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Title: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: AB.Trini on March 01, 2015, 08:58:32 AM
Shae shame shame!! A similar refrain this time falling down upon our national basket ball teams.Out of a major championship due to allegedly lack of funding or someone not registering the teams in time!! Come now how could Haiti do it and we cannot ? I ask once more. Teams who are less of economically are being represented and once. More we are suffering the humiliation of inept governance in this sporting body as well!! Shame shame shame!!

Trinidad Guardian
T&T out CBC Basketball Championship

Andrew Gioannetti
Sunday, March 1, 2015

Teams taking part in the upcoming Caribbean Basketball Championship.
T&T basketballers (men and women) will not take part in this year’s Caribbean Basketball Championship (CBC) which runs from June 9–22 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

This, allegedly due to the National Basketball Federation of T&T’s (NBFTT) failure to register both teams by the deadline date which coincided with CBC’s 2015 Congress in Barbados on January 31. T&T, however, was represented at the congress.

The registration fee for each team in either competition is US$1,000 (TT$6000) each.

The CBC Web site reported that the draw for the competition was held in Barbados, on Sunday, February 22, with five Caribbean nations: Antigua, Barbados, the Bahamas, St Vincent and Guyana, as well as, the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands confirming their spots in both the women’s and men’s championships.

Jamaica will only compete in the women’s event, while Suriname, Cayman Islands and Bermuda will challenge the men’s tournament.

The T&T women’s team finished fourth at last year’s CBC Championship, winning two out of five matches, one of which was a one-sided 96–33 result over Guyana.

On the other hand, T&T’s men’s team, which sits second on the championship leader-board with four gold and three silver medals, will sit out its third successive CBC Championship, having last challenged the tournament in 2010, when it placed fourth.

By default, T&T’s two teams are ruled out of qualification for a spot at the Centrobasket (Mexico, Central America an Caribbean) tournament, of which three spots (men and women) are available.

The Centrobasket serves as a qualifying competition for the FIBA Americas Championship and ultimately the 2016 Summer Olympics Basketball Tournament in Brazil.

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Post by: Deeks on March 01, 2015, 01:00:03 PM
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: royal on March 01, 2015, 06:56:28 PM
real sad !!!
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: Deeks on March 02, 2015, 05:25:34 AM
Please give us a good rigmarole story of WHY this happened.
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Post by: presspass on March 05, 2015, 12:53:29 PM
Basketball board unaware of CBC registration woes

Andrew Gioannetti
Published: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The National Basketball Federation of T&T’s (NBFTT) failure to pay registration fees for the upcoming CBC Championships happened without the board’s approval or awareness.

This was acknowledged by two board members, yesterday, who, when contacted by the Guardian, said they were unaware that T&T would not be in the competition “until very recently”.

On Tuesday, the NBFTT issued a media release signed by its president Garvin Warwick, who said the federation is “aggressively engaging possible sponsors” to underwrite national-team expenses, development programmes and zonal competitions, “to supplement the NBFTT’s disappointing basketball subvention from the Ministry of Sport”.

This was in response to an article printed in the Sunday Guardian highlighting T&T’s omission from the CBC tournament caused by the NBFTT’s failure to pay registration fees by November 21, last year. T&T’s exclusion has, by default, ruled the country out of contention for a spot in the Centrobasket and other upcoming tournaments.

In the release, Warrick said among the challenges faced by the federation was the Ministry of Sport’s approval of only $900,000 out of its $6.4 million budget submission, more than half of which has to be used to clear debts.

“The submission was for $6.4 million, however, the ministry approved $900,000. Of the $900,000 the federation has to pay approximately $500,000 in outstanding debt which includes substantial arrears with mounting interest to the NIB, operational and prize money to zones since 2012; gratuity payments to staff; other administrative expenses related to 2014 as well as the expenses incurred by sending two national women’s teams to CBC and CAC respectively.”

It continued: “All this mayhem stems from the fact that the current administration inherited a national team that was registered with no budget to execute the trip as well as pay for regular day-to-day expenses. Meanwhile failure to participate after having registered could result in FIBA sanctions, not limited to fines and/or suspension. To compensate, board members accessed their personal funds as well as cut staff completely and opted not to pay any recurrent or outstanding bills in order to prioritise the 2014 CBC and CAC teams pending reimbursement from the ministry’s subvention.

“Since reimbursement from Ministry of Sport (SporTT) has not occurred and outstanding debt from other ministries has not been paid despite aggressive follow up, members could not afford to personally extend their financial resources any further,” Warrick noted.

However, even though the federation’s financial difficulties were acknowledged by those on the board and other stakeholders, they expressed surprise that the NBFTT made a decision not to pay the registration fees without consultation.

Board member and president of the Basketball Coaches Association of T&T (BCATT), Clement Holder, said the topic was never brought up in any meeting of which he was present, or at least he never heard it being discussed.

