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Molino scores for Orlando City.Mexican club Pachuca FC is reportedly very interested in national midfielder Kevin Molino, who spent a few days on trial with the club following T&T’s appearance at the recent Pan American Games in Guadalajara.

But the hold up could be whether Orlando City puts a price tag on the player that would not turn away the Mexican outfit. “I think they were impressed with us.

We all played well in a couple of the matches there and the coaches were very interested.

But I can’t say for sure what the situation is now so I’ll be waiting to see what transactions could take place between the two clubs,” Molino said.

Fellow T&T teammates Jayson Joseph and Micah Lewis were also on trial at Pachuca.

All three will now be looking ahead to their Caribbean Football Union (CFU) final round of Olympic qualifiers in St Kitts/Nevis from November 24-28.