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Football / Re: Thread for T&T vs Saint Martin Game (29-Jan-2023)
« on: Yesterday at 07:07:08 PM »
 Wait nah- Is this ah friendly or ah fete match?  You play as you practice- if this was a practice match then it  is foreboding of what is to come.    I watching this game and geez ah ages- Never have I seen a more lazy lackluster, disinterested, passionless bunch of individuals with no pace on or off the ball   trying to pass as national team players. man 'chipping and trotting' like dey in form for  ole mas band- J'ouvert morning
This is shameful ball to watch at this stage. Is this the future of TnT football? come nah we could do better. So they get two fluky goals-  I eh see nothing in this that  indicate we ready to  take on any of the power houses in the Caribbean. As a matter of fact  a good pee wee team may pose some problems fuh this team. Next up leh we try a match  against India- maybe  we could fill the stands with supporters.


Football / Re: 2026 World Cup Thread
« on: Yesterday at 12:21:02 PM »
Leh we organize ah Socawwarriors lime in Vancouver Canada? The last time I was part of one was   back in LA for Gold Cup

None ah dem
 Yuh go tell em we cyar find a competent knowledgeable ethical person to head up the TTFA?

Football / Re: Thread for T&T vs Saint Martin Game (29-Jan-2023)
« on: Yesterday at 12:16:57 PM »
 TNT  doh make we cry again
TNT why yuh  down so low
TnT yuh have no goals
TNT we want ah  coach

 With regards to Chuck Fender:

Ooh oh LORD
A di living fiyah once more enuh
They really don't know
Cyaah cool enuh cyaah watah dung enuh
Naah compromise nuh time enuh

Verse 1:
A big man like  H
 Cyah right the ship
A big man like he  eh really know
Playing in big but only maintaining the status quo
A big man like he
Bunn dung  the TTFA
 when will we  see the prefect day
Nuh if nor nuh but nuh badda tell almighty bout maybe

Gash dem and light dem
For all the negative vibes weh dem a bring
Gash dem and light dem
Mi come fi mash up and wreck up dem senseless operating

Gash dem and light dem
Bwoy affi reverse wid dem bag ah bobol ting
Gash dem and light dem
Stand guard and come out a di wages of nonsense

Verse 2
Suh mi si it, suh mi affi talk it
Out deh rocky but mi still affi guh walk it
Yuh love yuh life si dung and pawk it
And stop carry watah inna baaskit
Suh mi affi draw fi all di FIFA law
 incompetence fuh  incompetence  a dat nuff a onuh waah
Unuh a push it till blood stawt draw
All di wrongs bwoie yuh have to pay fah

 Burn dem
start over

Football / Re: Thread for T&T vs Nicaragua Game (27-March-2023)
« on: January 16, 2023, 03:56:16 AM »
Truthfulness is brighter than the light of the sun
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Re: Thread for T&T vs Nicaragua Game (27-March-2023)
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2023, 08:58:34 AM »
informative interview. Time for Normalization committee to ride. (not saying that what about to come in likely to be much better). I getting the sneaky suspicion Angus going to get us knocked out of the WC sooner rather than later, but theoretically it won't be his fault. Can't believe I about so say this but I think even Shabbaz might be a better caretaker coach than Angus.
How many y times we go keep turning the same piles of manure over hoping to  find  a nugget.
Same crap different pile

Football / Re: Thread for T&T vs Bahamas Game (24-March-2023)
« on: January 14, 2023, 05:14:21 PM »
 I eh see Messi name on this list- all ah seeing is ' has beens' ' wanta bees' and recycle
 How long we go keep going with Marvin Phillips?
 Fack we eh have no young talented goalie to start grooming for 26?

Football / Re: 2026 World Cup Thread
« on: January 14, 2023, 05:11:50 PM »

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Re: 2026 World Cup Thread
« Reply #71 on: Yesterday at 09:43:00 AM »
Eve eyes 2026...Wants playing time for ‘nice bunch’
By Garth Wattley (T&T Express)

As he prepares a squad for March’s two Nations League matches, national senior football team coach Angus Eve is keeping his eyes on 2026 World Cup qualification and is keen to give his young players more exposure.

