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Soca Warriors Online interviews Kevin Nelson who only has one thing on his mind; Representing the red white and black.

SWO: Did you ever sign with San Juan Jabloteh at one time?
KN: I did sign with San Juan Jabloteh on a three months short term deal cause I new I was about to head to Dubai or Australia to pick up a contract. Coach Terry Fenwick had no problem with it but also mentioned to me that after 3 months if I don’t leave the country he will love to have me on a longer term contract. While I was there for my three months I didn’t have much time to play cause the league was on so many breaks for world cup qualifiers. We managed to have three games around that time against North East Stars, which I featured in two of them.
SWO: Why Australia?
KN: I came to Australia because the opportunity presented itself to me and you know sometimes things like this comes around once in a life time, also, I was in contact with the main agent of Sydney FC and he was interested in my resume and video footage and brought me to Sydney FC and Adelaide United. He’s Australian and is responsible for bringing players and contract assignments at Sydney Football Club.
SWO: How is the experience in Australia thus far?
KN: The experience in Australia will be a life long memorable one in my career. I had the opportunity to train under Sydney FC coach Pierre Littbarski former German world cup winner and respectable coach, also, assistance coach Ian Crooke who played most of his career in England and speaks highly of me. Adelaide United coach John Kosmania a former Arsenal player. Even had the chance to train with top quality players from these clubs. Its also a blessings to live and work in a beautiful country as Australia. The people here are so friendly, warm, laidback and very welcoming.
SWO: Do you keep in contact with Yorke?
KN: I speak with Dwight Yorke every so often, he even mention to me that he feels I should have a chance at one of the Trinidad and Tobago camps with an eye for selections in the future.
SWO: How long did you sign with new club South Melbourne?
KN: My contract with South Melbourne is for one season, reason is that initially Adelaide United was keen on signing me on a short term deal because at the time I got there, they had there roster finalized. Coach John Kosmania was impress how I did on my time training with the club and he asked me to stay on longer, hoping to find a way on to the roster through dismissing someone or someone getting injured. One player got injured, the club offered me a short term deal but immigration wont give me a short term working visa. Kosmanis suggested for me to remain in the Australian Marker with one of Australia top well known club South Melbourne, so next season he can bring me back to the club on a longer term contract. At South Melbourne I am the Marquee player and number 1 striker.

SWO: What position do you prefer to play on the field?
KN: My favorite position on the field is an out and out striker and I’m both left and right footed.
SWO: How is the league in Australia compare to the CPL?
KN: I cannot compare the Canadian Professional League (CPL) just yet and the Vodafone Premier League(YPL), because I haven't seen any games since. But what I know from my agent and Sydney, Adelaided and Queensland Coaches is that its not a far difference to the New Hyundai A-league. And that the Hyundai league clubs looks at this Vodafone league for players. Also South Melbourne closely miss out on entry to the Hyundai A-league because of its crowd violence, and the players at South Melbourne are A-league quality players and the organization runs professionally and other Teams in the Vodafone Premier League. I have heard its good quality football and you can get up to 12 to 15 teen thousand fans at games which I saw on pass League photos.
SWO: What’s your goal for 2006?
KN: My goal for 2006 is to play in the World Cup with Trinidad and Tobago. Also to have a good start season with South Melbourne and pick up the eyes of A-league clubs which I know Adelaide United is keen on offering me a long term contract. Even Moving to Asia or Europe, where my agent plans to market and help me get there.

SWO: Ever visited the Soca Warriors Online?
KN: I am always on the web site and have been doing so for the last 5 years since I was based in Canada where I had access to a computer. There couldn't be anything better than the website, its great to keep up with the latest news on T&T players Local and abroad and the National Teams of our country. I am always excited and looks forward on checking out the socawarriors web site. In every country and leagues in the world they have there sites and its wonderful to know we Trinbagonians and other supportive viewers have ours too.

SWO: Are you still interested in playing for T&T?
KN: Yes I am still very much interested in joining Trinidad and Tobago National team. I have a burning desire to play for Trinidad and Tobago national senior team since I was a kid. I represented at all levels for T&T in CONCACAF youth tournaments. U14, U17, U20 and U23. Never was given the opportunity to represent the senior team though. And I will definitely make myself available for a call up or even a trial camp.
SWO: What can you bring different to the T&T team.?
KN: Well as you know with all the T&T strikers they all play with there backs to goal and like to come towards receiving the ball deep into midfield, I am the type of striker that play facing forward, the out and out runner to goal, quick, strong and can find the back of the net. At Adelaide United I am known for having the eye of the tiger. T&T is missing and needing this type of striker, this is where I come in. Someone who runs at defenders and gets behind the spaces of defenders. Keep them backing. I think only Cornell Glen plays similar like that and maybe Hector Sam, but he’s out with a broken leg, wish him a speedy recovery. That's what I will bring to T&T team and more as you get to know me.
SWO: What schools did you attend in Tobago?
KN: I attended Patience Hill Government as a youngster, got a football scholarship to Scarborough Junior Secondary school. Then onto Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive where I won the Inter-Col title in 1996.
SWO: How did you acquire a contract to play in Venezuela?
KN: My friend and advisor had a link to Caracas FC, they arranged for me to come on trial, Coach Plasencia was impressed when he saw me while I was there and offered me a contract.
SWO: Who is your favorite T&T player?
KN: My favorite T&T player and one of my role models is Dwight Yorke.
SWO: How did you feel when T&T qualified for the World Cup?
KN: Actually I was in Adelaide then when T&T was about to play, the captain of Adelaide United Ross Aloisi asked me what will I do if T&T win and qualified, if am going to have a party, I said to him I will be preparing myself and getting ready to join the team to play in the world Cup. He laughed. But yes ever since its been a lot of enjoyment and party celebrations, its a great feeling, here in Australia to be from T&T everyone comes up to me and congratulate you even though I was not on the team. I feel so proud and extremely happy for the T&T players, staff and country I tip my hat to the guys and congratulate them especially Latapy and Dwight. They both deserve it. Everyone. I have great faith, confidence and hope to get a call up in the future even to be a part of the Germany 2006 squad and after that as well to be a regular member in up-coming games and tournaments.