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Title: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: trinbago on July 23, 2006, 01:13:36 AM
Football Refs Association plan training courses

Sunday, July 23rd 2006
 The Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) is inviting the public to a referees' training course planned for venues across T&T.

The ideal candidate should be young, physically fit, intelligent and a person of integrity, according to a press release from the TFFRA's office.

Proposed dates and venues for the course are:

East Zone-Monday July 24, St Augustine Senior Comp, 6.30 p.m.

Central Zone-Thursday July 27, Presentation College Chaguanas, 7 p.m.

North Zone-Tuesday September 5, Belmont Junior Secondary, 7 p.m.

Dates for the South and Tobago zones are still undecided.

For further details, those interested
Title: Williams new North Zone refs secretary
Post by: E-man on March 02, 2008, 01:34:14 PM
Williams new North Zone refs secretary

Sunday, March 2 2008

FRANK WILLIAMS was elected as the secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) North Zone at the group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The elections took place at the Belmont Junior Secondary School recently.

The quartet of chairman Hollis Alexander, assistant secretary Maurice Johnson, auditor Wendell Stewart and elected member, former FIFA referee Robin Murray, were all re-elected unopposed for the period 2008-2010.

And Hayden Holder will be the other auditor on the executive committee.

Williams, a former Queen’s Royal College all-round athlete, replaces Ricardo Camps on the North Zone body. Williams, Alexander and Johnson were all honoured last year by the TTFRA for service lasting over 20 years.

At the meeting, the group members held a minute’s silence for former St Mary’s College footballer and referee Luciano Woodley, who was the zone’s secretary from 1986 to 1988, with Williams as his assistant.

According to a media release: “Williams’ first option is to ensure that younger referees are recruited by the zone in the coming season so that the zone will be able to turn out a full complement of referees in all matches.”

Title: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Flex on September 14, 2011, 04:58:37 AM
Referees blow whistle on TTFF.
By: Andre E Baptiste (Guardian).

So when will we learn? Even as the people of T&T come to terms with questions over the administration of football as we continue our World Cup bid, along comes another issue involving the T&T Football Federation (TTFF).

This time we are faced with the situation where there are questions over the management style of the TTFF. Within the last three weeks, the T&T Football Referees Association is seeking answers as to why the TTFF is not following the doctrine of Fifa regarding the referees mandate implementation that was extended by one year.

As it stands, there are 270 registered persons with the Referees Association, and the TTFF is saying that all of these persons need to re-register with the TTFF and forget about the current T&T Football Referees Association.

In other words, the TTFF wants to disband the current association. They have offered the Referees Association a chance to exist as a social club. As one referee put it “so that they play cards and run bingo and have tea…”

Osmond Downer is the most knowledgeable referee in this region. He has not only officiated in Fifa international matches all over the world, but has been a well renowned and applauded Fifa Referee Instructor and Fifa Referee Assessor for many years, with many of his students not afraid to credit their success to his tireless efforts.

This is a man who has a lot of pride and love for refereeing, so when he speaks out, people need to listen and when he is upset, as he is now, then you need to stand, listen and take positive action. Downer was never afraid to speak his mind.

Today he is puzzled by the actions of the TTFF. “This action is an insult to referees. It is sad that the Federation should be adopting this position because it is not good and sends the wrong signals,” Downer said on isports Thursdays on i95.5fm President of the Association, Gary Andrews, is uncertain under what basis the TTFF is taking such action.

“Given what the Fifa mandate clearly articulates, there is not much difference between the actual constitution of the Federation and the revised rules from Fifa on referees. We are a member association of the TTFF and are the first so listed.

“All our members are registered with us as stated by Fifa and under the new guidelines we are more than willing to work with the TTFF. It seems that the TTFF wants to take things a step further and get rid of us.

“All the other countries in the region are working through the existing referee association and the Football Associations but in this country, the TTFF wants to have full control and silence the referees,” stated Andrews on i95.5fm. Perhaps it is interesting to note that there has been a very independent approach by the Referees, and as a result there has been a lot of clashes between them and the TTFF.

However one would hate to believe that some in the TTFF sense that this is an opportunity to take strong action against referees for disagreements in the past.Due to the start of the Secondary Schools Football League and the Pro League, there has been a major demand for referees.

With the country only having a few who are Fifa certified at the moment, the TTFF have had to embark on a rapid fire training session for interested persons. In fact, the situation has been so chaotic that we have read from press releases from the TTFF, that referees are being qualified after four days of classes (spread over two weekends), and some of these officials are being thrown into the deep end at both Secondary Schools and even football in the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Downer is understandably appalled by this. “It would normally take several months before a referee is allowed to officiate an Under-14 match. It is perhaps a year later depending on performance and constant assessment before they can be allowed to officiate in matches at Secondary Schools, Super league, Pro League and so on.

“It is a natural progression to allow recruits, as we call them to gain confidence and awareness from a practical point of view,” said Downer. Joseph Taylor is a former Fifa referee and was recently placed on the referees committee established by the TTFF. He says that among the problems they are facing is that decisions taken by the committee are changed.

“We will discuss a matter and agree to it at the referees committee meeting and when we return for the next meeting, the chairman will return and say that when the points were made to the TTFF executive, they made changes. We tried to have mediation with Harold Taylor, but this did not work as we expected,” noted Taylor.

The TTFF appointed a three-member committee headed by Kuarsingh and including Rudy Thomas and Neville Fergusson. The problem though is that all of these individuals hold senior posts on the TTFF executive and this could lead to a “conflict of interest”.

It is clear that most referees love and enjoy the sports, so it is sad to read a release from the TTFF that says part of the lure for recruits include a) a whistle b) an official uniform and c) a pass so to attend matches with a companion.

Andrews stated referees are still owed monies from 2008. “TTTF currently owe referees around $200,000 but we have continued to give our service.” Referees charge $350 (to be shared among three persons with $50 going to the Referees Association). If there are two officials $250 and if there is one person $100.

This leads to questions on the way forward for both as it appears neither side will back down and while it seems that the Referees Association is correct, the problem may be exogenous to the respective associations and instead may be more personal. As always in sports, many of our errant administrators cannot accept criticism. It is time for this dismissive behavior to end and for the TTFF to chart a new course in this a different chapter in their life.

We have even heard that the refereeing official who was on the TTFF executive was banned because she spoke out in a television interview. Let us hope that is only a rumour. This would certainly not be the correct message to send to those in authority from whom the TTFF are seeking funding. If football is to move forward, the TTFF must recognise the  role of both groups.

There is a suggestion that the TTFF President Oliver Camps and secretary Richard Groden are sometimes understanding but are overshadowed by others. If that is the case, we can understand why Camps has the pained look much more now because he knows that if Jack Warner was still in football, this matter would have been resolved already.
Title: Re: Referees blow whistle on TTFF.
Post by: weary1969 on September 14, 2011, 10:39:11 AM
They have offered the Referees Association a chance to exist as a social club. As one referee put it “so that they play cards and run bingo and have tea…”
 :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Title: Re: Referees blow whistle on TTFF.
Post by: Sam on September 14, 2011, 10:52:20 AM
Even small money de TTFF ripping of men..
Title: Re: Referees blow whistle on TTFF.
Post by: president on September 16, 2011, 06:50:44 AM
Osmond Downer was on TV6 this morning talking about the referees' issue with the TTFF. He revealed that the chairman of the meetings between the TTFF and the TTFRA (referees' association), who is also one of the main obstacles to progress with his undemocratic way, is the same man Look Loy's campaign is struggling to remove from the helm of the Eastern FA - Lennox Watson, TTFF vice-president, and leader of the current illegitimate regime that is attempting to hold on to power in the EFA. The old order is in its death throes and won't go easily.
Title: Clarification on matter involving local referees and FIFA's new mandate
Post by: Tallman on September 23, 2011, 12:57:39 PM
Clarification on matter involving local referees and FIFA's new mandate
TTFF Media


Issued on September 22,2011

In recent weeks the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) Executive Officers have been publicizing in the national media their dissatisfaction with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation’s (TTFF) implementing of the FIFA’s Mandate with regards to refereeing in its Member Associations (in our case, the TTFF).  By selective quotations and generalizations the TTFRA has been promoting the idea that the TTFF is seeking through this Mandate to disband its organization.


One should be aware of what is the FIFA’s Mandate, which is stated simply as follows:

1. Each Member Association is obliged to establish a Referees Committee which is directly subordinate to the Member Association based on Art. 13 par 1(e) of the FIFA Statutes.

(Article 13 par 1(e) states: Member Associations have the following obligations – (e) to create a Referees Committee that is directly subordinate to the Member).

2. The Referees Committee must be an integral part of the Member Association’s structure.  Refereeing organization, regulations and development must come under the exclusive control of the Member Association, and under no circumstances may it fall under the supervision or control of other bodies, such as the leagues, unions or government.

3. Each Member Association must set up a dedicated refereeing department headed by an expert with broad experience in the field of refereeing.

4. The refereeing department must be set up within the administration of the Member Association.

The FIFA’s document goes on to indicate the composition and duties of the Referees Committee, Refereeing Department and other information pertinent to organizing Referees.  The above Mandate is simple and provides no leeway in terms of the obligations of the TTFF as a Member Association of the FIFA.  Fortunately, the TTFF Constitution has always provided for a Referees Committee as one of the Standing Committees.  Its duties mirror most of the requirements indicated in the FIFA’s Mandate and it details what is required to make refereeing meaningful to the organizing of football in our jurisdiction.


A historical overview with regards to refereeing in T&T should put in perspective what was the scenario prior to the FIFA’s Mandate.  The TTFF’s Referees Committee was comprised of representatives of the TTFF and the TTFRA, chaired by a TTFF appointed Chairman.  It must be noted that the TTFRA’s Constitution required that the organization carry out functions which were similar to the responsibilities of the TTFF’s Referees Committee.  Given this situation, over time the TTFRA was allowed to carry out all functions relevant to the organization of Referees in T&T with the TTFF Referees Committee addressing matters that impinged on national refereeing policies.  While this situation had given TTFRA virtual control of refereeing in T&T, the FIFA Mandate has obligated TTFF to assume responsibility for refereeing matters as outlined in the duties of its Standing Committee.  It appears that TTFRA is studiously in denial with regards the dictates of the FIFA Mandate.


