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Title: Cricket West Indies Thread
Post by: Flex on May 18, 2020, 05:24:46 AM
Nanthan: No underhand activity in CWI $$ transfer
T&T Guardian Reports.

ROSEAU, Dominica – Former Cricket West Indies vice-president, Emmanuel Nanthan, has said there was no financial impropriety regarding a US$134, 200 transfer to Cricket West Indies from a sponsor two years ago, which had been targeted for cricket development.

Nanthan, who was voted out of office last year, said the monies had been meant for the Dominica Cricket Association to fund its cricket academy but were instead sent to CWI to help the cash-strapped regional governing body stage the Regional Super50 Cup.

“At a meeting held in September 2018 … the board of Cricket West Indies decided that if they could not get the funds within a week for the regional one-day tournament they were going to call off the tournament,” the Dominican said.

“The board asked Barbados to see what they could to assist in meeting some of the costs and asked Trinidad and Tobago to see what they could do to assist to meet some of the costs.

“It was as a result of that, that during the week coming on I spoke with the management of Cricket West Indies and allowed the sponsorship funds for the Dominica Cricket Academy to go through Cricket West Indies so Cricket West Indies used the funds to help them host the tournament.”

Questions over the source and use of the monies were allegedly raised in an audit commissioned by CWI, a copy of which was obtained by international cricket television broadcaster Michael Holding.

The legendary former West Indies fast bowler read sections of the audit on the Youtube cricket show called “Mikey – Holding Nothing Back” hosted by Asif Khan.

“What due diligence was performed to ensure that the source of the funds was legitimate and that the funds were clean from an anti-money laundering compliance perspective,” said Holding, quoting from the audit.

The report said auditors were unable to find “an executed agreement” for the transaction and added while the funds had been earmarked for cricket development in Dominica, “there was no evidence” that CWI had verified with the Dominica Cricket Association that the monies “were used as directed”.

Nanthan, who served as CWI vice-president for three terms until last year March, stressed there had been no “underhand” activity regarding the transaction and said there had been documentation at every stage to guide the process.

He said CWI had subsequently returned the money to the DCA which had, in turn, used it for development purposes.

“They (CWI) then sent … a minimal amount to the Dominica Cricket Association within a few weeks if not a month and in the ensuing two quarters afterwards sent the rest of the money to the Dominica Cricket Association to be used and utilised by the Dominica Cricket Association for their cricketing activities,” explained Nanthan.

“The Cricket Association sent in a report about the funds that were received and how they were spent. All those were given to Cricket West Indies.

“Things were done correctly. There was even a contract signed between the sponsor and Cricket West Indies for receiving those same funds and disbursing them onto the DCA, and the DCA responded to Cricket West Indies and sent them a note on how the funds were spent.”

He added: “I wasn’t a member of the DCA then but I was the one who negotiated the funds for the DCA and I allowed the funds to go to Cricket West Indies to allow them to host the regional one-day competition.

“As an administrator of cricket, I did what was necessary to get cricket going without any underhand thing … it was always in the best interests of cricket.”

Nathan’s assertions were supported by DCA president, Glen Joseph, who contended that his board was “very transparent in what we do”.

“All money that was sent was received and it was solely used for cricket development purposes,” he said.

“There are documents to prove that these funds were used for cricket development purposes. That I can confirm for anybody.”


Emmanuel Nanthan - former Cricket West Indies vice president

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CWI to contemplate releasing PKF report

CRICKET WEST Indies (CWI) will be contemplating releasing the Parnell Kerr Foster (PKF) report to the public, “in light of an apparent recent access to some of its contents by the media”, according to CWI president Ricky Skerritt.

The CWI boss issued a media release on Sunday evening, a day after WI great and noted cricket commentator Michael Holding expressed concern over the use of funds referred to in a reported CWI audit, asking whether ex-WI players received US$500,000 from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which presented the gift to CWI.

Skerritt, in the release, said PKF, the accounting and management consulting firm, “was engaged for a six-month period to conduct a business situation assessment and review of (CWI’s) financial management systems, and to provide recommendations for addressing any shortcomings.”

The release noted, “In carrying out its assessments, PKF uncovered some illustrations of questionable executive standards and practices. It verified and emphasised the need for drastic operational reorganisation and realignment, with an urgent need for improved risk assessment and cash flow management.”

The report was presented to the CWI board of directors in December (2019), and their 28 recommendations were unanimously adopted.

According to Skerritt, “CWI will not be distracted from correcting and learning from, any identifiable missteps or shortcomings of the past. I am determined as president, to ensure that CWI conducts its business with integrity, accountability and transparency and without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.”

Title: Re: Cricket West Indies Thread
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Holding: Where's US$.5m gift to CWI?

LEGENDARY West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding has expressed concern over the use of funds referred to in a reported Cricket West Indies (CWI) audit, asking whether past players received US$500,000 from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which presented that gift to CWI.

Holding, in a Youtube interview on his regular programme Mikey – Holding Nothing Back, with interviewer Asif Khan, spoke about the CWI audit, said to have been completed earlier this year.

Holding said people in the Caribbean have been asking for a forensic audit and a governance report to change the governance of cricket in the West Indies because they are not satisfied with the running of cricket in the region.

Holding wondered why CWI did not make public an audit which was completed in January.

“The top position changed recently and the new administration came into play and decided that they wanted to do an audit. They did not do a forensic audit, but they did an audit of what was happening, and something to point them in the direction of going forward.

“They got the results of that since January, I understand. When I was in South Africa I heard that they had gotten the results and yet they have never released it, for what reason I don’t know.”

