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What has been the highlight of the season so far for you?
I think beating Glasgow Rangers  at Ibrox was a big highlight for me this season.

Your most enjoyable goal?
Scoring at Motherwell in the last ten minutes of the game! I enjoyed that moment.  

What did you set as your goal before the start of the season?
I said to myself that 20 goals would have been good but when I reached that target I decided that I had to keep going and get as much as I can by the time the season ends.

Do the fans have a special song for you?
No not at the moment. But I think I have had good support and they all enjoy the goals and want to see us go up.

Who do you room with on away trips both for club and Trinidad?
I room with Goran at the club and when with the Trinidad team I room with Sammy (Collin Samuel) or if Marvin Andrews not around. I room with Dennis Lawrence.

What’s your favourite shot? Volley? Grounder? Or rocket?
I'll rather a volley but As a forward you have to take it as it comes.

Have you scored much with your head this season? Do you want to score more with your head?
I have scored three goals with mY head this season but I think I have also missed five. I need to do better with my head.

What do you do to pump yourself up before games?
Nothing much. Just listen to some Soca and I good to go.  

There has been interest from other clubs, what does this do to your focus?
I think I must be doing something good for clubs to be interest in me. This just makes me want to do more on the field

Do you have any regrets on leaving Dundee? Would you still support that club?
Yea.. in  a way. I still support them as a team and I still get on well with the boys there. I go and watch them when I don’t have a game plus Sammy still plays there.

What are your ambitions for next season?
I haven’t set anything for next season because I don’t know where I’ll end up as yet. But of course I would want to do my best and keep the goals coming.

What do you miss most about playing for Trinidad and Tobago?
I miss being around the boys.

Would you be available to play for the country in the future? For the Gold Cup or for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers?
Yes! Once I’m selected.

Do you hope the impasse between the players and Federation can end so we can have the best team playing again?
At this time I’m not sure how to answer this one.

How’s Marvin Andrews and Collin Samuel these days?
They are both going good at the moment. I was with Marvin on Easter Monday where we had a Bar-b-q at a friend’s home and I talk to Sammy nearly everyday.

Scoring 25 plus goals this season is a big achievement, how do you feel about it?
Yes it is but I  really enjoyed scoring eight of those goals against Premier League teams. But it’s great to get 25 in one season and it’s a big achievement personally because it’s the most I have scored outside of Trinidad.

Taking St Johnstone to a good placing in the League and into the Cup semis, must be a good feeling?
It is a good feeling to be playing in the semi-final of the Cup but it was disappointing to give away the League to Gretna. Our main goal was to go up in the Premier League for next season.