In addressing the claims made by the TTFRA Officials in their several public utterances, the TTFF admits that the original implementation deadline of April 01, 2010 was not adhered to but work proceeded assiduously thereafter to rectify the situation.  Realizing that fortunately the FIFA’s guidelines merely required that TTFF adjust its Constitution basically with regards to the provisions of its Referees Standing Committee, a three-man committee of Executive Committee members was tasked by the TTFF Executive Committee (ExCo) with the following Terms Of Reference:

1. Make appropriate recommendations for the establishment of the required and appropriate Referees Committee.
2. Make the necessary and required recommendations for the establishment of a Refereeing Department.
3. Make recommendations for the establishment of Regional Associations’ Referees Committees.
4. Identify the necessary and required changes to the TTFF Constitution in order to satisfy the FIFA’s Mandate re: the Referees Committee and the Refereeing Department.

The Committee met and subsequently submitted a Report to the ExCo on which the TTFRA has a Representative.

It should be noted that prior to the completion and submission of the Report when there were some discussions with TTFRA Officials, around October/November 2010 the TTFRA unilaterally wrote to certain football organizers inclusive of the PFL, indicating that their members would cease officiating in their competitions.  The TTFF was thereby forced to scramble to organize match officials to service these high profile matches.  The TTFF also received feedback that the TTFRA Executive Committee members were advising its member Referees that they should refrain from providing their services.


Subsequent to the submission and discussion of the Report at the TTFF ExCo (on which the TTRFA is represented), the TTFRA requested a meeting to discuss concerns with regards to certain recommendations in the Report.  The meeting was convened with the TTFRA Executive Officers, inclusive of a Tobago representative and members of the three-man committee representing the TTFA.  The following matters were discussed:

Composition of the Referees Committee (RC)

a) The TTFRA suggested that the RC composition should remain unchanged to  which the TTFF responded that the opportunity was being taken with the new structure to provide Referees in the Regions with more direct representation at the highest level.

b) The TTFRA was also asked directly if they thought that the proposed structure was capable of carrying out the FIFA’s Mandate and they responded in the affirmative.

c) It was agreed that the recommendations would be amended to include a TTFRA representative on the RC

Staffing of the Refereeing Department

a) The TTFRA proposed that their organization - being a member of the TTFF and possessing the necessary experience – be used to perform the duties of the Refereeing Department.

b) The TTFF responded that acceding to this request would be in direct contravention of the Mandate stipulations.  The TTFRA should take note of the following however:

I.   In staffing the Refereeing Department, the TTFF intends to utilize the knowledgeable and experienced human resources of the TTFRA, provided that they are duly registered with the TTFF.

II.  The TTFRA members would also be used as Instructors, Assessors, mentors, etc.

III. The TTFF expressed the hope that the resource personnel resident in the TTFRA would see it fit to register with the TTFF.

Registration of Referees with the TTFF

a) The TTFRA requested that it be given the responsibility for collecting the registration of Referees on behalf of the TTFF.

b) The TTFF drew the TTFRA’s attention to Article 10 of the Mandate which states:  Member Association Referees shall be considered to be persons registered with the Member Association as a Referee and must meet the following minimum requirements:

It was also pointed out that the proposed arrangement would be superfluous to the recommended procedure in which the TTFF Regional Associations (through the Regional Referees Committees) would receive the applications on behalf of the TTFF.

c) The TTFF further emphasized that its approach and thinking is one of inclusion and not exclusion, and expressed the hope that the Referees would register with the TTFF.

In its Report of this meeting the TTFF representatives gave further consideration to the TTFRA request and made the following recommendations re Referee Registration:

a) Referees may register directly with the TTFF through the Regional Associations’ Referees Committees.

b) Referees may register with the TTFF through the TTFRA, in which case the TTFRA must forward the applications received to the TTFF through the Regional Association in which the individual Referee wishes to function.

The Structure proposed by the TTFF

a) The TTFRA indicated that while it is in agreement with the recommended structure of the RC, it was fearful that the “wrong persons” will be used to staff the Refereeing Department.

b) The TTFF assured the TTFRA that the proposed composition of the Referees Committee provides for more direct representation with regards to Referees’ interests and the intention is to utilize the resources that are resident within the TTFRA to perform functions in the Refereeing Department.

Special TTFF Congress Convened

The Report was eventually tabled at an ExCo Meeting at which the TTFRA’s representative continued to advance arguments and make representations for a role for their organization in the implemented Mandate.  The recommendations for the amendments to the TTFF Constitution were accepted by the ExCo and a Special TTFF Congress (the highest decision making organ in the TTFF) was convened subsequently to approve the required amendments.

Representations were also made at the Special Congress by the TTFF but taking into consideration that the TTFRA again indicated that they were not opposed to the proposed structure, the Congress approved the proposed amendments.  It should be noted also that the TTFRA did not record a dissenting vote to the amendments at the Congress.

In pursuing the setting up of the RC, in accordance with the amended Constitution, TTFF requested that its Regional Associations initiate their Regional Referees Committees (RRC) towards submitting a representative to the TTFF RC.  Some challenges were encountered since unofficially, the TTFRA was encouraging non-cooperation with the TTFF by their members while pursuing discussions with the TTFF.

Several meetings were held between representatives of the TTFRA and the TTFF.  The primary focus of the TTFRA were:

1. Outstanding monies owing to the TTFRA by the TTFF

2. Terms and conditions for Referees services in 2011 and beyond

3. The structure and functioning of the RC and the Refereeing Department

Item 1. above

It was pointed out that this was outside the remit of the TTFF representatives and the matter should be discussed with the TTFF General Secretary.

Re Item 2.

The TTFF Representatives suggested that since the RC would be representative of Referees throughout the nation and this was also an opportunity to review, revamp and overhaul refereeing in T&T, it was a matter they should discuss and make recommendations to the TTFF ExCo towards establishing the necessary policies.

Re Item 3.

The TTFRA continued to be persistent that TTFF should consider having their Executive personnel carry out the role and functions of the RC towards getting the RC functioning ASAP.  It was again reiterated to them that this would contravene both the FIFA’s Mandate and now, the TTFF Constitution.

The TTFRA has indicated that theirs was a collaborative approach towards getting the Mandate implemented as soon as possible, to which the TTFF representatives responded by being inflexible, uncompromising and adopting an adversarial approach. Apparently, their perception of the TTFF’s “adversarial approach” stemmed from the fact that the TTFF representatives declined to compromise with regards to the dictates of the FIFA”s Mandate and the TTFF Constitution.

The TTFRA has regrettably misconstrued the TTFF’s adherence to its obligations as its intention to “… get rid of the TTFRA”.  This is despite the fact that the TTFRA has representation on the RC and every effort is being made by the TTFF to engage the TTFRA’s cooperation in sourcing personnel to fill the various roles in the new structure.

Organization of the Referees Committee

Despite the TTFRA’s strategic campaign to encourage and have its members generally withhold their cooperation with the TTFF, especially in terms of registering with the TTFF as Members, the Regional Associations were able to organize RRCs and indicate their representatives on the RC, some of whom were members of the TTFRA Executive Committee.  Among the early challenges of the RC was organizing the registration of Referees as members to the TTFF.  As is required by the Mandate’s Article 10 and the TTFF Constitution, invitation letters, inclusive of a Registration Form were sent out to active Referees to register with the TTFF.

Various strategies including misinformation to its members have been used by the Executive of the TTFRA to stymie this process.  The Registration Form to be used in this process became an issue.  Under the guise of being collaborative, the TTFRA began promoting the idea that registration with the TTFF could be done through the TTFRA, using the TTFRA Registration Form which would then be forwarded to the TTFF.  This apparently innocuous suggestion to achieve a short term objective was not only superfluous in view of the approved structure, but more importantly, it would be ineffective in terms of the Referee’s registration (simply, you cannot legally register with an organization using the Registration Form of another organization, despite its similarity). 

The TTFF ExCo’s rejection of this recommendation submitted through the RC has had some negative feedback, inclusive of the following:

1. Some of the RC members (who are TTFRA Executive Members) appear to be unaware that the RC is a Standing Committee of the TTFF which is required to make recommendations to the ExCo, whose deliberations would determine what would be TTFF policy.  The ExCo’s decision has been interpreted as being contemptuous of the RC’s “decisions” and certain individuals have withdrawn from serving on the RC, thereby temporarily holding up the RC from proceeding with its responsibilities.

2. The TTFRA has been misconstruing the decision and indicating to its members that the TTFF has no respect for referees’ decisions and is only interested in their registering with the TTFF for nefarious reasons, thereby arousing suspicions and fermenting mistrust among its members.

3. The number of experienced Referees who have registered with the TTFF is insufficient to provide refereeing services to the major football competitions In T&T for this season.


The TTFF is committed to carrying out its obligations to football as an affiliate of the FIFA whose Mandate has significantly altered the erstwhile role and function of the TTFRA.  Instead of co-operating and collaborating with the TTFF towards implementing the FIFA’s Mandate and reengineering and crafting a new role for its future, the TTFRA has apparently chosen to engage in a “turf war” in which subterfuge, misinformation and blackmail has been employed.  The TTFF is however focused on its responsibilities, especially with regards to ensuring that the major football competitions are not inconvenienced unduly for the 2011-2012 season.

Towards this objective the TTFF is endeavouring to achieve the following in the short term:

1. Apprise Referees of the facts which would allow them to make an informed decision with regards to their future in the sport.

2. Being unsure of the availability of all the experienced Referees, the TTFF would actively pursue recruitment, training and development of new Referees and as far as possible judiciously mix them with experienced Match Officials to service the major football competitions.

