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Stern John says he can't wait for the season to start - and added he has high hopes about the coming campaign.

The Trinidad and Tobago international missed the trip to Ibiza due to international commitments in the CONCACAF Cup, but is pleased to be back with his Club team-mates again.

"It's very nice to be back for pre-season with the lads," said Stern.

"I've missed the players and the banter we have but it's also good to be back working and getting ready for the season.

"I think I'm pretty sharp and match fit because I have been playing all summer. I just maybe need to get a little more physical fitness and I'll be ready for the season."

The striker scored the only goal in Coventry City's 1-0 win over Galway last night, which was a victory in stark contrast to the defeat against Athlone Town on Tuesday.

"I think it was much better than before. In the last game we didn't really do that well and it was unfortunate that we lost. But I think against Galway we showed a better effort and came out and played as a team. We worked really hard and looked a bit more like the team who finished the season. Hopefully we can take that into the new season.

"Tuesday's result doesn't really matter. It's all about going onto the pitch and working hard. We need to work hard for the beginning of the season as we only have a couple of weeks to go - it is really near. We need to put everything into it and graft hard and we'll see what happens on August 6."

John admits that he has already set himself targets for the new campaign.

"As long as I stay fully fit I would like to get 25 goals this season. That's my mark. I think I can definitely get 15 or 20 but sometimes you have to aim higher. But I think that will only happen if I stay fit."

And the forward had only compliments for his friend and international team-mate Clayton Ince, who joined the Sky Blues in the summer.

"I think he is very athletic and will come for crosses and things like that. I think he is a little different to some English keepers because he is not afraid to come off his line. He's a good keeper. When he played against us last season he had two blinders and he's been doing that for a couple of years so he can hopefully he can come here and do that for us."