“This is a rebuilding stage,” Eve told the media at a training session at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Wednesday. “If you look at the group here, it’s a very young group of players with a couple of senior players sprinkled in there because that is where we are...We are building to 2026.

When the arse we go stop rebuilding and work  with a built team- We were rebuilding for years ago for Qatar!!! now we have four more years to rebuilt!!!! what the fack we rebuilding from to what are we rebuilding to?

To take some  quotes from the commission of inquiry- we either sucking or blowing - either way we go create a delta P and  just suck the faking life out of TNT football. Some have to have a definitive plan-  a definitive strategy- and definitive competency to get this done. There is alack of belief  from players all the a=way down. We need a faking Beenhakker  who could  take what we have and make it look like France.

Even cyar transform the players we have to compete on a world stage- never mind not even on a Caribbean stage- I guarantee when we start talking about the Bahamas as a threat we might as well challenge India for fete match.

Football / Re: 2026 World Cup Thread
« on: January 02, 2023, 03:27:40 PM »
What did ed it tell you when  three years prior the coach already bawling how hard it go be to make it - Fire the coach bring in  a Japanese or Brazilian

Football / Re: 2026 World Cup Thread
« on: December 23, 2022, 09:15:27 AM »
The nightmare and illusionary dreaming has begun. I think it is time we face reality and take note that 2006 was an anomaly and that  given the  work behind the scenes of a certain special advisor we experienced  a momentary feat of glory.  The appearance at a World Cup.

 Since then, we have seen the futility and demise of a standard of football and national team which  at one point did  offer us a 'Cinderella' fairy tale  hope  that a nation of our size could be perpetually on the World stage. In my opinion wee ought to stop and debunk this myth - face reality that we lack resources- skilled players, and a football infrastructure that come ' hell  or continuous flooding' would not get us to even the upper echelon of football in teh Caribbean given the current path we are on.

I am not even convinced that many or any Caribbean nation could  surpass the top teams in CONCACAF- to that point once more, I think like our   Cricket, we ought to consider a West Indies combined team- combining the best talents within the region to explore the remote possibility of creating a formidable team that may  contest and have a competitive  chance within CONCACAF to represent WI football.

If (and I don't see any reason to think differently),  we continue gearing up for WC qualifying with idealistic notions while dabbling in mediocrity, the results will once more be four years of painful agonizing  hopes fluttering like feathers in the wind.

World Cup 26 for us will be like building a spaceship in Trinidad and launching us to the furthest regions of space into an abyss filled with phantasmal lies, deceits, bobol, commess and scandals. All orchestrated by the machinery who simply keeps designing systems to keep  countries afloat and some  marred in mud.

Football / Re: Who's running for TTFA President in 2023?
« on: December 20, 2022, 11:32:46 AM »
 >:( Another TTFA official leader  who  potentially could  attain personal gain from taking on the noble task of caring for TnT football. Examine all the past presidents and  see who have done teh best and those who have happily retired better off than when they came into the office

Football / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: December 20, 2022, 11:29:20 AM »
congrats to that team- Messi is ah beast. Still not  a country that speaks to me. I will weigh in and say Pele is still and remains paramount of all times.

Messi one of privilege did not travel the same journey although a  player of immense skill in my humble opinion Pele will always be the 'BOSS'  of all GOATS

Football / Re: TTFA News Thread.
« on: November 30, 2022, 10:48:53 AM »
Omit from consideration:

Kelvin Jack-- why? what administrative skills come to mind?