3. Work assiduously to ensure that as required by the FIFA’s Mandate and the TTFF Constitution, the Referees Committee and Refereeing Department are established and functioning effectively to benefit refereeing and the sport of football.
Title: Re: Clarification on matter involving local referees and FIFA's new mandate
Post by: president on September 23, 2011, 02:52:58 PM
All of this makes lovely reading from TTFF Media. the harsh reality is as follows:

1) The TTFF appointed a Referees' Committee that includes some of the same people Look Loy is attempting to remove in the Eastern FA. They adopted their usual dictatorial attitude to the resolution of the issues the TTFRA has and this degenerated into a campaign to squash the referees' association.
2) The impasse has seen the TTFF recruit a motley assortment of persons, none of them with any real football experience, many too old to meet the physical requirements of modern day refereeing. The TTFF gave them two morning sessions in a classroom, an examination of sorts, a badge, a whistle, and set them loose on the unsuspecting clubs. They have made a mess of the games they have been assigned to. Their collective performance has been abysmal and they have provoked players and club officials across the board. Notably, they are under the direct control of FA politicians and they are being used to target certain clubs for victimisation. FC Santa Rosa, Look Loy's club, is one such.
3) The current set-up, therefore, is not transparent. The appointment of referees should be handled by an independent body. FIFA's new regulations should have been implemented since April 2010. In typical style the TTFF did nothing to implement them and now is attempting to bully the TTFRA and to certify apprentice referees as the bona fide item. FIFA's regulations were intended for a civilized football culture - not the jungle that is the TTFF.
4) The secretary of the TTFRA, Bonie Bishop, was suspended by the TTFF for calling the Federation's makeshift approach as "Mickey Mouse".

This is the cold truth. The TTFF Referees Committee is yet another mechanism for exercising the dictatorial control of a hard core insider clique.
Title: Re: Clarification on matter involving local referees and FIFA's new mandate
Post by: Sando on September 23, 2011, 03:00:55 PM
You would think by now after all the shit that happened with the TTFF that they will try to clean up their acts...

Same shit.

I hope Look Loy burn they ass good.
Title: Re: Clarification on matter involving local referees and FIFA's new mandate
Post by: Sam on September 24, 2011, 06:23:32 AM
All of this makes lovely reading from TTFF Media. the harsh reality is as follows:

1) The TTFF appointed a Referees' Committee that includes some of the same people Look Loy is attempting to remove in the Eastern FA. They adopted their usual dictatorial attitude to the resolution of the issues the TTFRA has and this degenerated into a campaign to squash the referees' association.
2) The impasse has seen the TTFF recruit a motley assortment of persons, none of them with any real football experience, many too old to meet the physical requirements of modern day refereeing. The TTFF gave them two morning sessions in a classroom, an examination of sorts, a badge, a whistle, and set them loose on the unsuspecting clubs. They have made a mess of the games they have been assigned to. Their collective performance has been abysmal and they have provoked players and club officials across the board. Notably, they are under the direct control of FA politicians and they are being used to target certain clubs for victimisation. FC Santa Rosa, Look Loy's club, is one such.
3) The current set-up, therefore, is not transparent. The appointment of referees should be handled by an independent body. FIFA's new regulations should have been implemented since April 2010. In typical style the TTFF did nothing to implement them and now is attempting to bully the TTFRA and to certify apprentice referees as the bona fide item. FIFA's regulations were intended for a civilized football culture - not the jungle that is the TTFF.
4) The secretary of the TTFRA, Bonie Bishop, was suspended by the TTFF for calling the Federation's makeshift approach as "Mickey Mouse".

This is the cold truth. The TTFF Referees Committee is yet another mechanism for exercising the dictatorial control of a hard core insider clique.

So you telling me in this day and age man could still do anything they want to clubs in T&T ?

F000ck that.

They allow them because no one want to stand up together and fight.

The club is part of the problem because they have no unity and balls...

Or you could try de other option - de only way to stop a dictator is to leggo some bullets in he ass.
Title: Re: Clarification on matter involving local referees and FIFA's new mandate
Post by: Brownsugar on October 15, 2011, 05:20:49 AM
I really haven't been following this story.  Apparently The Fearless One did a show on it some time ago that I missed.  Can anyone direct me to the thread where the drama all started?  This one is in response to the drama that started sometime before....

In any event, like every body gunning for TTFF and Camps about time!!!
Title: Re: Clarification on matter involving local referees and FIFA's new mandate
Post by: president on October 15, 2011, 05:44:35 AM
The Referees Association issued the following statement yesterday. I may also be seen on the "TTFF courts FIFA's wrath" thread:

Revised Statement.

"The General Council of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association at its meeting on 9th October 2011took a decision to bring to the attention of the various stakeholders in the football community the risk to which the TTFF continues to expose the game in Trinidad and Tobago.

FIFA, in April 2010, adopted into its statutes new regulations to govern the organization of refereeing in all Member Associations within the international body. After a grace period of one year to facilitate compliance, all Member Associations were required to comply with the regulations from 1st April 2011.

To date the TTFF has not established its Refereeing Department as required by the regulations. While it has established a Referees Committee as required by the regulations, that Committee has not been meeting to take the decisions in keeping with its responsibilities since 29th July 2011.

This Committee is therefore non-functional. The persisting failure of the TTFF to implement the regulations for the organization of refereeing exposes the TTFF to disciplinary sanction by FIFA.

Such non-compliance can result in Trinidad and Tobago being banned from engaging in international competition, both teams and FIFA match officials. Such a turn of events will affect national teams (Senior Men and Women, Olympic Men and Women, U20 Men and Women, U17 Men and Women) and TT Pro League teams which contend for Championship League qualification.

In light of the clear and present risk to which the TTFF continues to expose the game in Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association calls on all stakeholders to exert all necessary pressure on the TTFF so that corrective action be taken to remove this risk.

The TTFF having made the required changes to its constitution to accommodate the regulations has fallen short in implementing the regulations. The TTFF therefore is continuing to act in a manner contrary to its own constitution.

As a member Association of the TTFF, the TTFRA urges the TTFF to act in a responsible manner and observe and adhere to the provisions of its own constitution. We have been concerned that as a member of the organization, the TTFF has refused to allow the TTFRA to participate fully in decisions which affect
us directly.

We have also taken note of the situation developing within another member organization of the TTFF where basic electoral tenets are not being observed as is expected in any democratic organization. The TTFF is apparently supporting counter-democratic actions by some of its members in order to preserve entrenched interests within its fold.

The TTFF’s failure to comply with FIFA regulations coupled with an unwillingness to work harmoniously constituent members, while supporting the breaking of democratic rules by preferred members is setting up the stage for fasttracking the end of football in Trinidad and Tobago as controlled by the present
Let us all beware!

This statement is issued on behalf of the TTFRA".

The TTFF is in "circle the wagons, dig the heels in, bunker mentality" mode. They are seeking to destroy the TTFRA, whcih has the referees on strike - and I do not refer to the novices the TTFF have killing players all over the country at the moment, but to the "real" referees. Notably, the statement above also makes clear reference to the clubs' struggle in the EFA to remove the old mafia. More to come...
Title: New refs under fire
Post by: Tallman on November 03, 2011, 06:38:14 AM
New refs under fire
By Ian Prescott (T&T Express)

Many new referees are officiating local football matches. But some are not leaving a good first impression..not even an improved second impression.

"All you really want is for the referee to be fair," Caledonia AIA assistant coach Jerry Moe said, following his team's 2-1 defeat to St Ann's Rangers in a Digicel Pro League match on Friday night, at the Larry Gomes Stadium in Arima.

In the final stages, Caledonia were pressing for an equaliser when Rangers defender Jevon Morris took out the legs of Cali striker Keyon Edward. Clear penalty. So many thought. But although the incident took place just outside the six-yard box, Caledonia were awarded a free kick outside the penalty area. It is but one of several poor refereeing decisions in both the Pro League and Secondary Schools Football League this season.

"I was disappointed that a penalty was not called," Moe said afterwards. "They (referees) are making decision that could end up getting a coach fired. But at the end of the day all we can do is write a report on the referee."

"We have had complaints as well," Digicel Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene admitted. "There have been mistakes that have been highlighted, and we have been forwarding these complaints to Mr. (Krishna) Kuarsingh, and he has agreed to look at them with a view of appointing the referees."

Skeene said the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) had advised the Pro League that it had to work with the referees on its recently appointed Referees Committee, which is headed by Kuarsingh, a former president of the now rival T&T Football Referees Association (TTFRA).

Kuarsingh said many of the officials being used in local football these days are recent recruits, who were put through a three to four-day crash course and minimal field experience before they were sent to work. But Kuarsingh insisted that the ones in the Pro League have been either A or B-level referees for a while, although they might not have officiated at that level.

Kuarsingh said the TTFF has been forced to work with inexperienced referees because of an impasse between the TTFF and the TTFRA, the local body that has regulated referees for many years. Earlier this year, the TTFRA general council voted that its referees should not officiate at TTFF-controlled football. TTFRA president, Gary Andrews said the action has had an impact on the Pro League.

"The majority of these referees would not have been in our group that has been previously servicing the Pro League," Andrew said. "So the officiating would not be up to the standard we would like, or the Pro League would like, or the fans would like."

Both the TTFF and the TTFRA agree that the "politics" is not good either for referees or football in T&T. But Kuarsingh argued that the TTFF is simply following a FIFA mandate to have refereeing come under the umbrella of the Federation. He said there must be "give and take" between the TTFRA and the TTFF.

"What FIFA has said is that every member association must organise a referees committee that will serve the needs of the country. For a long time the TTFRA has been doing that, and they are now reluctant to come under the umbrella of the TTFF. But, it is what FIFA has directed us to do."

Andrew said that while the TTFRA is aware of the FIFA mandate, it has concerns with the TTFF's method of implementation.

"This is the only association (TTFF) that have insisted that they must shut down the referees association, because they want to control the referees' lives. They want to institute the FIFA mandate in their own way, and referees are not standing for that. In the past, people might have done what they wanted, and when they wanted, out of fear. But those days are over. However, we expect that at the end of the day good sense will prevail."
Title: Re: New refs under fire
Post by: Football supporter on November 03, 2011, 07:34:07 AM
The thing here is that leagues, clubs and zones are complaining about refereeing standards, yet failed to support the TTFRA's concerns. TTFF didn't need to tamper with the format, just implement a reporting structure that gives oversight to TTFF. Then, over time, TTFF could bring gradual change. As with everything concerning TTFF, bad decisions are driving nails into the coffins of professional football. You have to wonder if their aim is to see the death of the ProLeague?
Title: Re: New refs under fire
Post by: president on November 03, 2011, 11:02:03 AM
Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to DIE...
Title: Joseph Taylor new referees boss
Post by: E-man on April 10, 2012, 01:23:52 PM
Joseph Taylor new referees boss
T&T Express

JOSEPH TAYLOR, a former FIFA assistant referee, has been installed as the new president of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA).

