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Mekeil Williams heads to Guatemala.

His 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup adventure now over, Trinidad and Tobago defender Mekeil “Splash” Williams heads to Guatemala to pick up a new contract and hoping to make an impression.

Williams, who turns 25 tomorrow, is bound to get some stick when he lands in Guatemala to take up a new professional contract, Trinidad and Tobago having beaten Guatemala 3-1 at the Gold Cup tournament. It is his third overseas contract, having already played in the Polish first league (Pogon Szczecin) and Denmark’s (FC WYN) first division.

Former W Connection defender Williams is one of those who announced himself as a good Trinidad and Tobago player at the tournament. He still has much to learn and sometimes allowed opponents to get behind his back, like the opening goal against Mexico in their 4-4 group match draw.

Williams also marks from too far away at times, and on occasion puts too little pressure on opponents, allowing them to control easily, before he puts in the tackle.

But, who knew he could effectively play the left-back position, until giving an almost flawless showing in Trinidad and Tobago’s 2-0 win over Cuba. Williams has proven very capable in all positions across the backline. His W Connection coach Stuart Charles Fevrier thinks Williams definitely has what it takes to play international football.

“Over the last two years he has grown in terms of experience. He has definitely grown to be one of the best centre-backs in the country,” Fevrier said. “Mekeil was our last captain and he is a very steady player.”

W Connection owner David John Williams has been sending Williams all over the world seeking a good living at football. Now, he sends him to Guatemalan club Antigua FC. “His contract starts July 1,” John Williams said. “He signed a two-year contract but could only take it up after the Gold Cup.”

How does a Trinidad and Tobago defender end up in Guatemala. “They were looking for a centre-back and they contacted me. It was an opportunity for him to go out there and play at a higher level,” John Williams added. “Normally, players move to the MLS (Major League Soccer) easier from Guatemala than from Trinidad, so that was some of the thinking behind us sending him there. “They had been monitoring him. The last time they saw him was in the Panama game in Trinidad (in March).”

Johns Williams described Antigua as being at an ambitious club. “The top two teams in Guatemala is Communiciones and Municipal. Antigua had been looking for a centre back. They have been trying to push for a championship spot and at the same time qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League.