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Shannon Gomez only made one appearance for New York City FC this season before tearing his ACL. Nevertheless, Gomez said NYCFC wants to keep him and he expects to rejoin the club next preseason.

“My team has been really supportive of me, my coach and the players,” Gomez said. “NYCFC has been behind me telling me ‘you’re going to be back so just keep working, take your time and get the proper healing that you need.’

“It’s been a very supportive process from the team and I’m just trying to take it step-by-step and just keep working.”

Gomez joined NYCFC on loan from W Connection at the beginning of the season and appeared in their Open Cup match in June. He had been working his way towards appearing in league matches before suffering the injury. He said he began physical therapy with the club this week and took an off day Wednesday to participate in the unveiling of a mini pitch in The Bronx.

“From speaking with NYCFC and they’ve been really happy. Unfortunately, I got the injury. Speaking to my coach and Claudio, they’ve been supportive of me and loved how I work so looking at it, I’m going to be back here next year so I can display what I can really do.”

NYCFC does have an option to purchase on Gomez’s loan agreement though it is uncertain if that is exactly what the club intends to do. The club cannot make or announce a move until after the season ends. Gomez was capped by Trinidad & Tobago but has a green card and would not require an international spot.

With his future seemingly secured, Gomez said he can relax and focus on making a full recovery.

“Just getting the opportunity to play for NYCFC again is just another opportunity to grasp the chances that you have and keep working harder and harder. Hard work always pays off, that’s always been my thing. I had a good game, I think, and they saw it as enough to bring me back. Even from playing and off the pitch, I’ve been working my ass off and never getting my head down. It’s my goal to come back here and give them back for what they’ve invested in me.”