Terry Fenwick- disaster----- eurocentric thinking- there  appears to be an arrogance which has not been influential in winning friends and influencing others

Brent Sancho- how  successful was he at running pro league team -  did his political affinity prove successful-  was his foray as an administrator one to be emulated?
David-John Williams= had a chance and well let's jusy say this ship has sailed on

Football / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: November 30, 2022, 10:39:45 AM »
 Brazil- Take it all

Football / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: November 27, 2022, 10:23:07 PM »
  Teams  I would love to see go down-
- All European Teams
- Argentina- most racist South American  Country

 Great to see that the first 5 goals for England  in its first game- Five different black players- Yeah
 Love the defeat  that Germany- Argentina Belgium suffered
 Love the fact that the less physical teams  like Japan and South Korea bringing pace
 African nations need to step up
Ecuador- nice surprise

What's your yardstick? Rigorous examination may lead you to revisit support for Brazil or reconsidering exclusion of Brazil from the list.

Let me add some fuel: you mentioned Ecuador. Compare Ecuador to Brazil and ask consistently how come the most afro-populated nation on the continent has a relative paucity of black players in its ranks?

The supposition is that this is based purely on an ethnic representation-  I do welcome the European teams with diverse players. However I am  more  in objection to the ' Eurocentric'  bias and alleged soccer/ foot ball supremacy as touted by many media and  followers who absolutely  glorify  and  to some extend nullify that football supremacy is a given to European teams.

Football / Re: Gary Griffith Football Thread
« on: November 27, 2022, 04:25:57 PM »
all right I with he on this call out-

Football / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: November 27, 2022, 04:23:21 PM »
  Teams  I would love to see go down-
- All European Teams
- Argentina- most racist South American  Country

 Great to see that the first 5 goals for England  in its first game- Five different black players- Yeah
 Love the defeat  that Germany- Argentina Belgium suffered
 Love the fact that the less physical teams  like Japan and South Korea bringing pace
 African nations need to step up
Ecuador- nice surprise

Football / Re: Anton Corneal Thread
« on: August 27, 2022, 08:34:04 AM »
TTFA congratulates Corneal on FIFA appointment.
TTFA Media.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) wishes to extend congratulations and best wishes to Anton Corneal on his appointment as FIFA Regional Technical Consultant for the Caribbean Region.

Corneal will take up the position on a full-time basis from September 1st, 2022 and will assist Trinidad and Tobago among other nations in the Caribbean.

The TTFA is now in search of a new Technical Director and the position will be advertised in due course. Corneal had been appointed as TTFA Technical Director on February 1st, 2022

Corneal will be responsible for overseeing FIFA projects in over ten countries among them being United States, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Among Corneal’s main responsibilities will be:

To oversee technical leadership programs in the respective countries.
To assist with the technical leadership programs in the respective countries.
To assist with the organization of webinars, courses and workshops on site and online.
To assist with the mentorship programs in the respective Member Associations.
To assist the high performance team with the implementation of the high-performance programmes
To assist with the analysis and verification of on-demand courses that may be requested  by Member Associations in the region
To be in regular contact with the Technical Directors of the Member Association.

In a response to the appointment, Corneal told TTFA Media, “This is another opportunity to serve and assist countries in the region and the development of the game throughout. It remains a passion of mine to continue assisting with the development of our region and I am looking forward to working with each of the Member Associations on this path onwards.”

Corneal will continue to work with and advise the TTFA on technical matters and coach education initiatives under his new role.

 Help me to understand what competencies and what past achievements qualifies him for this position?  Our National teams are floundering despite the technical expertise  in our back yard? How  does this  parlay into a regional appointment? How would football in the region benefit from this appointment?  This smells like some kind of ' hush' money deal.

Football / Re: T&T Coaches Abroad Thread.
« on: August 18, 2022, 03:26:27 PM »
No problems- In TNMT all badges are welcome- whether you earned it as a boy scout or from an unknown source or otherwise, you can coach any team just apply to TTFA or Normalization committee and ask for  payments in US $$$ and man  you good to go.
 References not necessary-  are you prepared to be  underpaid as a local? are you willing to work for deferred payments? if yes to any of the above apply within. Results not  important. as long as your services are available for a low cost.

