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Sounders FC fans wondering what to expect from new Trinidadian recruit Cordell Cato need wait no longer. Asked to describe their new charge, his agent Evans Wise described the 19-year-old like this:

“What you can expect from him is a young exciting player.

He has scary pace with or without the ball. Cordell plays outside right or in some cases as a second striker; skillful, he gets behind the opponent well.

You can also expect goals from hm even from the outside position I think once he settles in he will be a fan favorite because he is humble and has a high work rate.”

In Seattle however, his duties will extend beyond the pitch as the club encourage players to interact with the fans and the community to promote the game.

Wise elaborated a little further on Cato’s character:

“He is also aware that he is coming into a team with established pros and is up to the task of working hard for a position. His personality is laid back and can even come across as shy to some people however he is a totally different character on the pitch.”

Cricket fans may already be thinking of similarities with a fellow Trinidadian, Brian Lara.

Lara, now 42 and a diplomat for his country’s sports ministry, was one of the greatest batsman in the sport’s history.

His tenacity at the crease when facing the world’s most fearsome bowlers contrasted directly with a laid back temperament off the pitch.

The thought of a footballing equivalent of Brian Lara may just as scary to opponents as his pace. Tyrone Marshall would be happy to explain !