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Football / Re: T&T Southern Football U-19 team visits Maryland
« on: October 26, 2008, 08:35:14 PM »
 I doubt this was a national Under 20 team, from what I understand the National team has not toured, but have been playing in the super league at home.

Football / Re: Was Point Fortin Civic Centre the best?
« on: August 23, 2008, 10:11:22 AM »
How old were these Point boys, I was too young to see them play but it appears to me that many of them left Trinidad when they were still very young. Perhaps neither Point Fortin Civic Centre nor the National team got to see the best of these guys? Just aksing? Can any one help me here.

Football / Re: 'Tiger' Roars.
« on: August 21, 2008, 06:35:11 PM »
fatman, tempo...nice points each.

question for fatman: why one and not both? yes, we need to develop the right infrastructure and systems from grassroots. but we must also allow anyone with a T&T passport to stake their claim to represent us. it's good for our local girls to see there may be bigger stronger better players out there, ready to eat their food. it should serve as inspiration and determination to improve. it should remove all complacency and be a reminder that the bubble is much larger than our twin isle. and they will learn about training techniques, nutrition, work ethic and improve as they train and befriend their foreign based counterparts. just like our local men can gain alot when they get to train with the likes of Yorke and Latapy...it' all an important part of their development. As long as the actual selection process is not unbiased and being foreign based is not an automatic tciket for making a team, then including the foreign based should prove complementary to the other types of player development you mention.

Fiho I agree with many of the sentiments expressed by both yourself and tempo. This however is not  a simple matter,as many make it out to be. 

I do not believe bringing 12 players into a team (many of who have never stepped foot on our island)one month before a tournament and simply dropping over 16 players who had trained for over 2 years is the answer.

This can also easily result in player disenchantment, I do not think this thing was done with much thought. I also wonder why the financing to make this move was not available three years ago whaen the development of our players was paramount.

I respect your opinion which has some merit, but something just does not seem right to me, I feel our priorities have been gotten all wrong and actually think it is we(coaches, teachers, administrators) who have failed our young girls.

I actually believe home grown girls have more right to the bounty of our country than some one who has never stepped foot on our shores.  We owe it to them to do all in our power to develop their abilities.

Football / Re: 'Tiger' Roars.
« on: August 21, 2008, 06:46:17 AM »
You do appear to have an acceptable knowledge of this area and I welcome your critique. I however have been involved in several of the projects you mention and you are very much over stating what is being done for womens football at the university and by the federation to put structures and systems in place in womens football.  Dr Gloudon has been  tremendous at developing academic programmes, she however does not have the resources at the university to make any major input in women's sport .

Comparisons can be made between team and individual sports !
 I will agree that it is easier to put a system in place for individuals, however  the Ivory Coast mens football program , Angola's basketball team and Kenya's rugby sevens squad  all demonstrate what can be done to build structures and gain success in team sports, in a relatively short space of time.

I am not a supporter of  Mr Corneal nor a detractor of Mr Phillips, but I am actively involved in the field of sport, and make my comments based on what I see.

Lincoln as technical director is accountable for all attempts to remedy these problems, that comes with his post; in the same way Maturana as head coach was responsible for all performances during his tenure black list or no black list. 

I agree Jack warner and Gary Hunte are the ones who must be heaped over hot coals, but I was responding to Mr phillips' article and the point he himself made.

Football / Re: 'Tiger' Roars.
« on: August 21, 2008, 06:11:12 AM »
Did Leah Martindale win an olympic medal? I am not sure about.

My recollection is that she's not an Olympic medallist.

My apologies she was the first black female finalist.

Football / Re: 'Tiger' Roars.
« on: August 20, 2008, 07:16:27 PM »
While Mr Phillps' reply is a strong one, I think he misses a key component in the issue.  Has Trinidad and Tobago ever made a sustained well financed attempt to develop our local talent ?

 I have no problems with North American athletes trying out for our teams, I have no issue with foreign coaches being brought intoto improve the system.  What I have a problem with is the absence of  a concerted attempt to develop permanent systems and structures that give our local coaches and players the tools they need to excel.

 If as a 13  year old a local player is not introduced to proper  strength and conditioning methods, and given a sound physical foundation. How do we expect them to compete with the worlds best as a 17 year old?

There is a lot to learn from Jamaica's example in athletics, coach Francis of the  MVP track club that has won so many medals in Beijing; is on record as saying he decided to establish a local base when American track coaches claimed Caribbean coaches could not develop world champions and suggested our athletes had to go abroad to fulfill potential .

Anil Roberts developed the worlds first female black Olympic finalist Leah Martindale of Barbados by putting together a world class training camp in Trinidad and Tobago using his house as a base.