What about Track & Field / Re: Commonwealth Games 2022
« on: August 17, 2022, 09:21:01 AM »
Quote from: Deeks link=topic=66961 :D ;).msg1004513#msg1004513 date=1659498888
It's really time to rethink these ' Common Wealth Games'  seems now like a glorification of  an old British colonial empire hosting those who were once colonized!!!!
Is this reason to celebrate and host? Should this  even exist under this banner? In the opening  ceremonies- even had to sign ' God Save the Queen"

 I recalled even  in standard 7 back in the days lining up in rows and standing in teh hot sun to sing this at school. I refused- and quickly  teacher playing  colonial master  cracked a whip on my arse for not singing!!!!

Why do I need to glorify the  royal masters who reigned domination over the colonizers? and today with this realization I watch  these games with a new awakening of what it symbolize  )- just my opinion

There is nothing wrong with the games. It is just that our sports sucks and we don't or can't even win bronze medals. At one time it was real important. But now it has be relegate a tier down. The World TF championship is more important, at least for TF athletes. Evn PanAm games has dropped to tiers. But it is important that our athletes participate.
Apps, ABT, soon you would stop writing English and move back Africa. Yet careful dem doh frustrate yuh by being happy to participate in the games. “ God save everybody oui “ . I looking on the bright side, colonization as bad as it was, made me born Trini 😆 God is good, even with the few of us he saved on the trip. Now if we could only help the rest of the Caribbean win everybody.

This is  not a back to Africa movement but rather a  rethinking of what  the concept  of " Commonwealth" means today and what it stood for. Much like when it was the British Empire Games.  It maybe through colonization we wre all here today but  celebrating the leachy of Colonization and parading around  with ' rule Britannia' and 'God Save the Queen' is antiquated - If anything Britain should be  provide repatriation funds and riches taken from the colonies back to the  lands.

Find a different name for the  games and remove the stigma of people who were once enslaved and victims of imperialism, plundering and  looting of the riches of these lands.

What ever happened to teh Pan American games?

Football / Re: Autopsy of TnT Football
« on: August 17, 2022, 09:13:50 AM »
Watching some u20 women's world cup- Costa Rica- getting blows from Spain and Brazil but I cant help see their fighting sprit and  some of their more  rotund players  are hustling , competing and moving like players. When I observed our team, we look like pee wee players running and chasing. We cant even string together two passes!!!
Look its time for a ' wake' for TnT football. Well at least a wake up!

What about Track & Field / Re: Commonwealth Games 2022
« on: July 29, 2022, 09:10:12 AM »
It's really time to rethink these ' Common Wealth Games'  seems now like a glorification of  an old British colonial empire hosting those who were once colonized!!!!
Is this reason to celebrate and host? Should this  even exist under this banner? In the opening  ceremonies- even had to sign ' God Save the Queen"

 I recalled even  in standard 7 back in the days lining up in rows and standing in teh hot sun to sing this at school. I refused- and quickly  teacher playing  colonial master  cracked a whip on my arse for not singing!!!!

Why do I need to glorify the  royal masters who reigned domination over the colonizers? and today with this realization I watch  these games with a new awakening of what it symbolize- just my opinion

What about Track & Field / Re: Helpful Tips for T&T Athletes!
« on: July 28, 2022, 06:31:41 PM »
 Springer; yuh think athletes could boost or lose energy is dey  bull before competition?

What about Track & Field / Re: Commonwealth Games 2022
« on: July 28, 2022, 06:30:42 PM »
Commonwealth  Games- now we getting up to our speed. World Championships and Olympics- is like we blight

How could our world class athletes drop off so quickly meanwhile Dominican Republic picking up pace.

What about Track & Field / Re: Babes of T& F
« on: July 28, 2022, 06:27:56 PM »
Best young talented  good looking Jamaican Sprinter: Brianna Williams
props to A.B. good work with this athlete; yuh sure that eh yuh family? all yuh have some similar looking expressions upon winning ;D.

