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Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Costa Rica Game (13-Jun-2017)
« on: June 14, 2017, 10:11:04 AM »
Dennis balls up the game.

He left Hyland, Boucaud and George on the Bench for Gonzales and Arcia...come nah man.

As Hyland come on half time we were a different unit, had Costa Rica on the backfoot.

Then with 10 min to go...yuh take off joevin for Carlos...pure fckry!

We try and we run hard, I liked the fight and commitment, but Costa Rica quality showed big time. Navas save them in POS and did so again last night.

Every good team needs a good goalscorer and keeper....we have neither, hence the position we in. But until better can be done, let the worse continue.

Football / Re: New kit to be unveiled July 1st.
« on: December 30, 2016, 07:00:33 AM »
Fellas I see we have a new Kit, is this available anywhere?

The usual stores in TT do not have it.

Nahkid sold us out before the Bahrain game...

All to get a wuk as a scout.

Go back and dig up on the forum, all those with short memories. It was nothing short of Treason!

I not on He.

and frankly...I good with the Warriors/Red Army/Boat Cruise Jammers.

I real glad I ent spend no money on any season ticket.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Honduras Game (15-Nov-2016)
« on: November 15, 2016, 06:05:36 PM »
Them men on real shit!

Give Cyrus a rest.

What I cyar get is Honduras win every ball, every air ball, every tackle.

3 sorf goals...sorf...sorf.

We try...but we not good enough.

Football / Re: Prayer for the Soca Warriors Thread
« on: November 15, 2016, 07:23:14 AM »

Keep us focused and prepared this afternoon. Let us guard against complacency, let us not switch off at key moments and give us that extra edge to be clinical and take our chances when presented.

A little luck will also be appreciated  ;D

Keep us safe and injury free and may we come out victorious with 3 points.


Football / D Touches Pass Tru - TT Vs Costa Rica
« on: November 12, 2016, 06:13:34 PM »
Oh Yes Forumites,

The Hex is back again and yesterday everything was good except the final score line.

I arrived on the ave at 4:15 pm.

Traffic was flowing, weather was nice and overcast and I went to a comfortable watering hole just a street away from the venue for a quick cold brew.

Football is a thing that draws people together and while the intention was to take just one, I saw long lost  friends who came back for the game and with that drinks started to flow.

5:15 and I say its time to go...I cyar take that jammin by the gate. But the only jammin I experienced was the beers upon my bladder. People the TTFF, Gary Griffith, Security, whatever advisors they had finally got it right and I was in the stadium in under 30 seconds.

All the various gates were open, they were properly manned and I passed tru security in no time. I then got a matchday program, a free bmobile cup and a Trini Flag...yes a mini flag and it wasn't a cheap one. It was the proper ting with good nylon flag material, plastic stick and gold finish top. The kinda mini flag that you paying $45 in the airport in duty free. The match program is top stuff, pictures and stats of all the players, message from the TTFF, an article by Corneal, good souvenir to keep.

The stadium organizers had all the turnstiles open and I walked to an empty one and line again. It took me three minutes to get in the stadium, a record! Well done organizers keep it up!

So the bladder was under pressure and I say lemme see if they passing test number 2 and guess what, top marks for the TTFF and Sport Company again. All the bathrooms were open, we had soap and paper, we had water and even attendants in a Blue Polo uniform, mopping up the urinals and the wash basin area. I asked one of the ladies what company she was from and she said they were hired by Sportt and they were assigned there for the duration of the match but to concentrate more on the ladies bathrooms. I was impressed finally, we moving in the right direction.

Walking along all the bars and concession areas were open, the TTFF got the liquor licence in order so hard stuff and chaser was available. No lines atall, bucket men moving seamlessly and I just had the best stadium intro experience ever. If you were a visitor or first time football supporter this was a dream come true.

Reaching upstairs,  there was an area by half line in the uncovered area specifically set up for the season ticket pass holders and a fan group.I believe it may be central FC or other junior national team players. It was taped off and had security/ushers maintaining order.

I was fortunate enough to get a bligh in the Tribe All Inclusive Section and my experienced hosts catered to my every need. Food for the stomach and the eyes were offered, drinks aplenty and our own riddim section. Thank you Tribe for completing my wonderful match experience.

Soaking up the atmosphere, it was time to listen to Austin Lyons aka Super Blue. He was dressed in a blue MC Hammer pants, Red Jersey and head Tie. He was even given a live brass band as back up and the opening tune was "Soca Train". Austin tried to dance and jig on the track but he was under pressure.  By the second tune, his words were inaudible and mumblings were the norm. Little phrases, go warriors, AYE AYE AYE, the Mic flip and catch completed the repertoire and when he was finished he got a loud round of applause, but moreso out of sympathy.

I didnt hear or see movado, if indeed he was there and at half time we were treated to a woman in a cream bodysuit and heels with a good vocal range. She was strutting her stuff, but I was downstairs liming and using the facilities.

What struck me about this game was that the stadium was relatively empty. Don't know why but the stadium was only half full, I think past stadium experiences, the recent performances of the team, time of the month, the opposition. The bachannal with the striking players, no molino, no bostock, I think only true football fans turned up yesterday.

The TT team were welcomed by the appreciative crowd when they did their pre game pitch assessment and TT were sporting a new prematch kit, black and grey/white stripes very fashionable. TT also has a new joma kit. same shape and collar, but instead of a solid horizontal stripe across the chest we now have a black and white paintbrush swipe, stopping halfway. it looks decent and if available to the public I will add it to my collection.

