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DWIGHT Yorke might struggle to pass on his party piece, where he stands in a bin and does hundreds of keepy-ups with his head.

But I think Yorkie will make a great coach after becoming part of Ricky Sbragia’s Sunderland back-room team following Roy Keane’s departure.

I used to marvel at some of the things Dwight could do with a football during his days at Villa and even today he’s still a fine player.

He might not be involved on the field when Villa travel to the Stadium of Light on Saturday – but he’ll definitely have an influence in the dressing room. He’s got that easy-going nature that I think coaches sometimes need to be able to bring the best out of players.

And the good thing about Yorkie is that he’ll have the patience to work with less gifted footballers rather than getting annoyed because they’re not as talented as him.

He has got a great pedigree in the game and won a clean sweep of trophies with Manchester United so he’ll command the respect of everybody around him.

I’m sure he’ll go on to become a manager in his own right one day – and if he does I just hope he keeps smiling.