Football / Re: FIFA News Thread.
« on: July 24, 2022, 09:52:15 AM »
One really has to wonder how is it that one entity could monopolize the governance of this sport? Operating like the IMF,  if you pump up assets in countries, you most likely have to protect those assets and look for returns.

There is such a dependency on some countries for FIFA funds  and if you are astute enough, and be loyal enough, there appears to be opportunities for  monetary gains-  I am sure that if one was to do the research you could unearth those Local footballing  entities with leaders who have profited from football- be it with real estate assets  or otherwise; at the expense of football development and or progress.

TNT ' golden period'  is over -2006. Every one who was supposed to gin from that well orchestrated planning- seeding of teams  playoffs  go  their just rewards but at the end of it all- our football governance  has entered  a dark period; our national teams have faltered and we are led by a Normalization committee who has not unveiled any substantial plans  of how to get us back to a competent stage of governance.

No one seems to be asking questions- how long is this supposed transitioning suppose to occur? What will a transition look like? What have been accomplished to this date to right the ship? who has held this caretake committee  accountable for operations? Is there a role for government to play is  demanding accountability?

Why and how did FIFA get the powers to  operate like an imperialistic entity and hold  countries at ransom? Are the  football assets in each country owned or controlled by FIFA?  are governments in some way puppets to FIFA?

Like professional leagues in UK, Europe and North America, what if countries wanted to  have independent  world tournaments  not sanctioned by FIFA? I think after these years, it it time to  revamp and  counties rid themselves hostage of  a monopolizing world body  that acts like a super power in this sport!!!

What about Track & Field / Re: Babes of T& F
« on: July 19, 2022, 08:24:10 PM »
 Someone please post my  favorite woman's sprinter : quiet, cool , best smile, and quietly beautiful 

 Mujinga Kambundji

Football / Re: 2022 Concacaf Women's Championship Thread
« on: July 17, 2022, 12:46:45 PM »
  does anyone know when the NC will  restore  governance back to a TTFA board? well guess we eh need ah TTFA  the NC operating like one - ent dat the normal way we does operate. Good of FIFA to rename we football governance as a Normalization.

 good to go- One of them appointed find the football el dorado and cric crack  story done

Football / Re: Women's Football Discussion Thread
« on: July 17, 2022, 12:43:26 PM »
An NWSL education’: America’s impact on the Nigeria women’s team

Nigeria team picture during the 2022 Womens Africa Cup of Nations game between Nigeria and South Africa at Stade Prince Moulay Al Hassan Stadium in Rabat, Morocco on 4 July 2022 © Ryan Wilkisky/BackpagePix
By Nick Miller
Jul 14, 2022
Ifeoma Onumonu and Toni Payne go way back. They knew each other when they were kids, before they even started playing football in college, Onumonu for the University of California and Payne at Duke. They played together for the USA Under-23s side in 2017. They dreamed of one day playing at the highest international level — maybe even in the World Cup.

They did not think that would happen in Nigeria shirts.

But they are one game away from qualifying for the 2023 World Cup, and three victories from helping the Super Falcons clinch an extraordinary tenth Women’s Africa Cup of Nations title in 12 attempts.

“That’s the craziest part about this sport,” Onumonu, a forward for New Jersey-based NJ/NY Gotham FC in the National Women’s Soccer League, told The Athletic after Nigeria beat Burundi 4-0 in their final group game of the latter tournament.

“You never know where it’s going to take you. We both find ourselves in a place where we couldn’t have imagined. It’s crazy how paths diverge and come back together.”

Onumonu and Payne, who plays her club football for Sevilla in Spain, are two of five US-born players in the Nigeria squad competing at the tournament in Morocco, under Texan coach Randy Waldrum. The others are Toni’s younger sister Nicole, Houston Dash defender Michelle Alozie and goalkeeper Yewande Balogun.

Another six – including Leicester-born defender Ashleigh Plumptre — have played in the US at some stage, either in the NWSL or in college, meaning nearly half their squad were born in or undertook a significant part of their football education in America.