Both teams warmed up the same way...first Xi one side, subs one side. It is here I took notice of our opponents and marveled. Keylor navas is a short man! The goal seemed to swallow him up, he looked small compared to the rest of the Costa Rican players and our players and I say it have a reason that starting for Real was made apparent when he got down late in the second half to stop a bullet from Cato that looked like sure goal.

It also worried me that Joel Campbell was on the subs bench. I told myself, he go be worries when he come on and so said so done, not a mistake was made, perfect touch and pass and he was involved in the goals when they happened. He made our defenders look small, lbsing off men with ease and unsettling our defence effortlessly.

In terms of the game I think we should be proud of our players they tried their best. TT had a good game and we did not capitalise on the 4-6 chances that we got in the game.

Costa Rica got 4 chances and put away two. The difference between both teams was simply the quality of the players. You could see the difference between outside and pro league. The level of fitness, decision making, passing range and control. Costa Rica were superior and they let us play, they sat back and were in 1st and 2nd gear for the whole game and we had a team to beat but didnt.

They also did their homework and played 4-5 at the back and middle. Everytime joevin or the other winger cato or the number 7 got the ball there were 3 players on them. Three...midfielder to cover, wingback to double team and a floating player to hit the blade.

We got only one or two crosses in to nobody as Jones was double teamed and he dropped back to get the ball.

What was worse is that we got countless free kicks and corners and wasted every single one, our set piece takers could not cross the ball and beat the first defender first post, that is unacceptable and shameful.

With our only threats being the wing play shut down...Costa Rica relaxed and we didnt try to go thru the middle nor did we step up the pace and attack them. We just stroked the ball around the back side to side hitting and hoping for a winger to do something.

The crowd was against kenwyne jones but for what? he did well he was marked by 2-3 players constantly and he won all his aerial duels, he lay off the ball and held up the play when needed and he worked hard. The problem is we did not have that skillful player to feed off of him and take it to them. Give the captain a bligh, he is leading the team to the best of his ability and dealing with the mental pressure and lack of support from the fans. Kenwyne, keep yuh head up soldier!

We are not shooting the ball and we looking like Arsenal playing tippy tappy around the area with no conviction.

This game should have been 0-0...a draw and one point and I think hart set up for that scoreline.

The goal was very very soft and it was a mental lapse, fitness and the usual pointing and ball watching. Joel Campbell got the ball turned and got past his marker and then sent a diagonal to the costa rican winger...the man then rinse our midfielder..rinse the left back and then the stopper ran across wild wild rushing in and get beat too. This is happening edge of the area and the keeper sensing danger...rush out too for damage control. Costa Rican squares the ball and the other stopper and wing back..I believe is Cyrus stand up ball watching and a man is unmarked in our six yard box collecting a ball and tapping it into a open net.

The kinda cuss that pass...unbelievable. A goal out of nothing, Costa Rica played nothing whole game, they ent come out they half they do nothing and we gift them a goal.

Then we bring on my player...Andre Boucaud and we spring to life, the one touch start..we start to bounce the ball and then things started to open up but too little too late. Plaza came on to try but the reality is we have no plan B.

Additionally, we are playing dunce when it come to passes and player decisions. Costa Rica has a tall stopper free roving across the back line, but more on the left side. Our keeper and players keep hoofing the ball to him all in attempt to get our speedy winger the number 7 or levi. the man win every challenge all night and yet nobody could just play the ball on the ground to our players.

We reaching half line then turning back to play the ball to williams to hit and hope to kenwyne...whole night it not working...why dont we shake it up and try something new.

We cannot make a cross from a corner to beat the first defender...well try it short nah, change it up.

The only way we were beating Costa Rica yesterday was from a set piece and we could not do it due to the poor delivery of the ball. kenwyne and Bateau could head the ball...get it to them.

That being said, TT kept possession well, we cut down on our mistakes and we tried. I was happy with our performance compared to games past, but we just don't have the right strikers and finishing power.

The good news is all the home teams lost yesterday...Honduras, USA and TT. We are not out of it and honestly I was expecting a draw as the best scenario for us. Realistically I braced mehself for the loss but the manner in which it happened is what have meh hurting.

The reality is to qualify for Russia we don't have to beat everybody, breaking it down even further we only have to be better than 2 teams in the group to get a playoff spot, Three teams for outright qualification and that should be our direct game plan.

Honduras and Panama are the teams we need to take 4 points minimum off and we will do that on Tuesday.

We have enough in our tank to get a draw or win in Honduras. Any other points against USA, Mexico or Costa Rica is bonus.

Let us shake it off, regroup and fight hard. Qualification will happen, let us believe and keep the faith.

Till next time!


The only reason we get cause Kartel in jail  ;D

There is always more than the mortar in the pestle.

Perhaps the promoter of the concert tomorrow is a sponsor.

Perhaps Movado is free

Perhaps the local artistes were contacted and buss a fee that the cash strapped TTFF couldnt afford.

Would you have preferred Uncle Ellis to come and wine instead?

Maybe the management in the TTFF would like to promote Caricom and Regional Unity and show the world that Trinidad & Tobago is not insular and petty and that we support everyone and their endeavours!
The world is becoming so fearful of "outsiders" this may be an example that we show to others.

Maybe Uncle Keith sanctioned this as payback for the yardies we didn't let in the country and who slept in Piarco.

There is a reason for him being there...just we ent find out YET!

