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Title: The Era of McCarthyism and Trinidad and Tobago football...
Post by: Controversial on January 09, 2017, 03:28:52 PM
Subversion and treason are all too familiar words that have now become common place when referring to the current state of Trinidad and Tobago football.

Unlike the recently concluded US presidential elections, Trinidad and Tobago football pales in comparison on the level of importance with patriots and ex pats. Or does it? Or frankly, why should it?

In 2006, we saw the jubilation of our supporters and it was transplanted to the European shores where our glee was evident amongst the locals and it not only helped to elevelate our nation but brought together our people. You may not be able to fully quantify the importance of our football succeeding at that level but you can see its intangible value that it adds to the psyche of the people.

We have now entered the dark ages of our football once more, which brings me to the meat of the matter. The current administration of the ttfa has engaged in McCarthyesque propaganda that has served to derail and destabilize our wc campaign, as well as isolate the best players we have available to us.

From the unfair allegations made against Hart with the medical staff, to the recent falsities made against JJ it has served to not only distract but also inevitably keep the football loving public in the shadows of ambivalence.

In order to understand McCarthyism you must understand the end goals of what the wielder is using these tactics to achieve.

Justification of administrative decisions - unfair allegations made against Hart by the medial staff, publications from both sides which left the majority of the public in doubt over Harts competence. This was then cemented with the returning of the medical staff in a non verbal statement that Hart may have been the wrongdoer.

The testament of the president and ttfa that results are what drove their decision in changes made prior to the march qualification matches. Molinos decision to leave the national team and other players indiscipline that was termed as Hart losing the locker room which led to a string of losses. Another unfair allegation and part of the subversive tactics used to fuel doubt in Harts tenure.

SANTHIEF and the terrorists retraction of statements made by SANTHIEF to Sancho. Setting up the current coach who is also aware of the Dictators plans to axe veteran players, over an initiative that was never put in black and white for pro league players and owners. Much of it leaning on heresay.

 SANTHIEF and the new coaching staffs devaluation of players being too slow and not capable of playing the new coaches style of football. However, Messis post match comments after playing the same players was quite different, in fact he commented on how fast and strong the team was and that was not the only example of manipulation of the media and a twisting of the truth.

The constant lamenting of local players being not up to standard and players based abroad not being loyal to the nation. Has anyone checks the betting odds on us losing to Suriname? Especially since we were fed that this team can be as good as a complete team with both local and foreign based. Do yourselves a favour and check the odds on our games and the results.

McCarthyism is alive and well and is being used by our current football admin to not only derail and sabotage our national football but to also serve the purposes of a few for their own benefit. In order for this to be stopped, we need to come together as a football community and put aside our differences for the greater good. A prosperous and thriving national football program that our nation deserves.

Title: Re: The Era of McCarthyism and Trinidad and Tobago football...
Post by: Controversial on January 14, 2017, 12:23:47 PM
The recent article speaking about a vote amongst players plays into this deception by the ttfa and the dictator ... skewing towards fevrier as the players choice which is a lie .... fake news my friends...