Taylor was elected unopposed, replacing Gary Andrew, who served for consecutive two-year terms.
Despite an ongoing impasse with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF), referees showed solidarity with the TTFRA by turning up in large numbers to cast their vote at the March 25 annual general meeting, which took place at the San Juan North Government Secondary School.

New appointees include Franklyn Phillip, who was elected first vice-president, and Anastasia Griffith, who was installed as second vice-president.

Veteran referee Osmond Downer is third vice-president.

Joseph Taylor — president
Franklyn Phillip — 1st vice-president
Anastasia Griffith — 2nd vice-president
Osmond Downer — 3rd vice-president
Boni Bishop — general secretary
Ronald Geoffroy — assistant secretary, finance
Robin Murray — public relations officer
Clint Taylor — assistant secretary, administration
Marcia Williams — assistant secretary, operations
Title: Contact info needed - Central Zone Referees
Post by: Raul on May 22, 2013, 11:52:48 AM
Forumites, anyone has the contact information for some Referees that may be will to work (and be paid) for a one-day 6-a-side tournament located at Presentation College Chaguanas grounds on Saturday June 8th?

I tried searching for contact information online but I can't find anything...

Thanks in advance for your help!
Title: Re: Contact info needed - Central Zone Referees
Post by: Flex on May 26, 2013, 05:17:25 AM
I do not have the Referees, however, the Central Football Association; Letters can be emailed to or by fax to 672- 1159. For further information, call 678-3878, 290-3505, 789-8293 or 352-0617.
Title: Re: Joseph Taylor new referees boss
Post by: Tallman on April 14, 2014, 03:49:09 PM
Taylor still referees’ President
T&T Express

President Joseph Taylor was re-elected unopposed to serve another two-year term, when the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) held its annual general meeting on Sunday April 6 at Bourg Mulatresse, San Juan.

The well-attended meeting saw most officers re-elected unopposed, except for two posts. The exceptions were Clynt Taylor, who replaced Franklyn Phillip in the South Zone as first vice-president, while North Zone’s Shelly Slater was also installed unopposed as assistant-secretary/administration, replacing the same Taylor in that capacity.

During discussions in the meeting, members shared their concern that no structures have been embraced to give a voice to the referees since the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) adopted the FIFA regulations for the organisation of refereeing in the country. They however welcomed a more accommodating attitude by the new leadership of the TTFA under president Raymond Tim Kee. The referees want to have a voice, and more representation within the TTFA.

The role of the TTFRA is said to be promoting the cause of referees and refereeing and should be the appropriate body to actively advocate for better terms and conditions of service for the football referees. Third vice-president Osmond Downer, proposed that immediate steps should be taken to organise a meeting of all referees, regardless of affiliation, to discuss matters pertaining to their welfare and the way forward. This motion was unanimously adopted by members.

A gathering is therefore planned for the near future to give all referees the opportunity to let their voices be heard.

President: Joseph Taylor
1st Vice-President: Clynt Taylor (not related)
2nd Vice-President: Anastasia Griffith
3rd Vice-President: Osmond Downer
General Secretary: Boni Bishop
Assistant Secretary/Finance: Ronald Geoffroy
Assistant Secretary/ Administration: Shelly Slater
Assistant Secretary/Operations: Marcia Williams
Public Relations Officer: Robin Murray
Title: Re: Joseph Taylor new referees boss
Post by: Deeks on April 14, 2014, 07:24:03 PM
Osmond Downer — 3rd vice-president ?

Jeeez! This man still around. He is probably 99 yrs old! But they say with age comes experience. Bless the man!
Title: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: davyjenny1 on July 17, 2014, 05:06:32 PM
Referees meeting in T&T

There is a meeting on Sunday July 20th 2014 at the HCS for all Referees in Trinidad & Tobago the president and secretary of TTFA will be attending as well. I don't know what time so whoever interested can find out.

Title: Re: Referees meeting in T&T
Post by: E-man on July 19, 2014, 07:40:12 AM
Refs meet tomorrow
T&T Express

Story Created: Jul 18, 2014 at 8:49 PM ECT

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) will be hosting an important meeting for all refereeing officials tomorrow [Saturday] at the VIP lounge of the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo.
It is scheduled to commence at 10 a.m. and conclude around 1.30 pm, with a short break for lunch Included.
The meeting is being held to address issues involving local referees across the country, those affiliated with the TTFRA and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA).
Title: Re: Referees meeting in T&T
Post by: davyjenny1 on July 19, 2014, 01:29:16 PM
Oh... the Date change to Saturday instead.
Title: Re: Referees meeting in T&T
Post by: Flex on October 21, 2016, 03:16:42 PM
Local Elite Referees complete FIFA RAP course.
TTFA Media.

Twenty-four local elite referees have received their certificates of participation in a recent FIFA Referees Assistance Program (RAP) course conducted here in Trinidad and Tobago.

The referees engaged in a week-long seminar conducted by former FIFA Referee and FIFA instructor Peter Prendergast and fitness instructor Allan Brown of Costa Rica at the San Juan North Secondary last month.

On Wednesday at the offices of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, they each received their certificates from TTFA President David John-Williams who urged them to keep striving for excellence as he promised the support of the FA towards referees development and the establishment of a Referees Academy.

“I want to encourage the participants to strive for excellence. We need to see more Trinidad and Tobago  referees regionally and internationally. We are way behind on that,” John-Williams said.

“We are trying to move in a different direction. As President of the FA, we are striving for excellence and that hit an exclamation point with what happened last Friday. It is the first time in the history of the TTFA that such a large investment is coming into football (NLCB partnership for Elite Youth Development Program) and that tells you where the organisation that I presently head want to go.”

“One of the things we set out to do is set up a referees academy and this is still on the agenda. We have to do this together. This benefits you who are in the game now. The thinking behind having this academy is to have one which will be the first in the Caribbean, that way we can generate revenue where people from the Caribbean can come to our academy and get special training. This can revolutionise refereeing in the Caribbean,” he added.

“The important thing is when you finish refereeing, what is the legacy you are leaving for those coming behind. That is my approach to life. When I demit office in three years or if they decide to give me another four years, I want to leave a legacy. The legacy I want to leave is that the foundation of football whether it be at youth level, senior level or refereeing, is in a better place,” John-Williams stated.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association Joseph Taylor also revealed that local FIFA Referees Rodphin Harris, Kevin Lewis and Joseph Betrand recently returned from a successful participation at a UEFA developmental course. And two local Female FIFA Referees Cecile Hinds and Crystal Sobers are off to tier 1 CONCACAF course in Miami within the next couple of weeks.

FIFA RAP Participants

1. Crystal Sobers – FIFA Referee
2. Cecile Honda- FIFA Referee
3. Rodphin Harris – FIFA Referee
4. Keon Yorke – FIFA Referee
5. Ainsley Rochard – FIFA Assistant Referee
6. Caleb Wales – FIFA Assistant Referee
7. Joseph Bertrand- FIFA Assistant Referee
8. Glen Charles – FIFA Assistant Referee
9. Kevin Lewis – FIFA Assistant Referee
10. Julianne McDougall – FIFA Assistant Referee
11. Kyle Carabon – National Assistant Referee
12. Nicholas Augustus – National Assistant Referee
13. Oladele Thomas – National Assistant Referee
14. Johann Corneille – National Assistant Referee
15. Carissa Jacobs – National Assistant Referee
16. Keisha Roberts – National Assistant Referee
17. Keilon Bacchus – National Referee
18. Kevin Smart – National Referee
19. Joel Cox – National Referee
20. Nickolia Nyron – National Referee
21. CJ O’Brien – National Referee
22. Nicholas Gloudon – National Referee
23. Tricia Des Vignes – National Referee

Technical Instructors: – J. Goolcharan, M. Ragoonath, M. Baptiste, L. Bramble-Thompson

Fitness Instructors: – J. Taylor, J. Drayton

Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Flex on February 02, 2017, 03:01:16 AM
Yorke is Tobago Referee of the Year.
T&T Express Reports.

Digicel Pro League referee Keon Yorke was named Tobago Referee of the Year on Saturday when the Tobago Football Referees Association held its award distribution function at the Works conference room.

Yorke picked up the Ashworth McKenzie Memorial award for top referee, while Evelyn Carissa Douglas Jacob was named Assistant-Referee of the Year.

David John-Williams, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) was the feature speaker at the function, which also saw a distribution of FIFA badges made to Tobago referees Evelyn Carissa Douglas Jacob, Julieann Mc Dougall and Yorke. Kern Thom was recognised as the best recruit. Keisha Roberts was announced as the most improved female match official, while Soren Bishop took the same award among the men.

The “Most Achieved” match officials were Evelyn Carissa Douglas Jacob and Sydney Daniel and the Willingness Award went to Ashton Benjamin.

Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Flex on April 17, 2017, 05:02:31 AM
TTFA failing its clubs! Maple complain about cost of incompetence after refs’ no-show
By Lasana Liburd (Wired868).

Too bad that Pablo Aimar wasn’t a Maple FC player.

Just 48 hours after Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams wined and dined FIFA president Gianni Infantino and staged a celebrity match that included Aimar, a former Argentina World Cup playmaker, and ex-Colombia international striker Juan Pablo Angel—along with a host of former local stand-outs—came a less illustrious but far more meaningful contest.

Maple FC, the Northern Football Association (NFA) champions, were tackling Eastern Football Association (EFA) winners, Skhy FC, in their opening fixtures of the Champion of Champions qualifiers.

The six-team competition, which included winners from the Southern, Central, Eastern Counties and Tobago zones, was designed to select the two clubs that will be promoted to the Trinidad and Tobago Super League (TTSL).

The month-long mini-tournament—six teams, five rounds and 15 matches—is the only competition that falls directly under the aegis of the John Williams-led administration.

Yet, remarkably, the opening round descended into farce as Maple and Skhy turned out for battle at Squadron ground in Trincity only to discover that their 36 players plus coaches, officials and supporters had wasted a trip as the match was abandoned.

“The game didn’t play because there were no referees,” Maple coach Allister Ramdoo told Wired868. “We had the FIFA president here and it was a big hullabaloo about how good Trinidad and Tobago football is. Yet, this is a Champion of Champions [tournament] that was supposed to play in January and, four months later, you have the first game of the competition and no one is there!”