What we have infact done is try to fast track the process, I do understand the reasoning behind it, but to say our local girls must rise to that level is folly and shows a lack of understanding of systems and poor analysis of our situation.  What we are doing is using these Foreign Based girls as a plaster for our inaction.

It hurts me because most of our local girls who would have given there all, have not had that reciprocated by the management.  I do feel they deserve to reap the benefits of playing for Trinidad and Tobago more than some one who has visited these shores once or twice.  I also believe when our local bred stand for the anthem; representing our country will have significance.

The welfare of our youth is more important than winning any tournament
we must do all in our power to develop them, they are our future.  Mr Phillips has to remember he is the Technical Director his job is to put proper systems in place not just find plasters . Plasters only hide wounds.

Football / Re: Kevon Neaves on Hermann Trophy watch list
« on: August 19, 2008, 01:44:31 PM »
There is also a Kareem Yearwood from Low lands Tobago on that list any one has any information on him ?

Football / Re: Top 10 - Players To Watch (from SSN)
« on: August 12, 2008, 08:23:38 PM »
No disrespect to Scotland he has done well for himself as a professional. I however have been to several national team sessions and games. He is yet to show me the form or ability he shows for Swansea.

Football / Re: TT look gift horse in the mouth
« on: July 28, 2008, 10:29:41 AM »
While i admit Jack Warner has had achievements as an adminisrator, if he counts this as an achievement  I would be surprised, age group tournaments as developmental tools are not novel.  I have also heard Lincoln Phillips singing praises to Mr Warner for such policies which in my opinion have been neglected in the region he has led for so long.

Mr O Connor is intellectually dishonest his articles are not worth reading as he is selective in his criticism, he writes in a public forum and yet makes no attempt to avoid biased commentary.

Football / Re: We Playing Haiti Instead
« on: July 27, 2008, 04:58:01 PM »
guerra get drop boy lord look how he get treat like a dogg

He was never slected for this game so how did he get dropped?...and there are other players from the last game who were not selected not just guerra...........steupse yuh boi Guerra will get his opprtunity again

I do not ahve a problem with support for a player, I have been to several National Team practices Guerra is very raw and needs a couple of years development before he may be ready for a senior team place.

Anyone who is competent qualified and committed to the cause should get an opportunity to interview for any coachiing job in Trinidad and Tobago.

 Being a top coach in the United States is no guarantee that that such a person will be a success under the conditions our local coaches have to operate under. Both Alvin and Anton Corneal were good Coaches in North America and in my opinion are useful ,but by no means outstanding coaches.

I have observed Lincoln Phillips he appears to be an honourable man organized inhis trade but with no more football knowledge than many coaches in Trinidad and Tobago. In my opinion people such as Bertille St Clair, Hayden Martin, Dion LaFoucade,Gally Cummings and several others have enough competence to play a big role in developing our football. 

The issue is we have no systems and structures and our coaches are not used properly and given enough situations to develop. Being successful as a player or coach in North America is no indication of readiness to assist us. 

These people are usually organized and systematic but very often limited in scope and not adaptable to our conditions especially those who have been away a long time, I will continue to be in favour of developing our own competencies.

Football / Re: Selling out T&T by Ashford Jackman.
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:12:53 PM »
 To be fair to Ashford he does not write daily or weekly articles, when ever he does he proves himself to be an independent thinker ,who is not afraid to go against the grain.

What about Track & Field / Re: Sanya Richards and Natasha Hastings
« on: July 04, 2008, 11:34:47 AM »
Natasha Hastings mother and brothers (Gardners) were all raised in Trinidad ala Shaka, only Uk born as their parents were domiciled there. one brother played football and athlethics for Fatima in the early eighties, and the other brother was an ok rugby player. Hastings mother held several junior TT records in track and Field.

Football / Re: What happen to cornell glen?
« on: June 23, 2008, 08:52:39 AM »
I think things need to be put in perspective, Cornell did get club try outs in the UK with Ricky Hill,  and coaches there felt he had talent but did not show them the attitude and work in other areas of the pitch that they wanted to see (in his defence he was not 100% fit). 

Also Cornell chose to go to Mau Pau there were several other clubs at his feet who have more professional set ups.  While I have empathy with him and none with Jack Warner, blaming everything on a black list is ridiculous. Players have to take responsibility for staying fit at all times even after injury and seizing opportunities when ever they come.

Several of our world cup players have made poor career choices since the World Cup and have not positioned themselves in proper places to benefit from national team endeavours.

Football / Re: Patriot - Match Report.
« on: June 23, 2008, 08:30:54 AM »
Gally has been head football coach at The University of Trinidad and Tobago for over a year.

