loy felt he had given the TTFA president every chance to produce the relevant documents, the last time being October 9 at a TTFA meeting when he sought to have a motion put to a vote.

'I guaranteed that if the documents were produced, I would drop the case,' he said.

Meantime, Look Loy also revealed he would proceed with a motion for the removal of John-Williams at the next TTFA AGM, set for November 24. Look Loy listed the action on behalf of his club, FC Santa Rosa. 'Santa Rosa has a motion to dismiss John-Williams at the annual general meeting on the 24th of November, ' he said. 'If he survives that (AGM motion), the TTFA will have an election next year in October.'

SOURCE: T&T Express