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The importance of registering your academy with the TTFA.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association is continuing its campaign to have football academies throughout the country complete its Registration process with the local governing body.

An integral part of the TTFA’s Vision and Mission is to improve playing conditions, standards and increase the possibility of success at all levels. The development of aspiring young talents is at the core of these objectives, and Academy Registration or Accreditation process introduced by the TTFA is a step taken to strengthen and improve the Youth Development System in the country.

Together, we will set the benchmark for player development in through the academies and support the clubs and their academies in nurturing the next generation of player in Trinidad and Tobago

TTFA Technical Director Anton Corneal emphasised, “One of the main reasons for our academies to be registered with the FA is its one way to track players and their progress, not just for the FA but they will also be registered on a FIFA platform. If a player ends up with a professional club and there is any development fee attached to it, we can then show evidence of where that player was registered and show his history.

“Also when we are disseminating information to players throughout the country, we will do it via the TTFA platforms, directly to these academies. It makes it a lot easier to communicate. Also wherever and whenever there are ways of providing assistance to the academies, priority will be given to those that are registered. Areas such as coaching certification and providing advice on structure will also be among the benefits,” Corneal stated.


• TTFA supports the Academies with the establishment and development of their youth academies, providing national recognition to those academies/clubs.

• Establishing these academies/clubs helps in developing professional players who have a relationship or/ an identity with the training clubs/academies.

• The vital role of the academies/clubs acting as a link between grassroots football and professional football is ensured.

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We want to minimise the risk of misunderstanding at every stage. Close and regular communication between the FA, Clubs, Academy Players and parents helps to ensure an enjoyable and productive experience for everyone.

Feedback helps all of the stakeholders to identify areas for improvement that will enhance the learning environment and the playing experience. Comments, suggestions and the raising of concerns help us to manage risks and encourage better performance. Feedback can be sent to;