Nearly 48 hours after the match, the TTFA still had not officially informed Maple as to the reason for the absence of match officials. It left a particularly sour taste in the mouths of the Maple squad, who are all amateur players and took time off from work to travel to Trincity for the fixture.

“We got there at 4:10pm because we were told to be there two hours before the game to fill in our team sheet for the match commissioner,” said Ramdoo. “But we were the only ones there. We waited until 5pm when [players from] the other team came in. […] The match commissioner, Marcelle Williams, eventually came. We were told we would get team sheets to fill out from the commissioner but that never happened, so we had to do it up ourselves.

“We had the player ID cards which she went through with the two teams and we warmed up and were waiting. When she called the [TTFA] office to find out what was happening, the reason she said she was given is the referees were not informed [about the game].”

Trinidad and Tobago Referees Association president Joseph Taylor was also unsure about what went wrong although he hinted at two possible scenarios.

“I wasn’t there at the ground [and] I was informed by email [on Thursday] that the game didn’t play,” Taylor told Wired868. “But I know there are challenges for officials.  The two main challenges that come to mind are the non-payment of owed monies to referees and the timing as to when the fixtures are sent out…

“Referees are still owed for Pro League, Super League and they have not been paid for a number of years for these same [Champion of Champions] matches. This is common knowledge.”

Wired868 was informed, on condition of anonymity, that the East Zone referees boycotted the match because of unpaid monies. However, the other two fixtures were played as scheduled and Ball Runners and Pitchmen FC beat Dream Makers and Sidney FC respectively.

Two days after the opening round of matches, TTFA vice-president Ewing Davis, who heads the tournaments and competitions committee that also includes Sharon O’Brien, was still none the wiser about the incident at Squadron ground, though.

“I went down to the office but the report [on the Maple versus Skhy match] did not come in as yet,” said Davis, “which means the person who was the commissioner for the game didn’t send it in as yet. So I really cannot say anything without the facts.”

It was scant consolation for Maple.

“We had to hire a maxi and hire a physio,” said Ramdoo, “we had to write letters to fellahs’ employers for them to get time off to go to the game—since we had to leave Port of Spain at 3pm—and then we get there and no game.

“We had a deadline to pay a caution fee of $2,500, otherwise we couldn’t play in this tournament. So if we don’t show up or if the field is not prepared or so on, they take the money. I have no problem with that. But when this happens, what is the TTFA paying the teams as compensation?

“When you put out all this money to go to a game and they don’t do their jobs, where is their caution fee?”

Ramdoo complained that the TTFA was doing nothing to help the teams book grounds for matches, plane tickets or anything else necessary to compete—unlike what they were accustomed to in the All Sports Promotion-run Super League.

Worse, the TTFA—despite boasting about being awash with cash—has offered no prize money whatsoever for teams involved in the Champion of Champions competition.

“They said the prize is if you come first or second, you get promoted to the Super League,” said Ramdoo.

Ironically, at the same time, the John Williams-led administration is frustrating the new Super League and there are question marks as to whether it will get off the ground at all in 2017.

And, even if Maple were successful, then—on top of the money spent participating in the Champion of Champions—the amateur club would then have to find TT$43,500 to enter the Super League, which covers their competition fee, annual membership fee and caution fee.

Ramdoo said Maple will spend around TT$8,000 on just one match when they head to Tobago to face Sidney FC on 26 April.

“The game is scheduled around the Jazz Festival and the boat is fully booked so that is 20 [players and officials] at $300 each,” said the Maple coach. “The only flight available is at noon, so we had to get someone from Tobago to cook our meals. That is another $1,400. Then we had to hire a maxi from Crown Point to Speyside for another $1,000.

“And all this we have to spend in a competition with no prize money. We have three away games so we will spend about $20,000 for this tournament and, if we come third, we have nothing to get.

“But football is great in this country, according to the heads. And the heads in the [zonal bodies] are allowing them to do this to us for years and years. It is crazy.”

Not that the prize money is as much help as it should be much of the time. Ramdoo pointed to the WOLF league and its own issues.

“The women’s prize is $12,000 but it is $2,000 to register and then you have to get two sets of uniform,” said Ramdoo. “Last year, we had to pay $6,000 to go to a game in Tobago—so that is most of that prize money gone there already.

“And you know what is the greatest thing? When you win the league, they tell you have to wait until next year to get your prize money.

“So you have to put out money again for your next pre-season and uniforms and so on before you can get your prize money. But then they are letting the FIFA president feel football is in good hands in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Next Wednesday, Maple are scheduled to host Sangre Grande Dream Makers from 6pm at the Hasely Crawford Stadium training ground in Port-of-Spain. But the club is struggling to afford the cost of lights and suggested a 4pm kick-off instead.

An early start to the match might affect the availability of players from both teams. So, over the Easter long weekend, Maple officials are trying to find a middle ground with the facility managers over costs. Ramdoo doesn’t expect that his club will be able to make a final decision until Tuesday.

“We ask them if they can waive the cost of lights and they said only the Sport Minister or PS can waive it,” said Ramdoo. “The TTFA isn’t doing anything to help us or any of the teams in this tournament.”

On Monday, John-Williams, flanked by Infantino and Sport Minister Darryl Smith, painted a rosy picture of football under his watch. The TTSL, Central Football Association, Trinidad and Tobago National Futsal Team, former technical directors Kendall Walkes and Anton Corneal and a string of national coaches, including Stephen Hart, Ken Elie and Clayton Morris might beg to differ.

Add the frustrated Maple squad to the list of discontented stakeholders.

“After not lifting a finger to help their own teams, this is what they are doing us for the first game of the season?” asked the Maple coach. “Men real vex at Maple. This is how my entire team feels, everyone who had to leave their job. This can’t be right. If you didn’t get a referee at least tell the team…

“These players are the most important thing. These are youth men we are trying to keep off the streets and we are giving them a little avenue. What is football doing for the young men in this country?”

Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Deeks on April 17, 2017, 05:43:03 AM
Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Flex on April 22, 2017, 01:56:27 AM
Referees to down whistles over unpaid monies

LOCAL referees have taken a decision to withhold their services if they do not receive monies owed them by several associations.

According to a source, the referees took the decision at the annual general meeting of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association held at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, on April 9.

And they have sent a copy of that decision to Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) general secretary Justin Latapy-George.

Now they have decided not to offer their services to leagues and associations under the umbrella of the TT FA for the 2017 season which is due to kick off with the TT Pro League early next month.

Speaking to Newsday yesterday, Latapy-George said he did receive correspondence from the Referees Association and is currently seeking to quantify the monies owed before addressing the matter.

“I would have asked our head of the referees department to engage them (Referees Association) to determine what is the magnitude of that debt before we can determine any plan of action moving forward,” he said.

It is understood the referees are owed over $200,000 for match fees and travelling expenses.

The referees at their AGM viewed the non-payment of fees with grave concern and believe it shows a great disrespect to the officials.

In a strongly worded letter to the TTFA, the referees body indicated that the leagues and associations under their purview continue to request and receive service from the referees without honouring their responsibility to pay for such service promptly or within the agreed time frame.

The TTFRA stated that as a consequence, this practice results in individual referees suffering out of pocket loss which has become a burden of financially supporting football activity above and beyond officiating the match.

Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: asylumseeker on September 20, 2017, 03:11:53 AM
RIP, Kyle Carabon!
Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Deeks on September 20, 2017, 03:46:51 AM
Just read about it in the Express. Condolences to the Carabon famaly. And the the Referees fraternity.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) wishes to express condolences to the relatives and friends of Kyle Carabon. Carabon lost his life under suspicious circumstances on Monday night while in his car at Tableland. The matter is now receiving the attention of the police.
“To say Kyle was an up and coming referee would be putting it mildly” according to Head of the TTFA Referees’ Department Wayne Caesar, “he was destined to be a FIFA official because at this stage he was proficient in all physical and technical aspects of the tough training regime”.
The 25 year-old began refereeing about five years ago and has risen from zonal and community league assignments to the “Elite Group” which handles the top-flight games in the nation, including the TT Pro League.
Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: asylumseeker on November 23, 2017, 05:48:34 PM
Interesting discussion on I95 with Ramesh Ramdan regarding refereeing in T&T, non-conformity with FIFA rules and policy and the improper relationship of the TTFRA vis-a-vis the TTFA as FIFA member association.
Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Flex on January 12, 2018, 06:16:19 AM
Seven local referees get FIFA badges.
By Walter Alibey.

T&T refereeing was given a major boost yesterday with T&T Football Association president David John-Williams outlined a number of plans to compliment the seven local referees who received their FIFA Referees Badge yesterday.

The badges were given out to Referees- Crystal Sobers and Cecile Hinds, and assistant referees- Ainsley Rochard, Caleb Wales, Rodphin Harris, Joseph Bertrand and Evelyn Carissa-Jacobs after their performances were being monitored for the past year.

Only Sobers will however officiate at the coming CONCACAF Under-20 Women’s Championship beginning next week at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Balmain Couva.

At a press briefing at the stadium’s conference room held to distribute the badges yesterday, John-Williams made a number of commitments to improve the quality of officiating in the local game, such as making available ten rooms when the proposed Sportel at the Home of Football is completed, for the referees.

The TTFA boss said because of the need for improved refereeing in the country, local officials can use the rooms to sleep or have meetings or even overnight.

“At the Home of Football, we plan to give referees about ten rooms on a plan basis so that they can come in and do some weekend camps or specialized training.

“I think this is important because referees are part of football too, and I dare say a very important part of football.

“We have to do all in our power to improve the game at all levels” John-Williams said.

He told the audience he will also make available retainer contracts for referees, saying whether it is 15 to 20 referees, an elite panel will be established and these contracts will be offered to referees at the T&T Pro League and Super League levels.

This, he believes, will be an encouragement for referees to train hard and improve the game.

Before the badges were given out John-Williams said it is always good to have representation at the world level.

He admitted that referees had been targets for blame when things didn’t go right for teams at matches. He urged the referees to stay focused and steadfast and avoid conflict with teams or any other officials.


Local referees get FIFA badges.
T&T Newsday Reports.

