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Life may take Visa, but the U.S. State Department is taking it’s own sweet time issuing one to Cornell Glen, who looks set to miss yet another game this weekend.
After being called in for Trinidad & Tobago’s last two World Cup qualifiers, Glen needs what is called a P-1 visa to reenter the country. It basically allows athletes and entertainers to work legally in the United States.

According to San Jose manager Frank Yallop, Glen had an appointment last Monday to obtain the visa, but when Glen showed up, he did not have all of the appropriate paperwork. So guess what happened?

1) Glen was told to go home, get the documents, and return the same day.

2) Glen was told to go home, get the documents, and return the next day.

3) Glen was treated like a teenager who flunked his driving test, and told to make another appointment, which just so happens to be next Monday.

If you picked #3 (and if you’ve been following the Quakes at all this season, you should have no matter how preposterous it sounds) then you’re a winner.

“There’s no urgency at all,” an obviously irritated Yallop told CLS. “But we’re working on it.”

It now looks like Glen will miss this weekend’s home tilt against Los Angeles. If all goes well - and given what has transpired this season, there aren’t many reasons to think it will - then Glen will suit up the following Friday against Real Salt Lake.