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De Silva isn't in the Pro League to earn a living. He really is all about the game. He is pretty much set if he chooses to walk away from football. I hope he digs in and gets a look in the NT

Football / Re: Fitness is a Huge Problem
« on: July 21, 2015, 04:00:10 AM »
Wow.....I have no problem admitting that I expected nothing from this TT team. 4 games into the Gold Cup and I had to eat humble pie.

Now the argument is about fitness? Really?

Is it an athletic crime to cramp up after chasing shadows for almost 2 hours?

If what I read is correct, footballers not supposed to get tired at all....especially playing in the hot sun. Why? Because they're footballers?

Fight up with one or two defenders for 2 mins and then lets discuss how not tired a player supposed to be.

Concentrate for 90+ mins, while chasing the ball and the game and then lets discuss how not tired a player should be.

When Ozil, Alexis and even Ronaldo cramps up thats ok because those guys are stars. Let Cyrus cramp up and its because he's not fit or serious about the sport.

Footballers aren't superheroes....hard game in hot sun and they will get tired.

Football / Trinidad & Tobago Interactive Football Cup
« on: June 11, 2015, 10:49:39 PM »
I know there's a lot of playstation FIFA guys here.....

Nationwide competition to find the best virtual footballer in the country. Big prizes on offer...prove yourself


Kicking of this Saturday 13 June at the Jean Pierre Complex

Kudos to the Ministry of Sport for backing and supporting it too.

Coache....your comments a bit harsh. I don't think the video was nonsense...I could be wrong, but I think it was an honest attempt to shed some info on what went wrong at the U17 tournament. Maybe the content wasn't what we hoped it would have been but so it goes....

Someone mentioned self serving....Tony did the interview while the player was at training....no big deal. Doesn't Tony post youtube vids of his academy session here as well? Thats self serving too?

Cmon guys....

That's another issue that concerns me greatly....as our country's representatives, regardless of age group, our players seem to be unable of presenting themselves properly to the public. Its a symptom that manifests itself in how we perform on the pitch....like we live a kind of sheltered existence where we don't see what the world has to offer on a footballing level.

We played against teams who had players in professional set ups in the main, players who were infinitely better prepared than we were. Its either the young man genuinely believed that we had the talent to match the opponents or he simply doesn't know better....in each case its a cause for concern.

Not discounting what the young man had to say.....but it sounds like he's just repeating what the masses have been saying.

This interview was led by the interviewer (Tony I assume). No insight really, except for mentioning that the team wasn't united.

His comments just highlighted how far back we are in terms of players and coaching.

Did he really go to an international world cup qualifying competition with the expectation that 'playing fast like in trinidad' would cut it? The coach didn't advise otherwise?

Football / Re: 2015 CONCACAF Men's Under-17 Championship Thread.
« on: March 09, 2015, 09:10:26 AM »
I've said it countless times...our players are simply not good...period. Jose Mourinho could coach any of our teams from u12 to senior and the results wouldn't vary much. We do not have the talent.

Specifically referencing this u17 team, this team was selected from the SSFL and the TTProleague u16 competition of last season. This in itself is a huge problem.

One would imagine that if any player is considered to be the amongst the 20/25 best u17 players in the country, that player would at least be good enough to play for his club's u18/reserve team (as the TTProleague had it last season). This was not the case....if indeed there were a few players who were eligible for the u17 team and were playing in a higher and more competitive age group, then they were missed by whatever passes for scouting.

Imagine that a national football team that was preparing for an international competition is scooped from a sub par u16 local tournament....smh.

Toward the end of last year I saw with my very own eyes, 3 of the starting XI in the world cup qualifiers, play a SSFL U16 national semifinal. There may be nothing wrong with that in general, but for 3 youths who are preparing for international competition, of what benefit was that game? And I do not know if they played any school u16 games prior or after. Mind you the 3 players looked nothing like what I'd like to say national players should look like when playing against their peers.

Then we have about 75%(could be corrected) of the team from south...maybe south trinidad indeed has the better players, but it just seemed a bit odd to me.

Then during the qualifiers, the coach picks the same starting XI more or less....1st game licks, 2nd game licks, 3rd game licks....well oh gorm....change yuh team nah....smh

Football / Re: Minister Sancho scores with SWO.
« on: February 28, 2015, 05:34:54 AM »
Gov't Ministers are allowed to hire one personal staff/help/adviser...the minister is allocated funds for the hire, but the Ministry does not pay the hire. Most ministers hire drivers/chauffeurs.