It’s not uncommon for those who have African heritage to choose to play for the land of their families rather than the country where they were born. Morocco’s squad, for example

Nigeria by no means rely only on those players.

Indeed, both history and the quality of their squad suggests they would still be favourites for this tournament without them. The brilliant Ajibade has been their player of the tournament so far. Captain Onome Ebi is a rock in defence and if you get past her, you’ve still got fellow centre-back Osinachi Ohale to deal with. Christy Ucheibe has just won the Portuguese title with Benfica. Six members of this year’s squad have four WAFCON winners’ medals — veteran midfielder Rita Chikwelu has five.

This year, they have had to cope with losing arguably their biggest star, Asisat Oshoala — currently with Barcelona, and formerly of Liverpool and Arsenal — to a knee ligament injury after their first game. Oshoala was top scorer in 2016 and player of the tournament in 2014, and while losing a player of that calibre should theoretically be a significant setback, Nigeria are one of the few teams in the tournament who can absorb a blow like that.

“We’re playing for her, we’re playing for the nation,” said Ajibade. “Emotionally she’s here with us.” When asked if there was now more pressure on her to be the team’s star player in Oshoala’s absence, she said: “Everybody on the team is a star player.”

While nobody in the Nigeria camp will admit to concentrating on anything other than these next few games, starting with a quarter-final against Cameroon in Casablanca today (Thursday), the big target is the 2023 World Cup.

WAFCON doubles as World Cup qualification, and its semi-finalists are guaranteed spots in next year’s tournament in New Zealand and Australia.

Despite their continental dominance, Nigeria have never made it past the group stage of a World Cup, and beefing up their squad with these US-based players, to complement the likes of Oshoala, Ebi and Ajibade, is part of the drive to improve their record on the global stage.

For the moment though, Waldrum, Onumonu, the Paynes and the rest of the squad have Cameroon and a 10th title in their sights

And to think at one time- when we had to beg borrow and scrounge funding for the wormer's team this  man,  coach Randy Waldrum almost had us  at the cusp  of a WC appearance. I was at  the stadium in POS on that evening- hoping cheering like crazy. Yet what did we do, TTFA drop the services of  the coach.

Football / Re: Autopsy of TnT Football
« on: July 16, 2022, 09:43:08 AM »
 Another consideration to consider is our ' current reality' in regards to : our players' poll and depth of talent.
 When I read about some of the Jamaican players ( their goalie for example), they are playing at a higher level and possess  additional skills compared to our players.  Our coach made this point. This is the hand he was dealt with. Let's be clear , I'm not at this time defending the coaching, I'm simply saying that given the talent pool, we were up against some odds going into this tournament. The nature of sports however shows that upsets and players playing beyond could pull off wins when no one expected.

Questions to consider:
  • Do we have a robust  scouting system?
    Are players who are eligible to represent TnT find it an attractive option?
    What is required of our  players to be at the next level?
    Is it the national coaches job to develop and skillfully work on skill development or to put systems in place and tactilely prepare teams for the opposition?
     What is the role of assistant coaches in skill development?
    Surely coaches at this caliber of play could recognize ahead of a match the level and quality of players on a squad.- Coaches players alike have access to YOU TUBE- you could see what the opposition  is like.

    Despite the odds, how do you prepare yourself to face what appears insurmountable odds? No way are you facing teams you have not seen  in today's age!!! Positively you can give a better account  of yourselves. You may not win but at least we could be competitive and put up a better fight- that has to come from within each player. That has to come with motivation from within and for externally - the coaches.

    There is no room for excuses else we might as well abandon all spending on teams and concede  each tournament to the likes of USA, Canada, Mexico  Costa Rica  and right here in we yard - Jamaica.

     Simply put , we have to do better with the assets we have- stop looking at deficits and start building on strengths-  build inward from the experiences of our coaches lived experience, provide resources for knowledge coaching acquisition- focus on player skill development and develop some positive promotion of athletics- football in our nation.

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