Seven local referees received their FIFA badges for 2018 at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva, yesterday. One of those officials who got a badge was Crystal Sobers, who will be the only T&T official to participate at the FIFA Women’s Under-20 Championships in Trinidad, from January 18-28.

At a press conference held at the Ato Boldon Stadium yesterday, Sobers and Cecile Hinds received their FIFA women’s referee badges, while Evelyn Carissa Jacobs-Douglas received her FIFA women’s assistant referee badge.

Among the men, Rodphin Harris earned his FIFA referee badge, while the trio of Caleb Wales, Ainsley Rochard and Joseph Bertrand got FIFA assistant referee badges.

After receiving the badge, Sobers said she was glad all the hard work paid off. “It is about personal development. It is what you want from refereeing. I am passionate about football, so being a referee, it will help me with my drive towards this passion that I have for football. This badge (I received) is after a year of work. This year you had a lot of courses, fitness tests and technical work we had to do,” Sobers said.

Sobers said she is proud to be T&T’s only representative at the Under-20 CONCACAF Championships, but said it would have been great to have a team of local officials. “I feel proud, but I would have been more proud if I had a full team of T&T officials with me. But I am really proud of my hard word for the past three years because 2018 is my fourth year on the panel. Getting the badge is the easiest part, but the work behind it is not.”

Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Flex on January 14, 2018, 01:46:59 AM
Seven FIFA referees is a decline.
By Jelani Beckles (Newsday).

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Super League Keith Look Loy said he will “welcome” any initiative to improve the standard of refereeing in this country, as there is a shortage of top football officials.

Look Loy, who is also the coach of FC Santa Rosa in the Super League, made the statement following the news that seven local officials received their FIFA badges on Thursday at a press conference at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.

Look Loy has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the standard of refereeing in TT in the past and his club even takes its own footage of games to highlight glaring mistakes.

At the press conference on Thursday, president of the TT Football Association (TTFA) David John-Williams also announced that steps will be taken to improve local officials.

John-Williams said plans are being made to have training camps at the Ato Boldon Stadium for referees. “I want to make the commitment to the referees department and the referees committee that when the home of football (in Couva) is built, we will reserve at least 10 rooms, over systematic periods, where we will have training camps for the referees. When they come here on a Saturday or Sunday for training, they can live here,” John-Williams said.

John-Williams said despite being in debt, the TTFA will find ways to get more young people involved in refereeing by offering incentives.

“We will see if we could find money to pay referees a retainer – a small retainer – that they could attend training so that will be an encouragement for them to come to training,” he said.

John-Williams said that initially the TTFA will look for a group between 15 and 20 officials to participate in the live-in camp.

Look Loy, in an interview with Newsday, said he was glad to hear that John-Williams wants to improve the standard of referees. However, he said having seven local referees getting FIFA badges is not much to celebrate.

“Any initiative by anyone to improve referees in this country is welcome. Refereeing is in a bad way. There was an event yesterday (Thursday) in which the TTFA was touting the appointment of seven referees. This is being touted as progress – it is not. This is a reflection of the decline in standards in local refereeing because last year we had 12 FIFA referees – not seven. We had more FIFA referees last year,” Look Loy said.

Look Loy, responding to the TTFA’s aim to give referees retainer contracts, said, “If this is put before the board of the TTFA and there is discussion, well fine. But I am saying as things stand now, there is little financial incentive for referees. Referees don’t even have insurance.”

Look Loy said more incentive will help the recruitment process, as some referees currently in the profession are not suitable for refereeing. “Once we provide adequate incentive, we could have a better recruitment drive, and we could recruit better refereeing material. This is one of the issues, the people who are coming into refereeing many of them are ill-suited,” he said.

Title: Re: TTFRA Thread.
Post by: Flex on April 21, 2018, 01:48:27 AM
Referee assaulted in La Brea Football League.
T&T Newsday Reports.

LOCAL REFEREE Michael London is currently warded at the San Fernando General Hospital, suffering from a fractured jaw and bruised ribs from a brutal assault, after a match at the La Brea Football League, on Thursday night.

The game, involving Gonzales United and Young Stars, took a turn for the worse when London awarded a penalty to Gonzales United, to the ire of a few Young Stars players, who physically confronted the official.

A video clip, which aired on a local newscast last evening, showed London being attacked by players and fans.

The League is not sanctioned by the TT Football Association (TTFA), but the incident raised questions over the security of officials at such events throughout the twin-island republic.

The TTFA Refereeing Department issued a media release strongly condemning the incident.

“The Refereeing Department is advising that any referee, who officiates in leagues that are not sanctioned by the Refereeing Department and the Referees Committee, are doing so at their own risk,” the media release noted.

“The Refereeing Department is advising that referees should not officiate in the La Brea Football League as this is not a competition sanctioned by either the Refereeing Department or the Referees Committee.”

And the TT Football Referees Association, in a subsequent media release, called for “suitable arrangements (to) be put in place to ensure that registered officials only service sanctioned competitions where organisers have agreed on proper terms of service including that provision be made for the supply of three match officials at least along with security arrangements for said match officials.”

The TT Football Referees Association’s media release added, “We hope for a full and speedy recovery of the referee and trust that the necessary punitive action will be taken by the relevant authorities against the perpetrator/s of this dastardly and criminal act.”

Thursday’s incident came on the heels of a major issue at the 2017 TT Super League, whereby officials boycotted a few games after they were strongly condemned by then FC Santa Rosa coach Keith Look Loy, who is also the president of the League.

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TT Football Referees Association
The Refereeing Department
Referees Committee

What next a Referees Council? How many entities are needed?
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Major league or minor league, the perpetrators should be prosecuted. What the frig man!
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La Brea sorry for beating referee.
By Jelani Beckles (Newsday).

ORGANISERS of the La Brea Football League have apologised but president of the TT Football Referees Association (TTFRA) Joseph Taylor, says it “cannot be business as usual” following the attack of a referee on Thursday night. Taylor is now calling for a more professional environment in football leagues throughout the country.

On Thursday evening, referee Michael London was allegedly physically assaulted by fans during a match between Gonzales United and Young Stars in the La Brea Football League. London awarded a penalty to Gonzales United when a few Young Stars players and fans allegedly expressed their frustration by attacking the referee.

London was admitted to the San Fernando General Hospital after receiving injuries to his face and ribs, before being moved to the Mount Hope Medical Complex. London was released from hospital on Friday and is now at home.

Taylor is thankful the injuries to London are not as serious as they thought. “He had some internal bruising, but nothing life threatening and up to yesterday (Friday) he was home resting. We heard about the bruising to the face which might be a hairline fracture, but the extent of the damage to the ribs or internal organs were not as we thought.”

On a local television channel last night, a La Brea Football League committee member apologized for the incident, saying, “We stand behind the referee and again we apologize to him openly and to our community.” The committee member said he is uncertain if London will take legal action against his attackers.

Another committee member said they are willing to take measures to ensure officials’ safety at games and plan to meet with the TTFRA. “From this incident we are looking at it as a learning opportunity and we have already taken some steps in order to ensure that something like this does not happen again.” The committee members said that the league plans to have more security present at matches. He said although official referees associated with the TTRFA might not officiate at any of their games, matches will continue with a referee from their area.

Taylor, asked if he believes referees in the league will boycott upcoming matches said, “It cannot be business as usual. You cannot have a game the next day after that kind of violence,” Taylor said.

The referees president is hoping organisers of the La Brea Football League will have discussions with them to try to ensure disagreements don’t reach this level again.

“These leagues are important in the development of football and communities within our country, but now we (TTFRA) must sit down with them (La Brea Football League) and enforce that we must look at professional and proper standards to ensure that the leagues can proceed, but we (must) understand that they also have a responsibility to ensure that professionalism (is being carried out).”

Taylor said someone’s eagerness to compete cannot lead to violence. “Passion must not lead to violence and continued abuse...we as referees have a position to fill also, and it must be respected and we must all adhere to proper standards and respect for all.”

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Young Stars expelled after La Brea brawl.
By Kevon Felmine (Guardian).

President of the La Brea Off-Season Football League, Gerald Debesette says the Young Stars football team that was involved in the violent beating of referee Michael London last Thursday has been kicked out of the competition.

In an interview yesterday, Debesette apologised to London and the Football Referee Association (TTFRA), describing the brawl as an unfortunate since the league’s purpose was to expose the talents hidden in the community. He said that when the players involved in the brawl are identified, they too will be penalised. He said the league’s committee will be meeting soon to discuss the length of the ban, not only for the team, but for the players who may want to return next season with another club.

On Thursday, London was officiating over a knockout match between two league newcomers, Gonzales United and Young Stars of La Brea at the Brighton Recreation Ground in Point D’or. During the second half, Gonzales United was leading 1-0 when London awarded them a penalty kick and issued a red card to a Young Stars player. Upset with the call, the Young Stars players surrounded the referee, which led to a scuffle.

Debesette said that because the league officials were on the other side of the field, they could not tell what was happening and by the time they reached and attempted to quell the incident, spectators had swarmed the pitch.

When London escaped and went to his vehicle, it was alleged that he was going to report the incident to the police. However, one of the Young Stars players pulled him out the vehicle. It was at that time London picked up a blade. The spectators rushed across, disarmed London and severely beat him.

Debesette said it was when a plain-clothed police officer saw the brawl and fired a shot in the air that the crowd dissipated. London was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he was treated. By the time La Brea police arrived, the area was mostly clear. Up to yesterday, South Western Division police said they had not received a report from London. He said while there is no security for the matches, police patrol regularly.

The incident led to the TTFRA advising that the Football Association’s (TTFA) Referees Committee instruct match officials to immediately cease providing referee service to the La Brea league. It also advised that registered officials only service TTFA sanctioned competitions. Debesette said the league was not registered with the TTFA and employs referee services through one of its committee members.

“It is an unfortunate situation in that it was a knock out game of the La Brea Off-Season Football League which is in its fourth year. From what I have heard, the referee may take legal action against the players because he was able to identify five of them who attacked him. I apologised to referee association and the individual. It is unfortunate that after eight years of building a brand that one incident can set us back.”

The league continued over the weekend as it grinds down to the finals.

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Referee wife: They would have killed him.
By Kevon Felmine (Guardian).