If you want entertainment go to the fete, chutney show or concert of your favourite entertainer...why hype up yuhself about a man yuh cyar see and you would barely hear on them 2x4 lil speaker that facing the wrong direction. All who complaining never went no football before....everybody knows the stadium doh have a proper PA or sound system.

My point is this is not an issue to be up in arms and post a setta memes in social media about.

We should protest about being able to get in the stadium properly, on time no jammming no worries!

We should protest bout not having alcho in the game

We should protest about having proper washroom facilities and handicap access go miss both he and superblue...because yuh either ketching yuh arse to get in the stadium, looking for a beer or trying to find a toilet with light and that clean to pee.

People direct yuh energies in the right place.

Football / Re: Prayer for the Soca Warriors Thread
« on: November 11, 2016, 07:10:49 AM »
Morning Forumites,

Today is the start of the last leg of our journey and if we believe...we will achieve.

Despite all the odds, negativity, naysayers and disbelief...we can win, just like Donald Trump!  ;D

Let us say a prayer for the team and may we achieve our ultimate goal of Russia 2018.

Dear Father,

Thank you for all the blessings bestowed to us, thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this Hex and please keep the team focused.

May we be free from distraction both on and off the field, may our relationships be healed, may our players have discipline, courage and fight and most of all give us the strength to give our all on the field later tonight.

Keep us safe from injury and harm and may we have an incident free game later...for the players, spectators and all in attendance.

Victory and three points!!!


Football / Re: T&T go down in Fort-de-France.
« on: October 12, 2016, 12:04:18 PM »
Things like what does turn people away from football.

Yuh asking for support, playing ads and selling $1000 and $2000 season pass and asking people in this recession to pelt out money.

But the ones they come to see, running away to go party and mashing up the chemistry of the side.

They not serious...and people not wasting money on that!

How yuh expect the fans to support the side when the players themselves not serious.

Football / Fitness, Dunceness or both?
« on: September 07, 2016, 09:27:47 AM »
Hart has a problem and it stems from the midfield.

We have no bruiser to win the ball and too many luxury players that do not tackle and track back.

Also it is a mental ting and we just dunce. We are just not fit enough or we cannot mentally focus to carry out a set of instructions. Is long time we collecting goal, look at the timing. Same pattern when we shut down.

Let's put the picture into perspective.

Usa 4 - TT 0 - goals conceded 44,59,64 & 72

Guatemala 2 - TT 2 - conceded - 36,86

China 4 - TT 2 - conceded 3,31,65,89

Uruguay 3- TT 1 - conceded 26,40,52

Peru 4 - TT 0 - conceded 37,39,50 & 90

TT 6 - St Vincent 0 - scored 36,49,60,66,86,89  ;D well done fellas

TT 3 - Vincy 2 - conceded 45 & 77

Haiti 1 - TT 0 - conceded 83

TT 2 - Guatemala 1 - conceded 90

Concede 22, score 15 out of 9 games...bad stats.

Alyuh seeing the pattern and the amount of goal we sucking against all levels of competition. Something is wrong still with the defence and midfield. Tactics and game management have to change, the trend going on too long against us.

Football / Time to train the waggonists
« on: September 06, 2016, 10:21:51 AM »
Hi everyone,

I may not have posted in a while, but I am here from time to time keeping abreast of all the news and goings on amongst our internet family.

What struck me about the last match was in the lead up, we got a call from the coach and the players themselves about supporting the team. It was mentioned that the fans just look at the game like a TV and do not involve themselves or motivate the team so I would like the TTFF or any other group to help improve the atmosphere at the game.

I have been around since the strike squad and while the 2006 Warriors made it, the love and vibe that the strike squad had...has never been replicated.

This campaign is nearing completion and yet people don't know whats going on, how many points the team needed, what stage of qualifying we are in and who the players are on the field.

Also in a do or die game with a full stadium...the vibes last friday was DEAD.

It is a combination of factors, but we have to accept that the average TT football attendee has changed.

The "die hards" have tabanca from a previous campaign or have felt aggrieved by an action of Warner, the TTFF, or the team so they are no longer there and watch TV home.
The country is in a recession and with certain games not having Children priced tickets, families are now being excluded.
Then we have those who are football experts and who will watch Champions League, La Liga and BPL...and say me...I not paying no money to watch them fellas.

So what you are left with are casual fans and the waggonists...Our greatest resource and who if guided correctly can create the atmosphere the team desires.

The numbers of women attending games now are greater than previous campaigns and they are coming for the lime or for the selfie to post on instagram. It kinda sad that there are plenty men in this selfie category too and instead of watching the game is phone spinning around and documenting their actions. But anyways to build the vibes in the stadium, this is what can be improved.

1) Sing the anthem. No standing up, no murmuring...sing whatever note that you can produce.

2) Allow more instruments and drums into the stadium. (FIFA rules may have prevented this) but years ago there were multiple riddim sections around the stadium, including tassa. When one took a rest another picked up and so it went. You could give cheaper tickets to individuals of these bands or let corporate TT sponsor them, so you have at least 6-8 of these placed strategically around the stadium.

Also you have to train them to observe and compliment the action on the field. Instead of having a group just beating for beating sake they should know when to up the tempo, a certain drum pattern for a corner, a uptempo riddim when we score, another when we concede etc. Never know coach hart could also use the drums as a signal for certain plays on the field or to get messages to the team. Wishful thinking? strategy?...Organized fan groups in Europe do it.

