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Rangers boss Alex McLeish thinks Marvin Andrews could play with a serious knee injury for the rest of his career.

The defender suffered cruciate ligament damage in mid-March and was told by doctors he would require an operation.

But the 29-year-old devout Christian refused, trusting his comeback to the power of faith healing, and returned to action last weekend.

McLeish said: "He is obviously defying logic but he could go through the rest of his career without needing surgery."

Andrews missed three weeks training but surprised everyone by playing 83 minutes against Celtic and lasted the full game at Aberdeen on Sunday.

"It is his choice at the moment - and we are going to play him," added McLeish.

"It is not so much a question of who is right. We have got good specialists in the medical field at the club who are obviously a bit perturbed by the situation but it is Marvin's choice."

And Rangers captain Fernando Ricksen is convinced Andrews is back to his best despite the injury.

He said: "I see Marvin in training every day and if we didn't believe he couldn't do it then he wouldn't be playing because we have back-up in Bob Malcolm, who can do an excellent job.

"So if we weren't 100% confident that he was able to play he wouldn't be playing because Rangers is too big to take a risk.

"Marvin is a great player and he would never jeopardise the team. If he had a problem then he would tell us. "He has shown there is nothing wrong with him."