London to undergo CT scans

Despite being treated and discharged after the violent attack by a La Brea mob last Thursday, national football referee Michael London returned to the San Fernando General Hospital yesterday to undergo a series of tests.

London's wife Elizabeth said that they were awaiting an examination by doctors to assess his recovery, adding that he was still in a lot of pain. London is expected to consult with a neurosurgeon at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) today to determine what corrective measures are needed during his recovery.

Following Thursday's brawl during the La Brea Off-Season Football League (LBOSFL), London, the brother of calypsonian Brian London, was left with a fractured jaw, swollen head, bruised ribs and shoulder.

"Right now I can't give an update on his condition because we are at the hospital. The doctors are doing some checks and we are just waiting for them to tell us what they have come up with. We've an appointment at Mount Hope for his fractured jaw and a CT scan has to be done so they can make a diagnosis," Elizabeth said.

On Thursday, London, a member of the National Football Referees' Association (TTRFA), was officiating a knock-out match between Gonzales United and Young Stars at the Brighton Recreation Ground at Point D'Or, La Brea. It was during the second half as Gonzales United was leading 1-0, London awarded them a penalty. He also issued a red card to a Young Stars player. The league reported that several Young Stars players surrounded London and this resulted in a scuffle. London managed to escape to his vehicle with the intention of reporting the incident to La Brea police. However, it was alleged that one of the Young Stars players pulled him from his vehicles and that was when it's alleged that London pulled out a cutlass. Immediately, players and supporters of Young Stars swarmed London, kicking, cuffing and beating him with bottles, coolers and stones. The battering only stopped when a plain-clothed police officer fired a gunshot in the air, causing the crowd to disperse.

London was taken to the San Fernando hospital where he was treated and transferred to the EWMSC because of head injuries. He was discharged on Friday. The TTRFA then made a call for the Football Association to ban national referees from participation in the LBOSFL. It also advised its members to participate only in TTFA sanctioned competitions. The LBOSFL subsequently banned Young Stars from the competition and apologised to London and the TTRFA.

However, Elizabeth said that they were yet to receive that apology and had only heard about it on the TV and radio On Sunday, London reported the beating to La Brea police. Elizabeth said she doesn't know whether London would return to refereeing because of the hurt he suffered.

She said for the past eight years, he refereed because he wanted to be involved in the development of sports and youths. She said the league was not paying a substantial fee, but London wanted to help out. Last Thursday, London could have disqualified Young Stars which had turned out for the game short of players. But in the interest of the game, she said London delayed the start so that the players could arrive and play.

"He put himself out there for these youth and they nearly killed him. If it wasn’t for the police officer who pulled the gun, my husband would have been dead," Elizabeth said.


Beaten referee cries for justice.
T&T Newsday Reports.

REFEREE Michael London is calling for justice after being allegedly attacked by players and fans during a match between Gonzales United and Young Stars in the La Brea Football League, on Thursday night. The melee occurred after London awarded a penalty to Gonzales United which was not well received by Young Stars players and fans.

London was admitted to the San Fernando General Hospital after receiving injuries to his face and ribs, before being moved to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope. London was released from hospital on Friday and is now at home.

In a tearful and emotional interview on TV6 yesterday, London, his face heavily bandaged, said he is hoping his attackers will be punished.

“I just want justice, because when you think about it, refereeing don’t pay you in TT, it’s because you love the sport (you do it) and you want to see a betterment in our community,” London said.

London said he felt betrayed by Young Stars, as he delayed the start of the match to facilitate them as they did not have the full complement of players at the scheduled kick-off time.

London said he was grateful for the assistance of an off duty police officer for coming to his rescue.

“It was kick after kick in my ribs, behind my head...I just want to say thanks to the off duty police officer who try to come to my rescue, nobody else (try to help) everybody was just laughing.”

Elizabeth Phillip-London, wife of Michael, said she is hurt that the league has continued after this incident, saying it is disrespectful to her husband and what he went through.

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Hooligans must not win.
By Jelani Beckles (Newsday).

LA BREA Football League committee member Callum Marshall yesterday described the players and spectators who attacked referee Michael London on Thursday night as hooligans, terrorists and criminals.

Marshall, speaking to Newsday yesterday, said the league stands in support of London but believes stopping the football to show solidarity would not be the right move.

“Football hooligans must not win,” he declared.

London was allegedly attacked by players and fans during a match between Gonzales United and Young Stars on Thursday night after he awarded a penalty to Gonzales United who were already ahead 1-0. London was cuffed and kicked repeatedly before he was saved by an off duty police officer.

London was admitted to the San Fernando General Hospital after receiving injuries to his face and ribs, then moved to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope.

He was released from hospital on Friday and is now at home but is traumatised and nursing his wounds.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) and London’s wife have said the continuation of the league is disrespectful to London.

Marshall does not agree.

He said, “I visited him on Friday and I echoed the league’s sentiments that we are fully standing behind him...we already threw the team out of the league and the players who have been implicated in this horrific act are going to be banned from the league for life. Once we have a league, those players can’t come back with that team or no other team, we don’t want any part of them.”

Marshall said if the league stops, the community will suffer because of a few unruly people.

“If we stop the league then we allow the detractors, these hooligans, these football terrorists as we want to call them, these criminals, to win. When we stop the football, who is going to win? They will — not the community, not the scores of vendors who come out and make a livelihood off the crowd that is there.”

Marshall said the La Brea League will learn from this situation because the community leagues are valuable to TT football. “We are trying our best and we are not perfect. We have a lot to learn still, because in terms of football, eight years is a young league. We are trying to learn from our mistakes and our shortcomings and build upon it, because we have young players who are honing their skills. There is not a player in TT who has played at the international level that does not start off in their community league.”

With official referees withdrawing their services since London’s injury, Marshall has been refereeing all the games since then with volunteers carrying out linesmen duties.

He said the league will take a tremendous financial hit because of what transpired.

“This league is not a sponsored league by any big company...After this incident, we will be under pressure because sponsors and benefactors will not want to attach their name to what happened.”

Marshall called for respect for all referees as they are as passionate about the sport as players and are paid sometimes just $100 per game.

The league will continue tonight from 8 pm at La Brea Recreation Ground, before continuing on Thursday and Friday.

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I really hope justice prevails! Speedy recovery ref.
Marshall called for respect for all referees as they are as passionate about the sport as players and are paid sometimes just $100 per game. :o
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Three T&T referees invited to CONCACAF Tier II Course.
TTFA Media..

Three match officials have been invited to attend the CONCACAF Tier II Course 2018 in Costa Rica from June 8-10. Those officials are Women’s referee Crystal Sobers and Men’ s Assistant Referees Joseph Bertrand and Ainsley Rochard.

The course is designed to continue the development of Tier II Referees and Assistant Referees.

The focus during this course will be on the following:

a. Physical fitness testing(FIFA World Cup Candidate Referee test)

b. Practical and technical training

c. Classroom and field sessions, including video tests.

A Fitness Test will be conducted on June 8, 2018 and all match officials must pass the FIFA Referee fitness test. Additionally, Women referees wishing to officiate Concacaf men’s matches, may choose to take the standard FIFA Men’s fitness test.

Rochard is back home after serving his appointment as an assistant referee in the first leg of the CONCACAF Scotiabank Champions League Final between Toronto FC and Chivas in Toronto last Tuesday. Rochard also officiated in the Champions League Semi final between Toronto and Club America on April 4th alongside referee Henry Bejarano and assistant Carlos Fernandez of Costa Rica.

Prior to the match, CONCACAF announced a referee exchange with the Asian Football Confederation, which began when the AFC provided referees for the recent Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League semi-final return leg in Mexico City, between Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC and Liga MX’s Club America.

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Referee’s wife wants him back on the field.
By Yvonne Webb (Newsday).

ELIZABETH London, wife of referee Michael London, who was badly beaten while officiating a match in La Brea, last Thursday, said she would like her husband to continue refereeing in spite of the incident.

Her husband was scheduled to have a CT scan at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (Mt Hope) last night.

Speaking with Newsday yesterday, Elizabeth thanked God and the off-duty officer, who intervened in the attack, for saving London’s life. The officer, who shielded London, fired his gun in the air to stop the attack.

“That is what caused them to scatter,” Elizabeth said as she sat at the side of her husband at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) yesterday evening, while he was about to be transferred by ambulance to Mt Hope to have the CT scan. She said Michael was in a lot of pain and was barely able to speak because of the injuries to his jaw.

She said at first she thought her husband was shot because his nephew, Devon London, who is also a referee was at the game and called her, “He panicked and called me, telling me that Michael was in a fight and he heard a gun shot and to come down to La Brea now, because he could not reach him.”

Elizabeth said as parents of young children, she could not understand the indiscipline of the players and their ingratitude, pointing out that London, 43, bended the rules earlier, delaying the start of the game to accommodate the arrival of some members of the same team who attacked him because of his decision to award a penalty.

Elizabeth called for security on the field during these community games.

She said it is not the first time her husband, who has been a professional referee for about eight years, was attacked. However, she said it is the first time the attack was so savage.

She said in these critical times, security is a must, but players and referees have been left at the mercy of unruly mobs because of the cost factor attached.

London, 43, and his wife Elizabeth, of Fyzabad, are parents of calypsonian brothers Ronaldo and Rivaldo London.

“He gave a penalty and they vex and somebody push him, he push him back, then another person came and hit him and when he hit back, fight start. The team and supporters pounced on him and beat him up,” she explained.

She said doctors have assured there are no broken bones and the injuries would heal, but in time.

Asked if this incident would cause him to rethink his decision to referee, she said it is not a conversation they have had since the incident played out during a community match between Gonzales United and Young Stars in the La Brea Football League.

“I would like him to continue because he is passionate about football. It is something he loves, but it is not safe. I know for sure he will not be going back to La Brea, but apart from that he would have to decide.”

She had also raised concerns about the league continuing in spite of the attack on her husband and last evening maintained it should have been called off pending the outcome of an investigation.

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Referee’s wife wants him back on the field.
By Yvonne Webb (Newsday).


Elizabeth said as parents of young children, she could not understand the indiscipline of the players and their ingratitude, pointing out that London, 43, bended the rules earlier, delaying the start of the game to accommodate the arrival of some members of the same team who attacked him because of his decision to award a penalty.


