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Marvin Andrews has always been a law unto himself. When Alex McLeish was in charge at Ibrox, he had a rule that players must stay in the west coast of Scotland in order that they were in close proximity to the club.

Apart from Andrews. "Well, he's Marvin," shrugged McLeish with a grin when pressed on the issue of the defender retaining his Kirkcaldy base.

With a build more akin to boxing than football, Andrews cuts a formidable figure which age and injury have not deflected from.

It is three years since the Trinidad & Tobago internationalist last played in the SPL, but since securing his transfer from Raith Rovers to Hamilton Accies this week, Andrews is undaunted by the long stretch of top-flight football that lies ahead.

He has been at Billy Reid's side for less than a week, but such is the ease with which he has come into the club, he gives off the air of someone who has been there forever.

Cutting around reception in training grab and stocking feet, Andrews is chatty and amiable, comfortable and confident as he holds court in the foyer of the club.

God, an ever-present in the defender's chat, is the reason there is no anxiety on Andrews part as he prepares for what could be a final chapter in his football career.

"I have been doing a lot of praying over the past few weeks and I know that God will be with me this season," he said. "I think that wherever I go God always helps me and the club's that I have been at have benefited from that.

"I don't think it is a massive challenge for me because I know what the SPL is like and I know that God has brought me here for a reason.

"But I am excited by it.

"Keeping Hamilton Accies in the SPL would be as big an achievement as anything I have done in my career. I like Billy Reid a lot and he believes that I can help his team.

"I am really looking forward to working with him and working with a lot of the young players here because I definitely think that I can help them to improve. I am sure that my experiences can benefit them and benefit Hamilton Accies this season."

Inevitably, Andrews' public show of faith - God is in his every sentence, he takes to the field with T-shirts proclaiming the word of God and he has written a book and released a DVD outlining the role his Christian faith has played in his life - has invited a few pelters from an environment where philosophical matters rarely extend beyond the boundaries of the game.

It is not something that has bothered the player.

And, this season when Hamilton Accies will be among the favourites to be the fall guys of the SPL and slip down into the First Division, Andrews will use his well-practised thick skin to deflect the negative predictions.

"People will say what they want and they will always have their own opinions, but there are only two things I care about when it comes to what matters," he said. "The first is what God thinks and the second is what I think."