3) To go with the drums we need chants and you need chain up men! We are Trinis, we follow instructions every carnival and so it could also happen at the game. But you need a invest in a few youths with personality or some celebrities and have the chants. If you have to give them a loudspeaker (again banned by Fifa in some places) do so. Make up some catchy slogans or lines, put it in the media, put it on facebook and when its game time, get the "jester" to perform and infect the crowd. The chant can then become famous.

4) To go with the chant you need a noise maker...corporate TT usually bmobile or digicel used to give out thundersticks, but before thundersticks we had the greatest noisemaker ever in the form of a rattle.
Cast your minds back to the 2000 campaign and Coca Cola gave everybody in the stadium a empty coke bottle with some one cent pieces in it. The label was branded with the game date and everybody shook those makeshift rattles and made plenty noise. Again the rattle can work we just have to make the noise in unison...Chain up man again to start to the ting.

5) Synchronized movement in the stands. ( Yeah we do the wave..its nice) but there are so many other things we can do. In the era of the strike squad, the area under the clock was reserved for the Army only, as they came out to support their team mates and these Army personnel were some of our first cheerleaders. The were the ones who did the wave, in a small area, but they also did left to right arm movements, synchronized salutes, they stood up and down in a pattern and waved cloth, sticks and other things to create the visual effect for their comrades on the field.

The ideas above are not new but they have been forgotten by many and all it takes is one corporate entity or the ttff to start the initiative. One group of 50-60 youths all dressed alike with noisemakers and chants could start the ting. These things are done by the biggest clubs in the world, it is just they have been repeated over and over the years so that the culture is formed. The waggonists are impressionable, it is time we turn them into a supporting fan.

People have forgotten the slow hand clap for a corner or freekick...(we doing that Iceland Euro Clap long time, that not new), they have forgotten the "T&T we want a goal" and the synchronised clapping that came with it . They have forgotten the jeers when a opposing keeper runs up to kick a goal kick. The chants from Intercol can be brought back again and used for the national team...maybe my age is showing, but once we start back those little things maybe it can motivate the fellas on the field and coach Hart and Kenwyne wouldnt have to beg for support.

See you in the nex hex game


Man waiting on here tusty since Saturday for your match report!
Yuh hang up yuh fingers or wah dred?  :D



I think the match report era is over as a picture is worth a thousand words.

The match report was useful in the days of no tv, no radio or internet stream and people needed "eyes" to visualize what was going on.

However, with video and social media I think the job of filling in the blanks and soaking up the atmosphere is captured.

I must Big up Andre, Omar and Firebrand who have captured visually what the match report in its day intended to do.

Besides...I getting old, life happening and I do like to rock back and enjoy a game or take a  :beermug:

I not retiring just yet, but I cannot make the every game commitment as before.

This is the best article regarding the above issue.

It was published in the Trinidad Guardian and the author has a number of suggestions that should be implemented.

I moved early and was inside at 5, but I cannot for the life of me understand why these clowns keep getting it wrong game after game.

It is years this incompetence going on and it turns away families, the elderly, the handicapped and the civilized amongst us.

TTFA to probe ticket fiasco at stadium

Joel Julien
Sunday, September 4, 2016
Alcohol was prohibited during the World Cup qualifying football match between T&T and Guatemala on Friday night because the T&T Football Association (TTFA) felt it did not make any sense to pay $100,000 for a bar licence. So said acting general secretary of the TTFA, Azaad Khan.

Without a bar licence, no alcohol could be legally brought to the venue. Khan also apologised to patrons who had to endure the “torture” of trying to enter the Hasely Crawford stadium for the game.

The estimated crowd at the football match was around 17,000 and there were six people at the gates scanning tickets for the game. This left thousands of ticket holders still packed in a crowd outside of the gate while the game was already in progress.

“We have not sat down and looked at that yet but yes, there was a serious problem. I saw what happened I mean that was torture,” Khan said.

“I think we have to apologise for what happened and try to make sure that that does not happen again because if I was a fan out there...that was too much,” he said.

There were two assigned entrances for ticket holders. Those for uncovered stands had to enter through the St John’s Gate while ticket holders for the covered stands had to enter through the Lion’s Gate.

Security adviser to the TTFA Gary Griffith said someone decided to override the operational policy he had put in place for the last World Cup qualifying game at the Hasely Crawford Stadium against St Vincent and the Grenadines in March.

“It was inappropriate, it was ill-advised. You do not scan tickets at one entrance point. You cannot scan 20,000 tickets at one area. The plan will be at future games the ticket scanning will obviously take place at the 12 entrance points around the stadium so people will have the assurance that that will never take place again.

“Whoever made that decision to override what I had done, it was inappropriate and unfortunate but it will not reoccur,” Griffith said.

There was a good turnout for the game with the stadium being packed with the majority of patrons wearing red.

Griffith said while the ban of alcohol at football events is not new he does not feel that this country requires such a stringent measure.

“My personal view of it as a security consultant for the TTFA is that based on our threat assessment for here there really is not a need for us to go to that extreme, it is not to say that we have spectators who are unruly,” he said.

“I believe this will not take place in the future and there will not be a situation like that so that alcohol would most likely will be sold in the future.”

The restrictions however did not stop some beers being sold illegally at the venue.

Contacted for comment, TTFA president David John Williams said he would have to look into the issue of the prohibition of alcohol at the game with the Local Organising Committee.



Pressure to get in and out!

