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Title: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: AB.Trini on December 26, 2005, 09:08:08 AM
What does qualifying mean for TNT? As the days move toward the World Cup, we are witnessing the Good, Bad and Ugly.  Undoubtly there was europhia of gragantum proportions at the realization of qualifying ; the national outpouring of emotions and displays of patriotism was unprecedent to anything we have witnessed in about a decade. Now after this wave have subsided, we are seeing daily power plays for financial profits and who stands to profit the most and who stands to pay the most after all is said and done?

 Here is your opportunity to  list  your ideas in the three catergories. I will start by listing:


We qualify for a World Cup; instant focus on TNT; world wide awareness of who we are and clear distinction between TNT and another island in Caribbean. Yuh know how people who eh know better does think all caribbean people from one Bob Marley isle. Now they go know we have soca and not reggae. World wide marketing. This ought to boost the tourist $$$$.

The BAD:

Reports of nepotism is running rampant: from those who are being given concessions to be on the trip to Germant as  the 'touring  officials' to those who are insidiously profiting in merchandising and ticketing. Once more the ordinary citzen who  has to feel the financial burden in ordeer to support a passion is bearing the cross that props up those  with access to and those  who stand to  make a financial profit. Should n't the legacy and tribute of this event somehow benefit the entire nation just just a few? Couldn;t financial revenue be put back into the general coffers?


The political mileage certain individulas are attempting to garner from this event is evident. Government is  being balmed for lack of support yet certain individuals in the private sector is not being held accountable for funds passing like peas. Which single individual has amonopoly on all things football in TNT? which single individual is the chairman of the LOC? which single individual is garnering political mileage as he moves to fulfill a political aspiration? I eh calling names but  we all have tuh give  'jack he jacket' to those who trully belive what they are doing is for the common good yet the common folks are being squeezed by an elitist group who controls and contorts the facts.

It would seem like every company which launches a scheme to profit is suspect; how did they get exclusive rights? what  or who are they connected to? what promises and kicbacks are being arranged? for example here is the latest from today's Guardian:

                                Graphix to put Warriors paraphernalia on market
                                          Sunday 25th December, 2005

The Football Federation and the Local Organising Committee 2006 has formed a partnership with Graphix Advantage Ltd, a Chaguanas-based company to produce and sell Soca Warriors paraphernalia from January 2006.

Chairman of the LOC Jack Warner met with Imam Baksh and Ramesh Ramdhan, representatives of Graphix Advantage on Thursday to finalise the exclusive license and authorisation agreement.

Last month it was announced that Graphix would be producing car sun visors to highlight the success of Leo Beenhakker’s team but now Graphix has added more items and has received the blessings of Warner and company with proceeds going towards the TTFF and Dwight Yorke and his teammates.

Baksh was delighted on getting the TTFF/LOC’s approval as he revealed the list of items that will be available to the public in a few weeks time.

They range from children pencil sets to calendars, key chains and key rings, fleet wraps, banners, travel mugs, bandanas and billboard wraps among other items.

“This is truly a great opportunity for us to ensure that most if not every household has something relating with the Soca Warriors by the time the World Cup comes around next June,” Baksh told TTFF media.

“We have agreed to produce a wide selection of items which of course will be available to a cross section of the public and to corporate T&T.”

Warner, aware that there has been a huge demand for Soca Warriors paraphernalia, expressed pleasure in the production and said he hopes that it reaches Germany by the time the team arrives there in the first week of June.

He explained that it could not have been available earlier because of certain arrangements which had to be put in place for the production of official products as he sorted to ensure that the players were also involved in final agreements.

“We know there has been a huge request for items like shirts, caps, key chains, you name it and we want to assure the people that they will have the opportunity to have the Soca Warriors with them in some form in the very near future,” Warner stated.

“You will be able to get all these products not just at Graphix in Chaguanas but also in other well known public outlets like the KFCs and other sports shops and then of course we know there is also a huge demand for items in other countries so we will ensure they can also be part of this,” Warner added.

Adidas T&T shirts will also be available in due course to the T&T faithful.

Warner and TTFF president Oliver Camps also thanked T&T fans in other parts of the globe for the tremendous support over the last 12 months.

“No one person could imagine how we all feel during this time of the year not only because of the success of qualifying for the first World Cup but also because of the way in which we did it together as a people.

