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Young T&T attacking midfielder Cordell Cato doesn’t intend to give up his starting position without a fight for the MLS club San Jose Earthquakes.

Cato had been a regular in the San Jose start team until last week after both he and teammate Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi were left out of the trip to Colorado and the changes helped San Jose record their first shut out of the season Cato made an 88th minute appearance in that match.

“It’s a disappointment at first,” Cato told this week. “Stuff happens like this where stuff wasn’t going well and a change is made. But I’ve just got to be prepared, not worry about where I play—as long as I play and make a difference. That’s what’s important.”

San Jose Earthquakes head coach Mark Watson preferred Atiba Harris to Cato on the right wing against the Rapids.

“There are going to be moments when you have other players, good professionals, that are looking to play as well,” Watson told “There’s going to be moments when you’re not chosen. The key is just to stay focused and keep working hard, and when you do play, do well. It’s as simple as that.…He’s just got to stay focused and keep working and keep taking his chances when they come.”

Cato said, “You maybe don’t see it a lot, but as a player, yeah, I talk on the field. Off the field, I’m as quiet as the most quiet person, but I still want to win, just as much as anybody else. I still get mad when we lose. It’s the same. It’s just not out there for everyone to see,” Cato added.