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Title: Disciples of Satan at the gates of justice
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Disciples of Satan at the gates of justice
Sunday, May 11, 2014
Helen Drayton
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In Paradise Lost, John Milton opened his epic poem with Satan and a band of fallen angels chained in hell to a lake of fire. The dissident angels, led by Beelzebub, free themselves and they plan to fly to a land of abundant mineral resources.
Their quest is to wage war against God, so Beelzebub suggests to his boss–Satan—they must corrupt God’s most novel creation—mankind. Satan decides he’ll lead the way, and off he goes. At the gates of hell he meets his two children, Sin and Death, who decide to accompany their father and build a bridge between Hell and Earth. But first, they must get through the sun, so Satan disguises as a cherub to mislead the archangel guarding the sun, then he and his gang begin to travel through Night and Chaos.
It is at this point Milton’s poem is paraphrased into a local tale because his devils are masters of disguise and similar to the local folklore character Anansi Krokoko. So in disguise, the evil gang found a place that could be paradise, except that tragedy upstages controversy after controversy.
There they have set up headquarters called Mayhem–akin to Milton’s Pandemonium–from where they design plans to remove any citizen who stands in their path. They are among protectors, defenders, gang and drug lords, ammunition dealers and money launderers. They are within prison walls.

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