Football / Re: what do you all se in darryl roberts?
« on: June 04, 2008, 06:39:23 PM »
Why respond to this a88s hole, I was content to view your comments as that of an ignorant person whose knowledge of football is lacking. However your attack on a young footballer trying his best, and succeeding in accomplishing his dreams of playing football in europe and representing his country is very distasteful and show your true motive.

Football / Re: T&T's Anthony Creese new Laurels coach
« on: October 18, 2007, 04:47:40 AM »
maxg I actually share your sentiments, your assessment of our education system then and posssibly even now is correct. vb perhaps you can send a personal message to me as we definitely would have been at fatima together.

Football / Re: T&T's Anthony Creese new Laurels coach
« on: October 17, 2007, 12:08:23 PM »
maxg you seem to be implying some motive in my statement that did not exist.  I never suggested that if someone did not get passes he could be referred to as a dunce and not a contributor to society.  I was merely tyring to indicate that Lara was given no real favours by being allowed to write A Levels in Fatima College, and indicating that he was competent in his school work. Traditionally dunce is used to describe some one who was weak in school and I do not think he was that weak, I think your intervention was unneccesary.

Football / Re: T&T's Anthony Creese new Laurels coach
« on: October 17, 2007, 09:14:29 AM »
 VB Brian Lara was in most of my classes in form four and five, Brian repeated form five and I am positive he went into form six with at least six passes. He  initially entered in Fatima in form one having spent one year at a junior secondary. He was in  form 1 group 2 ,I was in group 1 dont give wrong information to people.  like most of us he liked shit, but he was not dunce he got his passes even though he would miss half of each term playing cricket. which form class were you in ?

Football / Re: Which national players you went to school with?
« on: October 17, 2007, 09:08:12 AM »
MARK JEREMIE played for fatima and howard university and the national u19 and 23 teams in the 1980s that is the only national team player with that surname to have come out of fatima at that time.

Football / Re: Barcelona ask duo to skip African Nations Cup
« on: October 17, 2007, 08:34:49 AM »
 European clubs have gotten far too powerful they are wealthy and in the case of English clubs their owners have a disconnnect regarding the historical and cultural impact of the game. All those interested in the future of the international game must use what ever forum they have to show  their discontent. 
    Where African players and countries are concerned there is a natural bias, rightly mentioned the African Nations Cup has risen in status, the cultural bias is however still there. It is important for players llike Eto and Toure who have already exstablished them selves follow the pattern of George Weah and demand African international games be given the same respect as a Germany England international.

Football / Re: Jabloteh Head Coach!!
« on: September 04, 2007, 09:31:23 PM »
Any one who is intimately involved with local football will have their doubts about this man .

Firstly his behaviour on the bench leaves a lot to be desired,. there are many negative aspects of our football culture ,but verbally abusing officials at every opportunity is not one of them, Mr Fenwick does this at every opportunity. 
Initially he partnered with a suspicious English man by the name of Miller who claimed to have been involved in Sport management in the UK, it was later exposed that he was an imposter  This alone threw a cloak of suspicion over Fenwick

Fenwick as a visitor to this country has been agressive and has never fully corporated with national football coaches or teams; the key to being accepted some where is to understand the people and their community he has failed to do this.

 If I was a local coach I  too would be angry he is making  such a hefty salary, as I know CLICO WILL NOT BE SO GENEROUS TO  ANY LOCAL no matter how good they are. The question must also be asked how come no other foreign coach has brought out such negative emotion in us, perhaps Fenwick deserves his reputation.

 Fact is several Jabloteh players and officials have had problems with him, maybe it is cultural or possibly his personality is abrasive your choice. Maurinho is not widely liked yet very successful likewise Ferguson, so who the hell is Terry Fenwick.

Trinidad and Tobago has a reputation for attracting mediocre foreign coaches from Europe or South America, men who would not be employed by a minor league team in their country.yet we  give them  financial support and encourage ment that should be given to our top locals. It is a remnant of a slave society and colonialism. I actually find it liberating that so many people can see a spade for what it is a spade. 

Football / Re: Jemmott sent packing by Superstar Rangers.
« on: September 03, 2007, 04:10:14 PM »
lets assume Hardest career is now over (which it is not), would he then be #1 on the list of wasted potential, or does Dwarika still hold that title?
Yuh cyar compare de two. Dwarika actually had a very good international career (69 caps and 27 goals), plus he won T&T Footballer of de Year 3 times, PFL Golden Boot, Caribbean Footballer of de Year, Gold Cup All-Star team etc.