Not a PP fan, neither am I hyped up about Sancho's appointment. But there's nothing wrong with FS being Sancho's adviser

Football / Re: One Of The Most Important People In T&T Football
« on: February 17, 2015, 09:52:36 AM »
I think ppl fail, either by choice or by blind hope, to see the reality facing our football over the past decade or so.....WE DO NOT HAVE GOOD PLAYERS.

Its that simple.

What's the difference between the youth players of 2015 and the youth players of 1983? Simple...1983 had good players. Coaching advances, certificates, more robust local and international leagues....yet we have a national youth coach talking about the shortcomings of players he selected to be on the NATIONAL TEAM.

I can't speak on the new players he brought in, but I can definitely provide insight on at least half the guys on the team....shortcomings is an understatement.

For whatever reason, as a country we are just not churning out good players like we used to....it has nothing to with clubs and coaching. The players just aren't as talented as we would like to believe.

The most recent u20 team that was said to be the most talented we had in a while...I heard that comment and recoiled in horror.

Our problem lies in that we want to coach third rate players to play like premier level players....Greece won a Euro with playing to their level...Spain did it as well after years of trying to play like other nations.

We need to play to our strengths or weaknesses....only then maybe we'll see results

Football / Re: Ross Russell
« on: January 09, 2015, 02:43:53 PM »
Ross is a good one....had some dealings with him personally and professionally....Defence Force HR couldn't do something????

Football / Re: Levi Garcia Thread
« on: January 01, 2015, 03:15:55 AM »

3 mins into d video and I aint see nuttin dat tells me dis guy special.....what is d purpose of d video?

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T WNT vs Ecuador WNT Game (02-Dec-2014)
« on: December 03, 2014, 04:07:27 AM »
Yes the loss was tough, disappointing and, I would even say unfair based on the flow of the game.....the girls gave it their all and you really can't ask for more than that.

But, after not qualifying directly despite having two opportunities, wasn't it really more hope than expectation for them to qualify at the third try? Football these days is more a mental game than anything else, and the longer the game was at 0-0 the more the team would have been under pressure mentally...clearly the girls were better physically and talent wise.

What I am really sad about is that T&T would have been a better team to have in the world cup. Ecuador gonna get real licks....smh

That said, Sam is spot on about Mollon. For a player with her experience she was poor. Over dribbling and bad passing.

Football / Re: 2014 SSFL Premier & Championship Division Fixtures‏.
« on: November 27, 2014, 08:22:37 PM »
Benedict's are the National InterCol Champions for the 6th time in the history of the school..1960, 1966,1967,1968,1998,2014

easy there fella....they won the semis....they've gotten to the final

Soooooo.....u handover $400,000 IN CASH, in a car park and pelt some in a car backseat.....and u, as a business owner/partner/whatever, do dat normal normal.....u do it d first time and say how it raise red flag...so u do it again just to make sure d red flag hoist higher and properly....carry on

Football / Re: Showboat Thread.
« on: November 17, 2014, 11:36:50 AM »
There is an unwritten code amongst professional footballers, and that kind of showboating goes against it. See germany v brazil 7-1...

Football / Re: Remembering Our Strike Squad
« on: November 15, 2014, 05:28:23 AM »

 The strike squad represents the Trinidad and Tobago culture.
 Applauding failure.

The 2006 SOCAWARRIORS represent what can be. Acheiving goals.
 The strike squad was worse than the 74' Haiti squad that was robbed and worse that the SOCAWARRIORS that acheived.

We should not forget our past but really that squad did not deserve to qualify !!!

Harsh.  More than sporting achievement, I think it's about the spirit of unity, the way everybody came together, even here in the US to root the team on.

I don't agree with the 'Remembering the Strike Squad' title....but I get that they probably mean remembering what the strike squad did for the country in terms of unity and national pride

Football / Re: Ask the TTFA (Nov-2014).
« on: November 04, 2014, 09:03:00 AM »
one question....

When allyuh will stop playin d ass and feedin d public ah setta bullshit and mamaguy?

So, someone spoke to the girls and decided that was enough to disregard what the end results were....fine, go ahead. We came fourth, granted it was a best ever placing, and another one chimes in that we did great....fine as well, continue.

