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Boucaud.English-based midfielder Andre Boucaud admits that he thought his chances of playing for T&T were over after failing to get a call during the 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign.

But when Otto Pfister made the call, the York City player felt the hard work and persistence had finally paid off. Boucaud has six appearances for T&T, debuting in a 2-0 win over Iraq in England in 2004. His last appearance was against Mexico in October, 2004.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity now and I’m just looking to work hard and hopefully get my chance to play. It was tough when I did not get the call after playing in the early stages in 2006. I was down but I had a responsibility and a job to do in England which was to keep on playing the game,” Boucaud said.

“At one stage I was playing and doing well and getting good feedback in England and I didn’t get the call so I thought maybe it was over but I kept working hard and I kept pressing for the opportunity.

“Since I’ve been back with the T&T team, it’s been a great experience. We’re a team and we are together and gelling well so once we get that three points then that’s the most important thing and even though I would like to play every match, I respect the fact that the team comes first.”

The ex-Reading and Peterborough player added that there were limited opportunities for players in England as clubs have made drastic cut backs on their contracts. “To be honest, if you got a club in England now you have got to be grateful because it’s very difficult at the moment.

It’s very difficult financial wise in the Leagues outside of the Premiership right now. They are not giving out too many long term contracts. English football right now is very tough in terms of opportunities for players.”

Boucaud played for 69 minutes on the weekend in York’s 3-0 win over Wrexham, former team of Dennis Lawrence and Carlos Edwards.

In other European action, Khaleem Hyland came on in the 68th minute for Belgium club Racing Genk in their 3-0 win over Standard Liege while Radanfah Abu Bakr played the full 90 in Olympic Chaleroi’s 2-0 loss to La Louviere in the Belgium Third Division on Saturday.

Lester Peltier also saw full action in As Trencin’s 2-0 loss to Dukla Bistrica in the Slovakian League.