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"I don’t think Kenwyne Jones will be starting against Stoke on Saturday because Cardiff surely have to stick with the players that won at Southampton, but if he’s fit again there has to be a chance he’s on the bench.

Any Stoke player angered by his refusal to play with them against Liverpool in January might just want to win that bit more at Cardiff.

As for Jones launching his appeal last week against the maximum two-week fine Stoke imposed after that refusal to play, words almost fail me quite frankly.

It’s a bloody cheek, no other way to describe it.

Take your medicine, Kenwyne, because it’s not as if the level of the fine is going to leave you behind on your mortgage payments, is it?

He claimed he had to behave the way he did before the Liverpool game because Stoke’s refusal to sell was stifling his career.

Sorry, but it’s his behaviour here that’s more likely to do that.

Surely he’d have been better off working on that touch of his on the training ground instead of spending the day in Stoke appealing against his fine.