That just properly illustrates my point. As a nation, we are content with things like fourth place finishes and bronze medals. Why? Because we are a physically small nation? My position is that if we are competing, then let us compete and aim for gold, don't be happy with a 'better than last time' showing. If as a country we are competing with other countries 10 or 100 times our size then thats just tough....but it is no excuse to be happy with what is a poor showing. We should judge ourselves against the best, not the best of the rest. Granted we may not win a world cup....but set the goal to qualify directly, at first offering. Set the goal to be top 2/3 in concacaf. Set lofty goals....not fourth place back door qualification goals.

We shouldn't say we ONLY lost 1-0 to USA....we lost...period. Or we lost on penalties to Costa Rica...again, we lost...period. Or in extra time against Mexico....WE LOST!!!

Fourth is not great...it aint bad....but it wasn't enough to qualify for the world cup so it simply was not good enough.

Call it 'shit talk', swimming up a creek, or whatever it may be....the irrefutable fact is we have not yet qualified for the world cup, we have not yet achieved a single thing, yet the gov't celebrated a non achievement with a bonus. It was evident on the field when we went ahead against Mexico. Even admitted by the skipper. The Trini Mentality creeped in and played a role in the so-far non qualification.

Is the football record books saying that we held England scoreless for 83 mins or are the record books saying we lost. Sentiment and heart is all well and good....but at the end of the day results is what matters.

As much as I hoped for the women's team to qualify for the world cup, as it stands now, I am forced to concede that the ladies will not qualify....even with a thousand tries.

The Trini mindset is simply too strong, and I use that word very loosely, to allow for the team to qualify. Let me explain....

The national U21 team with Yorke, Nixon, Eve et al were the first team from Trinidad and Tobago to qualify for a world competition. No bonuses were paid, the team was well supported and funded without the fanfare of present day. The U17 and U20 boys were similarly supported and qualified accordingly.

Our next world competition qualification after the U21 tram was the 06 warriors.

To qualify, the team had to hire a proper coach who promptly rid the team of the vast majority of local based players and instead went with those who were plying their trades abroad. With that single  move, he eliminated the 'Trini Mentality'. The first step to qualification was successfully taken. Only after qualification was secured was a bonus promised and given by the gov't of the day. No bonus payment was made because they got to the hex or the playoffs.

In 89, the Trini mentality was in full effect. Celebrating before we played USA, it is now well known that the team travelled from deep south on a proverbial victory ride to the venue even before a ball was kicked in anger. Of course, the Strike Squad did not qualify.

Fast forward to present day and the women's team. Doing well all along, despite lack of support from fans and gov't alike. They do relatively ok against USA and boom the gov't decides to pay a bonus. For what? The girls didn't achieve a single thing as yet. But the Trini mentality, so absent prior to the gov't intervention, suddenly kicked in and began to permeate through the team. First bite at the cherry....failed. Second bite...had the lead and direct qualification in sight...Trini mentality kicks in stronger...we celebrating....eventual failure. They will not succeed at the third bite....it simply is down to the Trini mentality.

We celebrate mediocrity....'aye we in a position to qualify, lewwe celebrate and pay ppl like we done qualify'. 'aye, look we get a bronze medal...lewwe name stadium and have tv show'.

I always was in favour of celebrating achievements...gold medals, victories, titles. Not almost succeed.

Real teams and players don't celebrate third and fourth....they despise it. And don't give the 'we is only a small country' argument. If thats the case then play in a small country tournament.

Unless this mentality is removed....we will never qualify for a world competition again....never

Football / Re: Thread for the Guatemala WNT vs T&T WNT Game (20-Oct-2014)
« on: October 20, 2014, 04:14:34 PM »
I've been looking at Annique Walker since the u20.....she gives away the ball alot...and sometimes disappears in games

Football / Re: 2015 CONCACAF Men's Under-17 Championship Thread.
« on: October 20, 2014, 05:45:19 AM »
We had the same problem with Michael McComie and Angus Eve like we did with Cooper, who thought he didn't needed help, this is another problem with local coaches that they need to work on.. they feel asking for help takes away from their ability to coach and not recognizing they just don't have the talent on the team. The Under 17 team is lacking a quality keeper, Technically weak and physical slow team speed. Zero preparation & experience adds to the mix....

Well said....

The U17 coach is poor at recognizing and identifying talent, poor at reaching out and poor at coaching.

The goalkeepers are weak to say the least. One of them doesn't start for his SSFL team regularly, yet he is on the national team. Pres Sando had a poor SSFL season, yet the core of the midfield is from there.

