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Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke has spent some time training and working with the club's Reserves, ahead of Monday's Premier League 2 game at Old Trafford against Tottenham Hotspur (kick-off 19:00 GMT, entry is free).

Reds coach Ricky Sbragia discussed the positive impact the 46-year-old had at the Aon Training Complex and hopes more sessions can be arranged again with the ex-striker.

"I'd met Yorkie before and know he's an icon," Sbragia told MUTV. "I met him at Sunderland when I took over for a short spell. He came in and worked with us.

"He was fantastic here at United. He came in and watched what we did and talked about young players, before we let him do a session - eight versus eight and one-on-one all over the pitch. He then did some shooting demonstrations and was talking about scoring goals all his life.

"He was saying how good he was at that level and how nobody was better than Dwight Yorke - Coley [Andy Cole] didn't get a mention! No, seriously, he was fantastic. Later, he had 10 minutes with the players and I hope we can repeat that. He has come in and it lets us see things differently.

"Dwight has been all over the world, worked with a few clubs and he's played international football for Trinidad & Tobago. He gave players a different voice to listen to. He spoke to them for about 10 minutes and it was fantastic. I discussed his visit with the players the next morning and I asked what they had learned from it. I hope he can come in and do it again. Maybe we can have a q-and-a session with him as it's important and it was nice of him to do it."

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