I'm no Earl Best, but Yvonne Webb yuh jes BEND meh head. "Bended"? I eh know. Ah could be wrong, but MATT may soon need Saturday lessons. First segment on ethics and professional responsibility and a module on .... well, that should be obvious.

According to one source:

"Bended is the archaic past tense of bend. Currently it is mainly used in the phrase on bended knee. This phrase means to be kneeling, usually in front of someone to ask either forgiveness or to propose getting married.

Outside of usage in that specific phrase, bended is an error and bent should be used."
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Have we lost it, T&T?
By Colin Murray (Guardian).

 I was totally shocked and disgusted when I received a video on social media showing a referee being assaulted and badly beaten while doing a minor league game. A short while later, I saw more video footage of the referee being hunted by what I can only describe as a hooligan mob as they attacked him with full force. I thought to myself, what has happened to our society? Where have we as a people gone wrong? The killings, the robberies, the rapes, the incest, etc... What was this referee's crime to be beaten to a pulp by a bunch of savages? Because honestly, that is exactly how it looked.

What was this man's crime? He didn't physically rob anyone. He simply went to referee a minor league match in an area where he assumed that he would have been protected by the officials of the La Brea off-season football league.

Referee Michael London simply went there expecting to service the game to the best of his ability, enjoy the match and return to his loved ones unharmed. He was officiating in a semi-final game and when he gave a penalty against the Young Stars team and further sent off a player, all hell broke loose.

We have seen on many occasions when players and managers do not agree with a referee's decision(s), they surround the officials, often in a quite despicable manner, gesticulating that they were not happy with a particular decision or several decisions during the match; but that is usually as far as it goes. I remember in the English League a few years ago Paolo Di Canio shoved a referee to the ground after he was sent off and he immediately received a lengthy 11 game ban from all football by the English FA.

From all reports coming out of La Brea, the referee was pulled from his car, kicked, cuffed, and beaten with an object that the mob could have put their hands on. Now apparently this was not only supporters of Young Stars, but players as well and thankfully his life was only saved when an off-duty Policeman fired a gunshot in the air. He could easily have been left for dead which crawls my blood thinking that such a heinous crime has reached football. What absolute madness is this in our country and our beloved local football? These people have scarred the good name of La Brea - a community that is well known for its hospitality and the world famous pitch lake where tourists travel many a mile just to experience that “Eighth wonder of the world”. I have no doubts that the warm and friendly people of La Brea will be hanging their heads in shame at what some individuals have now done to the good name of their community and their football.

According to sources, the league is now running without Young Stars which is commendable but we must do better than this. I have not heard a word from the TTFA on an investigation into this entire sordid episode; not that I expected anything from the TTFA because it's not good news and none of them would be posing for photos. They probably would be hiding behind the fact that this is a minor league, not a TTFA sanctioned competition so they would not need to get involved. However, it is football and some of these players may well be playing in TTFA competitions.

I would have thought that by now the TTFA would have asked for a list of the Young Stars team, and been working together with the Police and the La Brea officials to identify the culprits from the team and the spectators and ban them for life from ever playing football again in this country. It is very easy for a change of name or club and these very players can be playing next year for 'Young Giants' for example, so we must rid the system once and for all of these people who play and say they love the beautiful game. As for the spectators, when they are found out to be culpable, post their pictures at all stadia and ban them from ever entering a football game again in this country. It is not difficult to do, it is something done by the various clubs throughout the world and I am sure if the TTFA asks for help from these professional clubs worldwide, they would be more than willing to share the information.

I can say with certainty that most of us have questioned referees' and umpires' decisions but at the end of the day, they are the people in charge and they have a right to be respected; without them, there is no game and when a match can reach the ugly scenes that we witnessed in La Brea last week, those who are in authority must act swiftly and positively as our society will continue to decay unless we clean up the mess at all levels.

To Referee Michael London and his family, I sincerely apologise to you on behalf of all right-thinking sport-loving people of T&T, and I wish you a speedy recovery so you can take to the field again.

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The dangers referees face.
By Alvin Corneal (Guardian).

The recent incident which occurred in La Brea seemed to have sent shivers through parents, players, spectators and even the citizens who do not even go to football. I have often tried to separate the various acts of crime in our country in order to reduce the fear which our people are experiencing throughout the country.

However, how does one explain last week’s incident which was done to the referee, Michael London, whose desire to serve the country’s sport has led him towards a near-death situation while attempting to do his best. This is not the first time and we must bear this in mind.

Our administrators in every league or association, under the umbrella Association, have failed to understand the importance of having security around the playing fields, especially the open community fields where the crowds line the sidelines as close as being able to touch the players at times. Funnily enough, this may well be a shocking example of our behaviour when we compare the supporters in the fifties, sixties, onward to seventies who turned up in thousands to attend a football match in the grand (Queen’s Park) savannah, or the Arima Velodrome, or the popular community fields or anywhere for that matter. I have not have the misfortune of seeing any kind of violence regardless of the sometimes flaring of tempers for short periods during a match.

What we are experiencing is a serious situation which could be good reasons for fans to decide against going to see football. Parents who follow the performances of their children and grandchildren, have already been drawing the attention of the coaches to the horrible behaviour coming from fans and players as well. Some have actually stopped their kids from playing in competitions at school level and even community levels.

I understand the abnormal faculties which cause players to be temporarily angry over what they may have experienced by a tough/rough tackle but the treasures of give-and-take in the process of sport are the ingredients which make sportsmen and women. It would be fair to blame the managers and coaches of these teams. It may also cause the young players to act irresponsibly on varying issues in life, which take that type of behaviour into every aspect of their lives. The corrective process is complicated, regardless of whether we point fingers at parents, players or even school teachers.

However, in sport, especially football, the T&T Football Association (TTFA) must accept the responsibility for putting a machinery into place so that the players can feel safe, the referees as well and most of all, any improvement of this behaviour will increase the attendance of spectators around the playing fields. I wish to suggest that if any club official, coach or manager find themselves in these situations, (yes there are bad eggs at that level sometimes), the lessons for the affiliated clubs, schools, or even community leagues will be, to refuse to take the field unless a security officer is around.

The police have a responsibility to protect and serve the people of this country. No one said that it must be on a busy day, a huge entertainment show, or a day on the beach. I have always been told by my elders, that to correct a serious problem in life, is to correct it immediately and without any form of temporary or gradual transition.

It was a sad day for football in La Brea and I humbly apologise to referee London for the injuries inflicted on him. However, forgive them

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I agree with Alvin on this one. I have attended matches in the Savannah where there was real contention, but cool heads prevailed. But this was really brazen. These guys must pay for this act. The only thing I differ with is saying that TTFA has some responsibility for this situation. I don’t buy that. This is a minor league. This is a community league. I am sure they have the blessings of the association. But the people who running this bear full responsibility for this stain on football.
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Post by: asylumseeker on April 27, 2018, 06:54:01 AM
Although the incident occurred in a minor league setting, the incident has major league considerations for football stakeholders. It's not a situation that the TTFA should treat in a compartmentalized way as not its problem. It's an instructive moment that the federation and referees body should respond to in an unblinkered way. The gravity of the situation merits a proactive investment in action akin to that mentioned by Colin Murray.
Title: Referee Crystal Sobers credits commitment and delivery for CONCACAF second place
Post by: Tallman on January 17, 2019, 06:24:47 PM
Referee Crystal Sobers credits commitment and delivery for CONCACAF second place finish
TTFA Media

Trinidad and Tobago’s Crystal Sobers was voted the second best female referee in Concacaf for 2018. Her placing was decided based on votes among national team head coaches, national team captains, experts from the media in Concacaf and fans across the globe.

Sobers placed second behind Mexico’s Lucila Venegas and ahead of third placed Carol Anne Chenard of Canada. She was the only T&T national nominated in all categories for Concacaf’s best of 2018 awards.

On Wednesday Sobers said she was still coming to terms with the accomplishment but put it down to commitment and perseverance in the field.

“I am still digesting this reward of acknowledgement of my commitment and deliverance on the field of play.I feel really inspired to continue my journey towards excellence,” Sobers told TTFA Media.

Sobers officiated at the CONCACAF Under 20 Women’s Championship in 2018, earning a fourth official appointment in the final at IMG Academy in Florida. She also carried the whistle at the CFU Women’s Challenge series, the Central American Women World Cup qualifiers, the CAC Games in Colombia and the CONCACAF Women’s championship (Final round of World Cup qualifiers) in Texas.

“Being passionate about this game, I have accepted that it does not come with a price but more so an energy that fuels the need to enjoy the game for the best of what it has to offer. The CONCACAF U-20s was a stepping stone for me being among the Tier 1 refs and excelling to the final as forth official,” she added.

As to what he believes are her main attributes, Sobers stated, “ My performance on the field comes from a foundation of calmness and strength.I have learned a lot as a player so understanding the game and the use of my personality towards the players has made it easier for all of us to enjoy the game.”

Sobers wants to see more females take up refereeing in Trinidad and Tobago and is also encouraging her male compatriots to keep aspiring towards becoming international referees.

“You have to love the game in order to become a referee. It’s not an easy career but once you have a sense of humour, a willingness to listen and endure tiring training sessions on and off the field, the vast opportunities are there to taste this wonderful career in refereeing,” Sobers said.

TTFA President David John-Williams also credited Sobers for her accomplishment, saying her achievement was testimony to  her dedication and commitment and urged her to continue striving for excellence in the field along with her other refereeing companions who will be announced as T&T’s officials receiving their FIFA badges for 2019 at a press conference next Wednesday at the Home of Football.

One of T&T’s FIFA’s male referees Caleb Wales, congratulated Sobers her on her runner up finish for 2018, saying, “She’s the embodiment of hard work paying off. I’ve seen the effort she puts in on and off the field and this second place finish is the result of that effort. She has incredible focus and it will take her far.”
Title: Re: Referee Crystal Sobers credits commitment and delivery for CONCACAF second place
Post by: asylumseeker on January 17, 2019, 07:25:38 PM
Congrats to the ref with the "elegant gait" and firm approach. :beermug:

Link ( for the first semi-final currently in progress (Mexico vs. Venezuela).

Referee: Crystal Sobers, who some days back a Colombian commentator described as having an "elegant gait". ;D