I wish the boys well, but sometimes its the coaching and administration that scuppers our chances.

Football / Re: Thread for the USA WNT vs T&T WNT Game (15-Oct-2014)
« on: October 16, 2014, 06:05:16 AM »
Let's not get carried away here....some folks even venturing as far as saying we got a 'result'. We lost. First game - 0 pts. Yes it was against probably the best women's team in the world, but the fact is we lost...period.

That being said, I really hope this team qualifies for the world cup. They seem to be playing with more heart than skill and that will take further than most.

I am proud of the girls....

Very disappointed in Central FC here....perhaps they have some moral ground to stand on, but legally, one CANNOT sign a 16 year old to any contract without his parent/guardian's permission. "Daniel is well known in south football and is a responsible adult".....Really? Is that the basis under which the contract was signed?

I could be wrong, but I do sincerely believe that Central would have been better for the player for his development both as a player and as a person, but Central ought to have been more professional and legally aware than this.

I don't know Mr Sosa well enough to say whether or not he's a smart man. But unless some middle ground could be arrived at between the two parties, Central will not profit in any way.

Football / Re: Kadeem Corbin Thread
« on: September 30, 2014, 04:55:41 AM »
This is a newspaper article??

Is it that folks just come off the street and get jobs writing for our daily newspapers?

This article making any kinda sense in relation to the headline?

This is what passes for journalism in TT?

Football / Re: How to improve the SSFL.
« on: September 29, 2014, 12:44:53 PM »


 If I had gotten an invitation by sc**thorpe in 74 to go to their academy, all now so sc**thorpe in the premier league.                                              ;D

No doubt Deeks...No doubt...Champions league winners too.... ;) ;D

Football / Re: How to improve the SSFL.
« on: September 29, 2014, 04:49:39 AM »
I've always said the pull of the SSFL is far greater than even the pull of the ProLeague and the national team. Over the weekend I heard some incredible nonsense that underlined how our youth (even the more talented ones) think....TRUE STORY!:

There's a 14 year old kid, close to 6 feet tall, strong, good technique, good at doing the basics, has a very high football IQ and runs hard all game. He was invited to the UK in October, for a 'trial for a trial' is how I can best describe it. A couple of UK Club coaches wanted to have a look at him to determine if he could be placed in an academy. The kid is also very academically intelligent. He's in form 5 and is being looked at as national scholarship material.

The kid's school isn't competing in the premier division of the SSFL this season. The kid isn't particularly concerned about his 'trial for a trial', or his academic potential. He literally said that if his school doesn't get promoted to the premier division of the SSFL next season, he will seek a transfer to a school that is in the premier division. That is his focus...

Youth is really wasted on the young......

Football / Re: Woo Ling shines on debut as St Anthony’s whips St Augustine
« on: September 21, 2014, 07:00:28 AM »
If anyone of allyuh did not play Intercol, then I can understand why you all are perplexed by Woo Ling's decision.  The boy is ah ball-jumbie. Let the boy enjoy the football, nah.

Come on Deeks....being a ball jumbie is not an excuse.....If the boy has no serious thoughts about furthering his football career then by all means its fine to run down schools league...

Football / Re: Woo Ling shines on debut as St Anthony’s whips St Augustine
« on: September 20, 2014, 07:39:44 PM »
I've said it before.....its a reason why our young talents are stunted in their football growth and of course it affects our senior national teams......the lure of the SSFL is greater and stronger than turning pro, playing for your club or even playing for your country.

The Woo Ling boy is on the national u20 team, was once touted as one of the best youth players around, and he's 18 years old....why is he running down SSFL???? How will playing against 15,16,17 yr olds benefit him??

Carry on.....

From people who religiously watch pro league games and Super League, Jan Michael Williams and Marvin Phillips are the best keepers in Trinidad and Tobago, at age 29 they are young goal keepers.  John, Lewis and Foncette are distant first second and third. Fans will tell you that this is the weakest part of Trinidad football at present, people say  if  the U20 has a weakness is in goal. King has stated that Welch is returning, so we will see. Even in the colleges & present U17 goalkeeping weak.
20 keepers on paper is just names on paper.

So true

Football / Re: Central ‘Sharks’ get physical
« on: September 07, 2014, 05:29:17 AM »
FS....I'm really really really happy to hear about this!!

Well done!!

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