Published on Sep 5, 2016, 11:00 pm AST

By Gregory Aboud
Port of Spain


Like thousands of others I was made to wait for more than one hour to gain entry to the National Stadium on September 2 for the T&T-Guatemala game.

I arrived at the Lions entrance at 6.40 p.m. and by the time I got to my seat the scoreboard showed 35 minutes of the game gone.

No explanations or excuses can make any difference when it was so plain to see that there was no capacity at the gate to cope with the crowd that was trying to enter. And this is not the first time – it was the same for the last several games.

It is so obvious that the organisers do not care about the public especially the many parents who are bringing their children to the game – it feels like the same cold-hearted disregard that we face on so many occasions when dealing with officialdom.

The situation was just as critical when we were leaving as the gates at the Jean Pierre Complex entrance had not been cleared of the lane-scaffolding and the crowd was severely restricted in exiting. What would we have done in an emergency?

Pressure to get in and pressure to get out!

It cannot be an issue of funding because it was a sold-out stadium at $150 and $300 per ticket.

Football supporters remind me of the type of people that I meet at the Panorama finals in the Savannah or pan on the Avenue – sensible and logical. While standing and waiting we were huddled closely together quite tightly with kids being cradled among us — many, many persons made their remarks — the average consensus — “they just don't care about us”. Most persons said so with a shrug of acceptance – this acceptance is just as bothersome to me as the repeated disregard for the public.

The lack of care and respect for each other is trending in many aspects of our national life, especially when dealing with the authorities responsible for renewals, transfers, approvals etc.

In my opinion this callousness is changing who we are and transforming a society from the thoughtful and considerate people that we once were into “every man for himself”.

It is sad and we must rage against it with purpose, grace and dignity to stop this decay.


Football / Re: Prayer for the Soca Warriors Thread
« on: September 02, 2016, 08:10:24 AM »

Thank you for all the blessings bestowed upon our nation. Let our warriors not be distracted, let us stick to our plan, let there be no injuries and grant us a victory tonight and three points!

Also, bestow your grace to the Hector Family and heal Mrs. Magician, may you comfort and support their family in this time of need and let your will be done.


Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Haiti Copa Game (08-Jan-2016)
« on: January 09, 2016, 06:24:52 AM »
We play a collective pack of ass last night.

Them fellas looked like they drink rum and run hoes the night before.

Moving slow slow with no urgency.

It is a mental thing with all TT teams. We fragile bad. We lose the opportunity to play against top quality opposition, showcase our players and team and an opportunity to solidify our tactics.

Instead some of you feel, that we will train and concentrate on World Cup....bullshit. It is off season, is level puncheon and boat ride for them fellas.

Yuh cyar blame hart, them fellas get chances and play d arse. Congrats to Haiti, they wanted it more and it meant alot to them.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Haiti Copa Game (08-Jan-2016)
« on: January 08, 2016, 10:14:13 AM »
Let us remember this is attempt number three to qualify for a Copa America.

We blew the first chance on a penalty shootout with Jamaica in the Caribbean Cup Final.

The second chance went in the Gold Cup.

We will get it right this time.

We have improved since then...guidance and effort!

Lets go #warriorstimeisnow

Football / Re: D Touches Match Report - TT vs Usa Nov 17th 2015
« on: November 18, 2015, 12:10:25 PM »
I giving everybody 8. everybody work and did their role perfect. Starter to subs.

Football / Re: D Touches Match Report - TT vs Usa Nov 17th 2015
« on: November 18, 2015, 11:34:04 AM »
Computer acting up..had to post what I typed before I lost everything.

It complete now  ;D

Football / D Touches Match Report - TT vs Usa Nov 17th 2015
« on: November 18, 2015, 10:09:46 AM »
Dear Forumites,

It's been a long time since the national stadium was filled to capacity and it was one of those rare moments that we left feeling happy, proud, excited and we even felt a tad upset, because we could have won by a slim margin had we taken the chances that we created.

I told you that this team is special; there is a spirit, cohesion and bond that is very visible and our hard work is now being seen, kudos to coach Hart and the Warriors for the outstanding performance yesterday.
At the beginning of the game I would have been satisfied with a draw. Let us not get carried away, the USA will always be a formidable opponent and a big side. But with them being on the decline, yesterday was the perfect opportunity to pip them.

The anticipation for this game increased after our away win vs Guatemala and since then ticket sales were brisk and people started to come on board. Most came just to see how the side running, but all the waggonists and turned off die hards will reunite once more behind this team.

Work commitments prevented me from reaching woodbrook earlier than usual and at 4:45 I was in gridlocked traffic by roxy roundabout. All the side streets were full and I managed to squeeze in a spot close to de vertille street. I then took a stroll on the avenue, pub crawl style while meeting up my partners. Frankie's was ram with USA supporters, the travelling Sam's Army about 75-100 strong and they could teach us a lesson in how to support. Stopped by Smokey & Bunty (yes they relocate to the ave) and finally by my regular watering hole Anchor Cafe.

The avenue has a music truck blaring soca, nationals and visitors alike are walking towards the stadium with purpose and it felt like carnival, a party and war all rolled into one. It was then the Sam's Army passed marching towards the stadium. They are new to this football thing, but they have surpassed us in all areas, even in being fans. I was totally amazed at their organization, bravery and mentality...they just different.

