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HIS knees are a mass of scars, not all of them from football.

But Carlos Edwards doesn’t mind, because he is still playing at the age of 37.

“By the time I am finished I won’t have anything left - I will be walking on my knees,” he joked.

He had to leave the field after a crunching tackle in Saturday’s 3-0 win over Blackpool.

The defender has cruciate knee ligament surgery scars on each knee and marks from a lateral ligament operation on one. There are also ones from when he served in the army in Trinidad, before his football career took off. And there is a scar from an injury sustained in a playground, aged seven.

“The scars from the stitches are much bigger than my football ones,” he said. “I think they must have used laces to sew me up.”

He has twice been out through left hamstring injuries this season, for three weeks from mid-November and from the 2-1 defeat at Barnsley in January, until last weekend.

“It was a hip issue,” Edwards revealed. “Our physio Bobby Bacic had a few tests done and they showed my left side was a bit weak, which happens. The first time, it was like a pull then it turned into a tear. My muscles are deteriorating a bit now.

“The pitch at Barnsley was awful. And their winger, Adam Hammill, was quick - he reminded me of me when I was 20.”