CWI CEO Johnny Grave, responding to the question of whether an audit was done in January, said on Whatsapp, “I can confirm that a financial review was commissioned by the new president and vice-president following their election in March 2019. The report was presented to the board of directors in December 2019 and the recommendations were unanimously approved.

“Management has already implemented a number of them and the process of implementing all the others is well underway.”

Holding said he received a copy of the 60-page audit by e-mail. The former fast bowler said journalists and cricket officials send him documents regularly.

During a past CWI administration, Holding said, the BCCI gave a monetary gift intended for past West Indies players, but they never received it.

Holding said, “Each page I turn (in the audit) I get more angry to see how (the then) West Indies Cricket Board has been operating and what has been happening undercover, as they say, with the West Indies Cricket Board.

“There is one other item that I am going to touch on in our next show, along with other things of course, but one other item that I know former cricketers would be very interested in.

“Way back in about (named year) or (named year) the BCCI donated US$500,000 to the West Indies Cricket Board, specifically to go to past players.”

Grave did not answer a question posed to him about the US$500,000 donated by BCCI to past West Indies players.

But the former fast bowler said to his knowledge, past players did not benefit.

“I am a past player. I am not saying I want any of it, but I know a lot of past players. I’ve never heard of one cent out of that half a million US dollars going to any past player and I am absolutely sure if they had done that, they would have made a hullabaloo about it, a big press conference (to say), ‘Look what we are doing for the former players.’

“Half a million dollars – where is that half a million dollars? I will tell the viewers on your next show.”

Earlier in the interview, Holding highlighted what he said were other issues in the audit concerning the management of funds.

Reading from what he said was the audit, Holding said, “Cricket West Indies received funds of $134,200 from a sponsor...on behalf of (named territorial body) from a third party which appears to be an offshore corporation. It is unclear why the funds did not go directly to (the territorial body). This money was paid over to (the body) in three tranches – $104,100...$15,700...and $14,400...In this particular situation, Cricket West Indies was the financial conduit.”

Holding, continuing to read from the document, said the concerns were what due diligence was done to ensure that the source of these funds was legitimate and the funds “clean” from the perspective of anti-money-laundering compliance. The document asked what measures were taken to minimise the risk that Cricket West Indies might be involved in money laundering, and the auditors were unable to find an executed agreement/bona fide (agreement) for this transaction and that the funds were to be specifically marked for cricket development. There is no evidence that Cricket West Indies obtained confirmation that the funds were used as directed, the audit continued.

Michael Holding -

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Post by: Flex on June 04, 2020, 07:13:13 AM
Phillip, Da Silva grateful for reserve call-up

UNCAPPED West Indies players Anderson Phillip and Joshua Da Silva are glad to be on the radar of the Cricket West Indies (CWI) selectors after being selected as reserves for the regional team’s Test series against England.

On Wednesday, CWI announced a 14-man squad for the three-match series, which will start on July 8. Eleven reserves, including Phillip and Da Silva, will travel to England with the team to help with preparations. The West Indies players are expected to play matches among themselves leading up to the series.

On being selected for the tour, fast bowler Phillip told Newsday, “I would have liked to be on the 14 that were selected, but nevertheless still thankful, still glad seeing that they have their eyes on me. Still happy and excited to be a part (of the tour).”

Wicket-keeper batsman Da Silva is also excited about the trip. “I am extremely honoured to be considered to go on the tour. I had a pretty good first-class season, and 50 overs, so it is just good to know that hard work was being noticed and I am just grateful for the opportunity to go and gain that experience. “It is just (great) to be noticed by the selectors and be chosen to go on the squad is a very big accomplishment.” Da Silva, 21, was the fifth highest run scorer in the 2020 West Indies Four-Day Championship with 507 runs in eight matches at an average of 50.70. Phillip, 23, played only three matches because of injury. The pacer was 11th among bowlers with 21 wickets with top figures of 6/19.

Phillip and Da Silva know the reserves have a key role on the tour.

“We all play a very crucial role in the team’s build up and in the training...whatever I could do to help the team is what I am going to do,” Da Silva said.

Phillip said some of the reserves may get an opportunity to play. “You could never take it for granted. Carrying a squad of 25 you never know what could take is always good to keep training hard and putting in the work.”

Several safety measures have been put in place owing to covid19 and the TT players are not worried.

Phillip said he is “comfortable” as when West Indies arrive in England they will be in their “own circle” and Da Silva said he is “extremely confident in what they (CWI) have told us.”

Darren Bravo, Shimron Hetmyer and Keemo Paul have chosen not to tour England. CWI said it will not hold that against the trio.

Phillip, who is anticipating the trip after playing there almost ten years ago on a 2011 TT Secondary Schools Under-14 tour, said it is a “big loss” playing without the trio, but there are reliable options to fill the void.

Da Silva is not concerned by the absence of Bravo, Hetmyer and Paul.

“We have a lot of talented players all around the region. There are multiple players who probably have not made the squad that could come in and make a big impact...I am pretty sure we could put up a very good fight and even keep the (Wisden) trophy from England.”

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Pacer Alzarri Joseph prepares to bowl during yesterday’s net session as the West Indies team sport their new eye-catching training and playing kits during the Sandals Tour of England 2020 as part of a new three-year partnership with Castore, the official team kit and merchandise partner of Cricket West Indies (CWI). The new Test “whites” will be revealed ahead of the upcoming three-Test series against England when the West Indies will be defending the Wisden Trophy at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton (July 8-12) and then at Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester (July 16-20) and July 24-28). The new training outfits were unveiled during the West Indies training camp at Emirates Old Trafford. The training kits feature lightweight, performance enhancing fabrics and an ultra-modern maroon, dark blue and pink design that the players love and that fans around world will be excited to wear.