They were in full kit, costumes, face paint and of all ages, women and children included. They walked in a 300. With a "general" at the front barking orders, telling them where to march, "strong side" and they pulled to the right. "Centre" and they back in the middle and they strode down the avenue with purpose. Cars and people moved out their way and then it was clapping and chanting..."We are the USA and we will win" " We are away from home and we will win"

So I taking in this chanting and clapping, not a heckler bother them, people move out the way and they were in control. They were at home and enjoying every minute of it. Reaching the chaos that was the stadium entrance I saw a even more interesting sight...the general bark a order and then all the males, pulled to the side all the women and children filed into the middle and they closed ranks and joined the melee that was the stadium entrance.

I was totally disappointed with the TTFF, security, police and whoever planned this. I am aware of the ISIS threat and the need for security, but "the show" that we needed to put on to pretend that we doing something and looking serious was completely overshadowed by the lack of common sense, execution and thought.

The stadium is sold out and you are trying to file 22,000 people through one entrance and specifically through 5 metal scaffold lanes. With no police or security forming any lines or controlling the flow of people. It was one large mass of pushing, cussing, fighting and disorganisation. I reached the entrance at 5:45 or thereabouts, I did not reach in the stadium till 7:10. I cuss, I float, I push, I elbow and I am a nice, well mannered guy. I also did not line up properly...I used the path of least resistance and moved up the side and cut in. I also felt sorry for all the elderly, the children and the females who were caught in the stampede.

The paco rabane one million cologne that I sprayed on less than an hour before, ended up smelling like 50 cents by the time I actually saw the scaffolding entrance and then in the midst of the melee, an unfortunate situation occurred as disabled person in a wheelchair attempted to plough his way through by his handlers. Just like a politician and his entourage in rush hour traffic, wheelchair man moved through, but it is the space created  behind the wheelchair man that everyone started to fight over. More push, more shove and it was just bad. bad. bad. pure third world.

Might I offer a solution; open the gate on the other side of the stadium for covered patrons. Open the gate by the training field entrance as well, so you have three entrance points. Yes we know you want to funnel everybody so they can see the warrior banners and the stage with music and the little sponsor tent where you can kick a football to win a prize and the warriors merchandise tent. But it is not worth the safety and comfort of your patrons.

Finally when I arrived by the hallowed gates, one srp police with a lil cable baton start to play hero and say women and children in the centre lanes men on the side and want to filter people who taking push for the past hour. The kinda cuss and push he get, he shoulda just realise it was an exercise in futility, but he was a good police and he tried his best to "follow" instructions.

One good thing that the organisers did do was open more turnstiles, so getting in was a breeze compared to the chaos before. I was so blasted vex, sweating, holding a pee. Went to the bathroom to take a small fresh and appsssahh bathroom open, it clean, lights turn on, water flowing and look ting, it have toilet paper and soap. Let us give thanks for small mercies!

I was fortunate enough to get a Tribe All Inclusive package to the game and I would like to thank whoever from Tribe and the TTFF for putting this together for the fans. A football game is an experience in itself, but Tribe showed their professionalism and made it into an Ultimate Event. I have never had so much fun in a football game. Food for the eyes and the stomach, doubles, sno cones with and without alcho, puncheon lollies, shots and beers and all within arms reach. No lines, efficient servers, Carib girls, Tribe Models, Trinkets, Giveaways and the Laventille Riddim Section. In all my years of going football, I never enjoy mehself so. Thanks Tribe & TTFF!

Still vex from the crowd situation, I fire a few to calm mehself. Got my seat and warrior nation tv roped me into an interview. Big up to Anton Marin, Omar Romero and Andre Samuel and keep up the good work. I really wasn't in the camera mood and I hadn't settled properly as such I didn't take in the warm up nor the vibes from the crowd at that time so apologies for that.

Looking around Tribe was not the only all inclusive section in the stadium, an Insurance company was to the left, Island finance I believe and their menu was looking good too pelau, accra, bake & shark was sharing and they also had their own riddim section, promo girls and bar attendants. I will even give them props as they had servers too, bringing drinks to seat.

The teams walk out and we stand up for the Anthems and greetings from the dignitaries. Last few games when they announced the heads of state and the government ministers a loud boo would be heard from the crowd. This rounds it was a big cheer for Dr. Rowley and the loudest cheer went to Russel Latapy who greeted the players as well.

I would like to big up the Warrior Nation members who diligently and expertly brought out the giant flag. It was a sight to behold and they unfurled it quickly just before the anthem started. What a show of national pride, you really don't know the great response that flag gets from all those in the opposing stand and players on the field. Everybody turned and looked, all the camera men starting snapping away and phones just come out recording. When you are in grounds you don't see the reactions, but this act is an important one. Good job again for all those involved.

Both teams lined up in a 4-4-2, with T&T morphing into a 4-5-1 on occasion.

Jan was in the post, cyrus in the right back position, Bateau and Abu Bakr stoppers with Williams as left back. The middle was george, highland, boucaud and joevin, with Kenwyn and cato upfront.

We then started with all guns blazing and we pressed them from the jump. In the first minute we had an attack that should have scored and it was pace. With Cato, Joevin and Kenwyn in the mix.

The US gave us plenty respect and set up defensively, but after twenty minutes they could not come out their half and they hardly touched the ball. Any attack that was launched by bradley and co. was quickly shut down, we won the ball pressing quickly and  T&T started to knock a brand...yes I couldn't believe it we look like a BIG FLICKING SIDE. Every man put in a shift and wuk hard, disciplined, putting in the required tackle, covering space or running at opposing players. It was a clean game and T&T had no yellow cards despite playing hard and strong.

