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After weeks of speculation, the Sounders signed 19-year-old Trinidadian Cordell Cato last week. He practiced with the team for the first time on Monday and reporters caught up briefly with the speedy forward/midfielder afterward:

(How was your first day?) "It's a lot cooler than where I came from. ... It's the first day and I was a little winded, but it'll get better each day."

(Is everyone kind of at different fitness levels, yourself included?) "They are. The training level is high intensity and it's tough. But it's good. I'm a young guy, so I'll get used to it."

(When was your last game?) "My last match was with the national U-20 team in Guatemala."

(Was it a good experience?) "Yeah, it was definitely good experience -- national level."

(What are your expectations with your new team?) "The Sounders are a great organization. I was here last summer and the fans are crazy. The team is a very good team and I know this year they will be pushing for the title again. My expectation is just getting here each day and training on time. I will try as hard as I can to make the team."

(Have you met any of the guys yet?) "I met David Estrada, Patrick Ianni, just a little bit of the guys."

(What was it like having to wait all these months after your trial before signing?) "I was actually very tough because I was thisclose, like two weeks after leaving, to signing and then it just broke down. ... I was a little mad, but I had faith in God and everything worked out."

(Was this a team you'd been wanting to join since then?) "Definitely. The last game I watch was against New York last season. They won 4-2 and it was like unbelievable."

(Where do you think you might be playing this year?) "My strengths are my speed and skill on the ball, so I play forward or on the wing. It all depends on where the space is, where I can get in behind the defense and set up my teammates and score goals myself."

(What do you think about the group?) "This group is definitely one of the best in the league, so I'll just work hard. Time will come. He's a good coach and as long as you're ready for it, he's going to give you the opportunity."

(It's cold out here. Do you own a pair of gloves?) "Actually, no. But I willl after today."

(And you've just bought a big jacket?) "It's going to help me a lot. (smiles)."