He said, too, that even upon checking the minutes of past board meetings, the issue was seemingly never raised.

Holder acknowledged that the federation had no money but noted that had the topic been raised back in November and been made public, a potential solution may have been found.

​...VP distances himself

Vice-president of the NBFTT (training, technical and support), Daron Lall, yesterday issued a letter to fellow board members distancing himself from the issue of non-payment of registration fees, saying he was never included in discussions by the board.

In his letter, Lall said he attended all board meetings in September and November, the annual general meeting (AGM) in December and the reconvened meeting in January.

He continued: “Over the past four or five months, the president (Warwick) made a decision to leave me out of elected members meetings, which is unconstitutional and all decisions made from these meetings cannot be legitimate as all elected members were not given the opportunity to attend. Also no reports from these meetings were ever brought (sic) to the board of directors.”

Lall said, the group, of which he was excluded, had been labelled as the “Circle of Trust”.

“I must point out that as a board, we have allowed the general secretary (Claire Mitchell) and the president to act unconstitutionally on many issues and in most cases they have not once tabled a report (sic) of their decisions or accounted to the board for their actions.

“The surprising thing is that T&T’s participation at CBC 2015 was an urgent matter and the elected council or should I say ‘Circle of Trust’ never saw it right to bring it to the board’s attention.

“I call on the board of directors to call for the resignations of the president and the secretary for their consistent violation and disregard of the constitution and for failing to inform the board directors about T&T’s participation at CBC 2015.”

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Post by: Deeks on March 06, 2015, 10:06:55 AM
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: royal on March 09, 2015, 07:24:35 PM
Calls for NBFTT executive to be sacked

Basketball fraternity wants audience with Minister of Sport

Some members of the local basketball fraternity are calling for the current executive of the National Basketball Federation of Trinidad and Tobago (NBFTT) to resign after it was revealed the NBFTT failed to register any teams for the Caribbean Basketball Confederation Championships.

According to a press release sent on behalf of the some of the members of the local fraternity, current and former national players and coaches who were supported by other club officials involved in the sport met on March 3 and “overwhelmingly agreed that the elected officers must resign because they have failed in their duty and responsibility to look after the welfare and well-being of the players, its stakeholders and the development of the sport.”

“The basketball fraternity of Trinidad and Tobago has been taken for granted too often by the persons who the clubs have trusted into office and the latest developments shows that they don’t care about the players or the sport,” the release stated.

According to the release, during the meeting, it was noted that the NBFTT failed to meet the original deadline in October and then two additional extensions in November to have the teams register.

However, it was only on March 1 that the coaches and player realized that Trinidad and Tobago will not be participating in the women’s competition which comprises eight teams or the men’s tournament which is made up of ten teams.

The CBC Championships is the stage where players showcase their talents to basketball scouts from North American universities and colleges seeking to sign them to athletic scholarships.

These scholarships are important for players to get an education that prepared them for the future. The 2015 Caribbean Basketball Championships (CBC) is set for the British Virgin Islands from June 8-22.

The players and technical staff  are also calling for a meeting with the Minister of Sport Brent Sancho to discuss the matter. “The meeting on March 3, 2015, concluded that the players, coaches and clubs have lost all trust and confidence in the officers of the NBFTT and are calling for the immediate resignations,” the release added. The meeting was attended by Christopher Jackson Charles (national senior women’s team head coach), Shawn Ryan (national senior women’s team assistant coach), Patrice Edwards (immediate captain of the senior women’s team) former national players Rachael King, Richard Mungo and Barry Stewart, Edmond Springer (basketball coach, Keith Clement (former senior men’s and women’s assistant coach), current national players Allison Young, Alicia Cumberbatch, Dwayne Virgil, Clement “Jovi” Holder (former national senior men’s head coach) and Junior Williams (manager of Valencia Heat Basketball Club), all of whom gave their consent to the press release.

Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: Deeks on March 10, 2015, 06:15:03 AM
Walk the plank
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: royal on March 11, 2015, 08:16:17 PM

Basketballers question CBC Report

NBFTT President Garvin Warwick

President of the National Basketball Federation of T&T (NBFTT) Garvin Warwick has been asked to explain why his president’s report of the recent Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) congress contained a word-for-word transcription of an article on the CBC’s Web site concerning the same congress.

This was the demand from several stakeholders in local basketball, who reiterated the call for Warwick to resign for his failure to register T&T’s two senior national teams for the CBC championships.

The CBC hosted a congress on January 31, following which it released an article on its Web site about the meeting titled: “Successful Congress Held in Bridgetown, Barbados”. Warwick attended the congress along with the heads of other regional basketball associations.

