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Title: Rudy “Fountainhead” Piggott passes
Post by: dtool on August 14, 2018, 12:03:22 PM
The end of an era today
The end of the Fountainhead
Title: Re: Rudy “Fountainhead” Piggott passes
Post by: asylumseeker on August 14, 2018, 05:31:01 PM
The end of an era today
The end of the Fountainhead

Details both biographical and funerary are welcome.
Title: Re: Rudy “Fountainhead” Piggott passes
Post by: dtool on August 16, 2018, 07:17:59 AM
Some info about "The Pharaoh" ....a very Quiet person [Island Scholarship winner 1953]

TAUGHT AT Polytechnic Institute (Day Classes) in St. James and QRC
Love to ride his "bike"

Portrayed "Io God of the Pacific"  in one of the Mass Bands in Port of Spain
Best costume he favors : BEAUTY IN PERPETUITY Terry Evelyn
Favorite movies: Fountainhead; Blood and Sand; saw these movies many times
Love Cricket : Works of Clr James ; Sobers and Worrell
Favorite Football Team: Maple

I hope someone write something about him in more detail
Title: Re: Rudy “Fountainhead” Piggott passes
Post by: dtool on August 18, 2018, 01:13:23 PM
                            The Pharoah

    Amon-Ra has placed in each culture, a great institution of learning:

            In Britain, Oxford;            In France, The Sorbonne;
                   In Trinidad & Tobago, Queens Royal College.

               Rudy ‘The Pharaoh’ Piggott

   The Royalian, High Priest and Guardian of the Fountainhead, begins
       his journey to the afterlife in a ceremonial viewing at QRC.

  Tuesday August 21st, 2018 10.00 a.m - 12.00 pm. Followed by a private burial.
Title: Re: Rudy “Fountainhead” Piggott passes
Post by: dtool on August 19, 2018, 07:27:11 PM
                                            Rudolph Augustus Piggott
   Rudolph Augustus Piggott, Philosopher, Historian and Historiographer, direct descendant of Pharaoh's line,
   disciple of the Egyptian Sun God,Ra, and the most powerful God in the Universe, Amon Ra, fictionalized
   by Ayn Rand as Howard Roark in  The Fountainhead,

                                      Spiritual Advisor
to George Bailey, Harold Saldenah, Irving Mc Williams, Stephen Derek and the Eustace  Clan,
mas man extraordinaire whose stellar production of Pax Romana, with Jean George as Queen of the Band, portraying Empress Josephine, and Invaders providing the music on the road,

Father of the Mega fete (6 bands in PSA Grounds), long before Poison and Tribe, has departed this Plane to join Eric Eustace Williams and Walter Rodney in order to complete the Triumvirate of The Pantheon.

He was the first to publicly question why George Headley was being hailed as the "Black Bradman" when, in fact, Donald Bradman deserved to carry the moniker of " The White Headley".

 His contribution to Education will receive mixed reviews principally because his mission was to force his students to think for themselves. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in the knowledge that Rudy can only die when we die.

 He Lives!
Title: QRC to celebrate Rudy Piggott’s life
Post by: Tallman on August 21, 2018, 05:02:33 AM
QRC to celebrate Rudy Piggott’s life
By Marlene Augustine (T&T Newsday)

RUDY PIGGOTT, a legendary history teacher at Queen’s Royal College (QRC), will make his last passage through the school today, followed by a private burial.

In a press release yesterday, Piggott’s family said he touched, influenced and befriended generations of students, family members, colleagues and friends.

To celebrate his life, friends and relatives will pay tribute to Piggott while his casket is at QRC between 10 am and noon.

From QRC in the 1950s, Piggott won the island scholarship and attended the University of London, University of Toronto and University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica. He received a the teaching diploma at UWI, St Augustine.

He taught Amerindian history from the platform of one of George Bailey’s great bands, Tears of the Indies, featuring the decimation of the native Amerindian populations. The release said Piggott, like the West Indian historians he venerated, CLR James, Eric Williams and Walter Rodney, was bold enough to reinterpret history away from 19th- and 20th-century British historians. Among his heroes, those who enhanced West Indian life, were Toussaint L’Ouverture, Frank Worrell, Garfield Sobers, the Mighty Sparrow and one of the great tuners/arrangers from his beloved Invaders steelband, Ellie Mannette. Family members said Piggott was widely known as the “Pharaoh,” and in the 1970s, he was a fete promoter under the banner of the “Fountainhead,” the name of a Hollywood movie which featured the very individualistic, strong-willed and modernistic architect Howard Roark – a man after Piggott’s own disposition.

Piggott’s groundings were in the Woodbrook steelband culture of the 1940s, the Maple football club with players such as the great Matthew Nunes, and Bailey’s masquerade bands.
Title: Re: Rudy “Fountainhead” Piggott passes
Post by: Controversial on August 21, 2018, 10:26:44 AM
Any relation to Arnold piggott ?
Title: Farewell Pharoah
Post by: Tallman on August 21, 2018, 12:12:30 PM
Farewell Pharoah
By Marshelle Haseley (T&T Newsday)

QRC pays respects to Rudolf 'Rudy' Piggott


Family members, friends and past students of Queen's Royal College (QRC) gathered to bid Rudy Piggott a warm farewell at a memorial service held on the school campus. Piggott's sister Cordelia said her brother showed prodigious traits since he was as young as three. The earliest stories of his knowledge were from the 1950s, when he would be seated on a turnstile at the entrance of the Queen's Park Savannah; at that early age, she said,people enjoyed listening to what he had to say, asking him questions, after which they would anticipate wise and accurate responses from the child Piggott.

She said his love for knowledge grew as he did, and his love of Egyptology and individualism began at about the age of 12 after he saw the film The Fountainhead, and had his first discussions with one of his uncles about Egypt being one of the cradles of society.


Principal of QRC and past student of Piggott David Simon said he has many fond memory of a teacher who made a profound impact on who he is today. He said Piggott was among the persons who contributed to him being able to speak with eloquence. Simon said before writing his message, he heard the voice of Piggott say, "If you cannot speak from the heart, then say nothing." He described his former teacher as an Egyptian, and said his head, for the ceremony therefore pointed toward the east, because they say it was from the east that wise men came and "Rudy" was one of the wisest men he had ever known.

Former student of Piggott Ashmead Ali described him as one of the most brilliant people he has ever known. "He was an island scholar, teacher, historian, mas man, pan enthusiast, cricket-lover and much more. In each of these fields, he brought a perspective that was truthful and original."

Ali said he met Piggott as a student at the Polytechnic Sixth Form Institute in 1967, the beginning of a long and close bond that lasted until Piggott died. He said most, if not all his classmates from then would say Piggott was their most inspirational teacher, and he reckoned that would be the same for his students at QRC.

His friend Peta Bain read a quote that was a guiding principle of "Rudy's" life: "Individuals who matter are called upon to stand alone against the men of their time, and that such persons meet the moment head-on and become larger than life. Such persons must protect their vision, armed with truth and integrity."


Brent Noel said Piggott was:"One of the most unique teachers we would have ever experienced in our lifetime. His approach was not by the book, but it gave you a rounded understanding of any subject you would have encountered. He taught me history, and my most fond memory of him was him as Pharaoh." Asked what Pharaoh meant, Noel said, "Everything in the world is to be discussed, and it is the eye and the perception of the person who sees it that makes the difference."

The memorial celebration of life was closed by a second open-casket viewing. There were smiling faces, warm hugs and handshakes, and no weight of sadness as people gathered paid final respects to a man who believed in the power and capacity of West Indian people, and has made a profound impact on some of the most influential minds in TT.