“To see how we came together to beat Mexico and then to hold Bahrain and to see how we hugged each other when we beat Bahrain is the best Christmas reward for us,” Warner said.

Baksh can be reached at his offices located at 199 Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas, at 671-1248 / 665-8763.
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Could you think of more to  put in these catergories? Should we the public not demand more disclosure, and public accountability?
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: truetrini on December 26, 2005, 09:54:24 AM
Thanks fuh yuh thoughts on dis Alberta.well said
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: MEP on December 26, 2005, 02:18:08 PM
I think you should have added another category called The Worse - The TTFF who are prepared to sit on their as**s and not do anything to properly prepare the team for the World Cup. It seems to be their thinking that mere qualification signifies automatic success. Quite a few of our players aren't getting serious playing time for their clubs and the TTFF need to find ways to get these guys quality games at the national level.
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: RGarcia on December 26, 2005, 04:14:05 PM
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: DeSoWa on December 26, 2005, 08:37:37 PM
Thanks Alberta for the good Post!. Seasons Greetings to all and all the best for the New Yeah!.

Ok now to the ole talk. I have been reading a lot of posts the pass week concerning the fiasco with our tickets and JW reaping all the profits..and ah getting more and more vex ah jus going to put in the good the bad and the ugly as it pertains to me and leave the rest to you guys...

The good for me...well ah nust say, thanks to the boys for qualifying..because now ah getting ah chance to go to Germany, before November I never even thought about flying so far. But we qualify and ah have a good excuse to leave work for a few weeks and support the boys even though ah might bedoing from outside de people stadium..but say wha..ah still happy ah going ;D

The bad for ah done book meh txcket, but ah doh no where are getting game tickets from..ah put me name in FIFA raffle and ah hoping...TTFF well you know what they doing wid our quota so I cya count on according to some folks..ah going Germany to watch football on TV boy that is more than's madness.

The ugly for me...after all the excitement of qualifying and boasting to my friends here in the US..and they ask me who and when is our warm up matches.ah have nuttin to tell them..I doh know..TTFF doh know..all ah know is we going Germany and we hoping to make it to the nex rounds..try saying dis wid ah straight face and you boung to look ugly saying it  :-[

so there you have it, I guess it took Alberta to end my silence on this board.hope the new year brings good news with it. Big up to the future!.
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: AB.Trini on December 29, 2005, 06:32:41 PM
wha happen nobody else eh seeing the good bad and ugly in all de comess? I out here in Toronto for the holidays checking on the site and ah seeing more of all and like no one eh want tuh follow up on  this thread; come nah leh we run the ole talk nah?
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: AB.Trini on January 01, 2006, 01:59:44 AM
What  are the obvious ways in which  common folks TNT citzens are benefitting from the Warriors'  success?
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: AB.Trini on April 22, 2007, 10:16:57 AM
Could we take a look at  what the impact of qualifying has meant to our overall program and the state of football in our nation to this point?
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: Pro-Jayz on April 22, 2007, 10:21:00 AM
I know for a fact that qualifying for a World Cup enhances the patriotism within our society....and that can only be seen as GOOD
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: AB.Trini on December 24, 2016, 09:49:31 PM
More things change the more they stay the same . - wishing all the players and newly assembled coaches the best of success- At the end of the day each person is making not only a personal sacrifice but ultimately one that could benefit TnT.

National duty has to be of the highest honor that one could be part of.Growing up inTrinidad in the 60's it was my dream to make the national team- to wear the red white and black! The politics and the behind the scenes were not in my thoughts my focus was to represent and to make TnT a dominant force'
Respect each team but Fear no one ! With the right mind set we could play with anyone.
God bless TNT and best wishes under the new regime.
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: AB.Trini on January 08, 2017, 09:28:24 PM
When will the bleeding stop for TNT football? Can't even qualify for a Caribbean Cup? Can't beat one of the poorest nations out yet their football program surpasses us?

Can't qualify for Gold Cup and do we really expect to qualify for WC?
Twas one big pipe dream😕😕😕😕😕😬😬😁😁😁
Title: Re: What does qualifying mean for TNT?: The Good The BAD & The UGLY
Post by: AB.Trini on January 11, 2017, 06:35:20 PM
This is the ugly- and it looks like qualifying means little to some