Sun, Nov

Khaleem Hyland training with with new team Al-Batin F.C..

National team midfielder Khaleem Hyland has signed a two-year deal with Saudi Arabian team, Al-Batin FC.

Hyland, 31, has spent the last three seasons playing for Saudi clubs after beginning his international club career in Belgium. News of his new deal was revealed on T&T Sport Diary where the Carenage-born midfielder expressed elation to have started a new journey.

“I’m excited to start my new chapter, the club has a goal that they want to achieve and I’m on the same track to make them reach it,” he told T&T Sport Diary. “I’m feeling good, it’s a great deal for me and the club and hopefully, we can make history in the Saudi League like I did with my first club, Al Faisaly.”

Al-Batin Football Club, is based in Hafar Al-Batin, Eastern Province, and currently playing in the Saudi Professional League.

T&T Sport Diary commented, “Hyland is also a major local stakeholder and a very important player at the national senior level so we definitely had to ask how he felt about the big decision today by the United TTFA to cease their matter against FIFA.”

Hyland, who has captained the national team on several occasions, replied: “I’m happy that the United TTFA looked at the bigger picture and the future for the kids and football. I hope we can build on this as a country and move forward to better things in the future.”