T&T's game now uses the speed and skill of joevin or cato on the wings to drive the play forward and then they cut inside taking players with them. Either drawing the foul or slipping the ball for kenwyn or reversing the ball for the play on the opposite flank.

The strings were being pulled by my man of the match Andre Boucaud number 14 in the green boots. Calmness personified, with a sole roll trap and turn. Perfect touch, vision, slowing the game down as necessary and directing the play. Bouncing it with Hyland and bringing in all the other players. Last player to organise a middle so for TT with such efficiency was Nahkid. Boucaud also is a good dribbler and has one of the best screens in the team. He has a kinda buddha iron palm, once he hit yuh dat you are kept at bay and then he just moves off.

Early in the first half the T&T attack ended up with Kenwyn hitting a man a rolly polly and then slapping a shot. From where I was sitting it looked like goal..I see net shake and I was sure it was goal, I didn't know why it was called off.

Then beautau made a error hitting Abu bakr a pull stones pass that he couldn't get and the US got a throw. this error nearly cost us as from the lil play that happened after Altidor got the ball and hit a dippers from about 20 yards out, nearly catching Jan off his line.

After that T&T was all in control, one scary moment was when a ball was whipped across the goal and bakr got a toe to it, but all the long balls that USA launched were cut out by the stoppers or the keeper. Jan is now dealing with the air ball better and being more commanding in the area.

At some point cato with his speed was slipped in and after expertly riding the tackle got into a good shooting position in the box. Unfortunately he dragged his shot wide, but it was the clearest sight of goal TT had for the evening so far.

We had one or two free kicks and corners, but most ended up with a over hit shot or save by Howard.

0-0 at the half and I was very satisfied with what was happening so far.

In terms of beat, TT was leading this department hands down, cato rip nuff men on the flanks, plenty men get genuflect by the corner flag and plenty cut back and skate. Roll polly share right thru; Kenwyne hit one, Cato, Hyland. Joevin push and run had men busy on the left side and the lil fake and change of direction had them fouling.

Notable mention was boucaud hitting two men a fake and turn, then doing a tock tock beat tru the space.

But the two best were done by Hyland, receiving a pass he faked the trap, drop the shoulder and hit two men a wrong address in the centre of the park. But the real beat of the night, was when he brush some US midfielder easy easy with a stop and push.. crowd went wild!!!!

At the resumption, TT started off slow, ball watching and it resulted in altidor crossing a ball for a zardes who's header came off the bar. He really shoulda score. It was a glaring sitter and I just had to calm meh nerves with another beer.

After that from minute 60, it was all USA and we were just closing and covering. Bradley start to run that middle and we start to panic and waste the little possession we had. The crosses and corners start but bakr and bateau held firm.

Bradley really is a boss, if you see his touch and positioning rarely making mistakes and weighting passes perfectly it was good lesson in technique if you into them kinda ting.

Fitness is the reason we did not win this game. The Guatemala game and travel time took its toll and you see it in little things, mis placed passes, men going to ground, the stretching, the lil off touch. But heart, fight, belief and determination could equalize that and we soldiered on.

We got away again thanks to Jan and his reflex save, tipping over a bullet that was destined for the jep nest late in the second half.

Coach Hart then made three important changes, at the right time too. While many may say he should have brought on caesar and cummings earlier to run at them. Cato and Boucaud were in form and in the match up against their opponents they had the upper hand. But the most important sub that people will overlook is Hoyte coming on.

It was around the 80th min, but Hoyte won three tackles against Yedlin that woulda be game over for us. We needed that freshness and professionalism in the back. He even won some tackles cleanly nipping it away off people at the last second. Hoyte, for the small run you get well done breds, yuh wuk hard.

I was glad with the draw and in all fairness, the game was even with the US fitness being superior and giving them the momentum in the second half.

Let enjoy the moment, but we still have work to do, we ent achieve nutting yet but moving on to the next round is firmly within our grasp. We should aim for nothing less than 6 points vs St Vincent in March next year, deal with Guatemala at home and well that US game away is a mere formality, we could experiment then.

Let's hope the stadium is ram out again vs St Vincent.

Till next time!

Football / About Last Night...Progress Before Perfection
« on: October 14, 2015, 07:18:42 AM »
Dear Forumites,

While many of you may be disappointed with last nights scoreline, let us keep things in perspective and look at the big picture. A World Cup journey is long and arduous and while preparation began many moons ago I saw last night a number of positive steps. Remember it is not only about the team on the field, it is about the coaching, the marketing, the off field issues and infrastructure, the public and in time all will be just right giving our team the best chance at progressing in this qualification phase.

Let us start by wishing our Captain a speedy recovery from injury as he went into a challenge with the opposing goalkeeper. While he did not have a good game, he did try to do the right things and encourage his team mates on the field. There were times he even resorted to playing deep and bringing the ball out the back. Keep your head up and press on.

I must applaud the TTFF and whoever is doing their marketing campaign. Everything is being done professionally and to intl standards. Also they are using their social media presence very effectively to woo patrons. Don't worry about last nights turnout.; there were many factors contributing to the poor showing. Day of week, inclement weather, miami carnival, Shabba concert the other day, Jr. Gong to come funds were tight for people this month and to pay to see Nicaragua...well it had people skeptical.
Also I believe flow had the game on tv, so that kept others away.

The TTFF now understand that football is an entertainment event and did the following; new rebranding of the team, new secondary logo with a lil spartan helment, a proper social media presence with hashtags, events on facebook, consistent ads, a new celebrity "supporter" character, branded visible team bus, even the tickets were of a better standard; done by andes gate solutions.