Tallman while I understand where you coming from. I still think Dwarika has not fulfilled his potential due to discipline problems. Rene simoes once said dwarika should be playing for flamengo, the highest praise by a Brazilian. He has achieved but he has not fulfilled his potential he had a premiership career and a world cup in his hands, but did not want it badly enough.

Football / Re: in defence of intercol
« on: September 02, 2007, 08:54:06 AM »
 Taking the best players out of colleges league or reducing the number of teams has nothing to do with isolating late bloomers or preventing colleges players from developing.  It is about simply giving national teams the best possible opportunity to equip themselves for the rigours of the international game. There will be several pathways to development and even if 20 players are training witha an elite squad, the colleges league and club football will have to be developed simultaneously to give as many players as possible the opportunity to develop. 

I do not think getting rid of colleges league was ever an option but we definitely need to have a permanent squad of elite players training and playing international games year round, can the colleges league alone facilitate this? I doubt. We are talking about diet, psychological preparation monitoring of fitness levels etc we must make changes to the pathways that exist no rocket science needed simple common sense.  Or continue taking cutarse.

Football / Re: in defence of intercol
« on: September 01, 2007, 05:53:49 PM »
 If we are looking to improve the standard of play of our youngsters we need to develop new systems.  Quite frankly the current ones aint  working whether it is colleges league, pro league youth teams or national training camps.  what we must now do is sit down and decide what changes must be made and what new systems can we implement.  It does not neccessarily mean an end to colleges league but definitely a change in its structure, perhaps only ten teams, with coaches given to these teams by TTFF, perhaps young players can even recieve scholarships to attend these schools.  What I am saying is we need to look at our demography, economics and educational system and chart a course of development.  What is evident  is the current pathways for a young players development are inadequate.

 blessings from my side.

 willi you are intitled to your opinion,and believe me i do respect it.i never suggested that insularity does not exist in trinidad and tobago both towards the west indian islands and between ourselves.i never suggested that we would not be stronger as a unified body,as a matter of fact i think we will.however i am suggesting that our west indian ness is failing to benefit our islands politically or economically getting along in the metro pole does nothing to benefit the poor man in trelawney,demerara or moruga; i am also suggesting that with all our caribbeanness our greatest institution has been ailing for two decades and we have been unable  come together to do nothing to adress that.i also believe that this insularity is a very pwerful thing because it is genuine in that there is no true nationalistic sentiment to buffer its effects.

trinidad and tobago do have deep seated problems but at the end of the day there is a genuine nationhood between us.in many areasl the south of TNT has always claimed neglect by the north, i am not so simpleminded as to suggest that there are not social differences within islands. and by the way rangie nanan while he was good ,never kept himself in proper physical condition for me to argue about him being dropped,he could lose a game for you any time with his poor feilding.

our west indian experiments have largrely been failures the university and the EC dollar possible exceptions.(there have been several examples to prove this in the last few years).globalization is upon us now and if we dont do it in the present we never will.relationships betwen the governments of arguably the three most powerful island states are worst than they ever were and the one institution that helped us to stand out in the world is dieing.we have not even been able to use the university to develop our technical and administrative competencies in the sport of cricket.i attended UWI (st augustine)relationships betwen caribbean nations in particular jamaicans and trinidadians were always strained.

what is the sense in calling our selves a west indian nation when our alliance does not benefit the common man.i will list 3 examples

1 trnidad and tobagos manufacturers not realising they are dependant on our island neighbours to purchase our products.

2 caribbean islands choosing to sign agreements with venezuela that could impinge on trinidad and tobagos export of petro chemicals to them.

3 trinidad and barbados having to go to geneva to dispute territorial waters.

this is not my wish but my opinion.

 This is not about lara ,this is about an institution that is failing in more than one area, caricom is a toothless entity, the university of west indies have campus identities of their own and west indian governments and cricket institutions have failed to come together to stem the decline of a team that has been on the down swing for over twelve years.every country wants to establish its own cricket academy we have one in antigua,one in trinidad,one in barbados ,one in grenada and the west indian teams have none.will i love to see a united west indies in sport,politics and economics ? YES!!!would this togetherness make us a more powerful world force in these fields? yes!! is this hope realistic? NO! it has been over half a century that this unity has been touted (before federation) and it has not come to fruition because we are not a nation in any form or fashion.