However, on February 21, during the NBFTT’s board meeting after the congress, Warwick tabled a report titled: “President’s Report as at 14th February 2015 CBC Congress 2015”, which comprised of two parts. The first was an alleged exact copy of the same article published on CBC’s Web site. The second half of the report titled “Stakeholders Meeting Updated” gave an update to the board “with the current progress with regards to stakeholders/sponsors”.

According to the CBC article and Warwick’s report, the 2015 CBC Championships were discussed at the congress.

However, at no point in the NBFTT board meeting, according to several board members, was the issue of T&T’s participation at the tournament or the Board informed that T&T did not pay its registration fees. It was not included either in the president’s report.

This, according to the same board members, left them with the impression that T&T was part of the tournaments.

The latest revelation has added to the mounting pressure on Warwick and the NBFTT’s general secretary, Claire Mitchell to resign from their respective positions since both kept the Board in the dark about T&T’s true status about the championships.

A media release was issued on Sunday on behalf of several current and former national team players, as well as national team coaches, who claimed the NBFTT’s elected officers “failed in their duty and responsibility to look after the welfare and well being of the players, its stakeholders and the development of the sport”.

The release criticised the NBFTT’s Board, namely Warwick and Mitchell, for “misleading” and “disrespecting” them.

Last week, NBFTT vice president Daron Lall, in a letter to all Board members, also called for the resignations of Warwick and Mitchell. Lall said he was unconstitutionally excluded by Warwick and Mitchell at Board meetings and discussions.

The contents of the media release by the players and coaches, were approved by those who attended the meeting on March 3 which includes current national players women’s team captain Patrice Edwards, her teammates, Allison Young and Alicia Cumberbatch, national women’s team coach, Christopher Jackson Charles, former national assistant coach Keith Clement and others.

The release stated that they were all surprised when they recently discovered that T&T would play no part in the men’s and women’s CBC tournaments this year.

“The decision to not pay the registration has never been discussed by the NBFTT Board level which is constitutional according to article 12.3 of the NBFTT constitution.”

Deadline for registering teams for the CBC event was in October but T&T was given two additional extensions in November.

The NBFTT, in a separate press release last week, blamed a low budgetary subvention by the Government and mounting debts for its inability to pay the registration fees of US$2,000.

The players and coaches have taken issue with the NBFTT’s explanation and handling of the situation, claiming they were deceived and disrespected.

“After missing the payment the players and the coaches on several occasions when they enquired in December 2014 and again in January and February about when practice will start.

“The players and coaches were always assured that practice was starting soon giving the impression that T&T will be a participant at the championships.

“However, it was only on March 1 in a newspaper article that the coaches and players realised that T&T will not be participating in the women’s competition.”

“(Following) the March 3 meeting (we) believe that such level of misleading and deceiving players, coaches and members of the basketball community should never be allowed to continue and repeat itself ever again in this sport.

For some players this means that their careers have come to a disappointing end and that the momentum gained by the women’s teams at CBC 2014, and the CAC Games in November was (sic) in vain.”

According to the release, one day following the meeting between players and coaches, the NBFTT failed to keep an appointment to meet with the players and technical staff to discuss the matter.

Attempts by the T&T Guardian to contact Warwick via his cell phone and text messages proved futile.
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Post by: Deeks on March 12, 2015, 11:19:13 AM
Is there any way TT can get back in???
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: FF on March 17, 2015, 04:45:48 PM
Wow I now seeing this...

Know the president since primary school days and saw him for carnival. I shocked at this revelation. What is going on?
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: Bakes on March 18, 2015, 08:25:11 PM
Everybody always quick to criticize and call for somebody to resign.  If the explanation given is accurate, that they didn't have money to underwrite the cost of participation, then what else they wanted the Board to do?  Whether $1,000 or $2,000 for registration, that is one thing... it's another to pay for flight, accommodations, meals, transportation etc.  Sounds like the Board could have done a better job of communicating, but that alone is hardly cause for anybody to step down.  That Lall fella who claiming he was excluded from meetings... so who was meeting?  How come everybody else know when and where meeting was being held except him?  It was a Board-wide conspiracy?  Clearly much more needs to be done in terms of how this Federation is being run, but a lot of this smacks of infighting and finger-pointing.
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: Controversial on March 26, 2015, 09:30:40 PM
for a country with so much money, more than other islands, this is unacceptable..

so many millionaires and some billionaires in TT, coupled with a poor taxation infrastructure has created a nation where it seems like no one has money, when our nation should be funding sport in a big way..

terrible... >:(
Title: Re: T&T out CBC Basketball Championships
Post by: Deeks on March 27, 2015, 06:19:13 AM
for a country with so much money, more than other islands, this is unacceptable..

so many millionaires and some billionaires in TT, coupled with a poor taxation infrastructure has created a nation where it seems like no one has money, when our nation should be funding sport in a big way..

terrible... >:(

Breds, I can't agree with you more.