this is not about winning or losing it is about charting a way forward with people of a common identity. we will still have problems with players from the south of an island being favoured over players from the north.but the game will be  more easily administrated and competition between the islands may assist in raising the level of play.this is not an emotional  response ,it is being realistic. i would love to see west indian cricket continue but is this going to happen?and if it does, how will it be managed?,will the insularity not raise its head again. jamaica and trinidad have qualified for football world cups,each island has a culture and tradition in the sport that they can use.why are we not one in football or athletics. our development as a cricket nation was an anomally it was not a natural progression because we have come together for nothing else(possibly UWi,caricom is a toothless entity) even the united kingdom is falling apart because its formation was not a natural event

by the way rugby has a similar genesis to cricket in that it was popularized by commonwealth countries. the sport is played by many more international  nations than cricket (every region in the world has teams that play at a fairly high level except the caribbean and central america) and the rugby world cup like cricket is listed by many publications as the 3rd largest sporting tournament in the world. new zealand though they have underperfomed at world cups (there have only been a hand ful of world cups they have won one and been perenial finalist or semifinal ist in the others)are considered by most experts to be the most consiistent team in the history of world rugby and international sport. there has been no era that they have not been near the top,they export coaches to every major country the way saudi arabia exports oil, and appear to have a never ending assembly line of top players with an extremely small population . in the sport of rugby union they have always been the nation that has set the bench mark for success.do some research ,you need not look any further than the land of ackee and saltfish and their success in track and field, it is difficult the point is it can be done.

 willi you call praising a man deifiation, i hardly think trinidadians deify lara, these posts commemorating his retirement were  supposed to be  reflection  of a great career yet many people still choose this forum to criticize him. i have never seen a nation (if west indies is that) criticize a national sporting hero in the manner that lara has been pillored  through out his career. barbadian rudi webster a world famous sports psychologist says he has never seen an athlete more criticized( he calls it demonized).

 i just ask for balance in reporting lara has been unfairly treated by the media, including michael  holding,colin croft  and andy roberts who were child hood heroes of mine .the disgusting tone of their comments have sickened me ,since their playing days they have made no significant contribution to west indies cricket. they publicly encourage international announcers to chastize their countryman? and their articles on british sites are disgraceful.

further more their criticisms of failed performers such as marlon samuels and carl hooper have always been muted.i wonder why? i am of bajan and vincentian heritage.but the west indies is only a geographical entity.  our responses to the west indies cricket team and brian lara, carl hooper,chris gayle just demonsrate this.

  it is obvious there is no unity within  the west indies i acknowledge that trinidadians have also been insular. the point is our nationalistic sentiments lie with our islands, it is obvous that our governments and people are not able to worktogether for the betterment of west indies cricket which was a great institution . new zealand is by far the best rugby team ever and their population is far from significant.

i am taking about a natural progression i surely believe we were never a truly unified nation and a read in any caribbeanl news paper will show you that. barbadios and trinidad were at logger heads over territorial waters, jamaica and trinidad are arguing over a trade agreement ,we are sovereign nations who share similar histories and cultures. do you really believe that if lara was a jamaican the jamaican sentiment towards him would have been the same, if chris gayle was trinidadian what kind of support would he have recieved. the problem becomes unbearable when the sentiments lie with selectors and influential people.

a prominent barbadian diplomat recently highlighted the fact that trinidad and tobago was trying to take over the west indies cricket board,what were his thoughts when 3/4s of the board were from his home land. he went on to say trinidad wants the headquarters of west indies cricket carried there. trinidad is building an 850 million dollar academy dedicated to sporting excellence; he obviously does not want west indies cricket to move to this local. my question is if an international academy is bulit in montego bay, would the jamaican authorities not insure that their prime sports benefit from training there, but this barbadian calls this a highjacking of west indies cricket. this is the reality of these islands we call the west indies, lara is gone and it will continue to be as we say the same khaky pants.


WILLI you have already showed your stance toward lara in another post by equating his dominant west indian career with a CIRCUS,you seem to believe he was responsible for west indies being a one man team,you fail to aclnowledge that it is the weakminded ness of young  west indian males  that caused our cricketers not to emulate his strong willed approach to batting, and his admirable sportsmanship.
 comments like yours. make me believe that there is no hope for a west indian future. i actually believe it is best for the individual islands to try their luck on their own. i am an admirer of rudi webster ,hilary beckles,carl hoope'rs batsmanship,even samuel's elegance ,when samuels was accused of match fixing i supported him as a west indian, but i now pray that our islands can compete by themselves and try to develop their own players.that way we will be rid of this insularity and can develop a thriving west indian professional league.

 we west indians have shown our true colours, we do not have true love for each other a trinidadian(born and bred) will never be considered as a jamaican national hero and vice versa. if lara cannot be considered a national treasure of jamaica, and clive lloyd cannot become a national icon of trinidad and tobago, that means the west indies is not a genuine nation we are doomed to suffer from the ill effects of insularity.

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