Walking into the stadium was very impressive as they put up trellis scaffolding in the main gate by St Johns Ambulance. Here they fashioned an arena type, Colosseum entrance, with larger than life size banners of our players in various poses. Excellent execution, fans also took pictures against this magnificent backdrop with their favourite players and it was heartening to see families and groups pose up.

Then there was a small stage, complete with lights, pumping music and dj to hype up the crowd. A small store was set up under a tent selling t-shirts and warrior merchandise and there were youths with backpacks selling warrior stickers and other things. I was really taken aback...they got it right!  ;D

Now here is where they started to get it wrong.  >:( :bs: There are at least 8-10 gates in the grounds section. Maybe they were expecting a large crowd, but they made us walk quite to arse down by the gates located opposite the marriot.

Ok, no scene maybe they didnt want congestion by the stage area out front...but get this they had only 2 gates open, yes two, so the lines were long long and snaking. A quick digital scan and you were in; but then you have to walk further west to access the staircase so essentially you enter the grounds section past the goal post on Movietown side.

No scene;but I was looking to take a pee before the game, wha bout the bathroom on that side lock. Ok start to walk again, second bathroom by jean pierre lock, believe the only male toilet open was the one past all the vendors near the corner flag on the clock side of the stadium.  :bs: Come on better than that and wha bout the toilet had no water, neither the vendors selling food. Believe I didn't eat no pie, nuttin last night.

So after reaching up in the stands, I was greeted by a big scaffolding stage. Apparently, Flow set up this thing here and put their cameras and commentators. Fenwick and Corneal there to commentate on the game. They effectively removed at least 60 seats for people and the stage took up part of the walkway, creating a bottleneck up top and safety hazard. Coupled with wires, electricity etc...I ent no Osha man, but plain common sense, that just wasn't right.

Infront of them were the new fans that seem to be paid to create an atmosphere. So there was the new "superfan" mascot with the TT flag draped on him like a cape and this group actually had chants and songs going on. I kid you not...but you could tell it was scripted, the words, the ole...but they try. It's just nobody ent take them on and after a while they got tired and quiet down.

Another interesting thing is they set up 3 speakers in grounds on the track and while the game going on start to blast a MP3 of a iron and riddim section. No live thing eh, but iron on CD. All in an attempt to create a atmosphere. Then they start to adjust volume...more kicks, high and low.

Anthems sung, teams line up and all the TT players standing head and shoulders over their opponents. We start out in a 4-4-2, adjusting to a 3-5-2 when we realise Nicaragua had nuttin.
To be fair TT controlled the early 20 mins of the game well, we attacked with pace, creating chances and joevin jones and trevin ceasar were our main threats, jovein running up the flank and trevin on the opposite flank taking it to them.

Kenwyn was point man taking the long ball and knocking it back but after a while service was hard to come by. Kevan george did a good job defensively in the midfield but we were lacking distribution. kenwyn then dropped deep like rooney and started to help bring the ball out.

After the opening 20 mins where we had some crosses and shots. We just fell apart, I dont know if we ran out of ideas, were trying something or just were off but the mistakes started to happen and we played a tippy tappy game knocking the ball in the back under no pressure. Reach halfline...send it long to the opposite flank and if it wasnt lost in this process, a wing run or a post up play would be intercepted or messed up due to a bad pass or touch...we look like arsenal on a very bad day!

But Nicaragua couldnt make a note, they couldnt string 3 passes and we won the ball back very quickly. I was pleased with this aspect of our game and unless you following the team a while, you wouldn't appreciate this. Nicaragua got maybe one corner and a probably one shot off for the entire first half and it was always self inflicted mistakes causing that. We were in total control!

Nicaragua did have a midget number 10 that had Cyrus and Marshall hot. Cyrus collect a belt and Marshall genuflect with a fake and cut by the corner flag. He also get a quick breed with a step over too quietly.

The beat of the night, was by either Ceasar or Cummings in the first half...a long ball bounced and the tt player faked the defender and backheeled it over his head. He nearly get it clean but the defender jumped just in time to graze the ball away.

Half time reach, second half start and is same ole same ole. But we were making inroads down the flanks, we were good on the counter and we were creating chances, it is just the final ball was lacking or intercepted.

Marshall was replaced by Abu Bakr and he didnt have much to do, playing on the right side of a back three. He just moved a bit clumsy at times and needs to pass out the ball faster, but nothing detrimental.

When Andre Boucaud came on our game stepped up a level big time. We need his composure and play making ability on the field. We started to bounce the ball, the knock brand started and he supported the play and brought it out from the back. The through ball finally started to come and I believe coach hart is still experimenting looking for his best combo.

The good thing is that nobody has a sure pick on this side any more, the star boy thing not happening again and the recruits all tusty and running hard and trying their best. We cannot discard any player as our pool is small, but Hyland needs to step up his game soon. I know what he is capable of and I think its a confidence thing.

What we should take from our opponents last night is that they managed a clean sheet away from home playing absolutely no brand. With no attacking threat and just organizing themselves behind the ball in the final third. At the 80th minute the theatrics came out and alot of stoppages and faking. But we need these lessons and how to react.

kenwyne just before he came off blocked a shot that seemed to be going in from Ceasar or Cummings but that was a hard luck, nuttin you coulda do about that.

But we did put the ball in the back of the net from a seemed a legit goal, a good header from Abu Bakr, but the ref called a foul. The Nicaraguan goalie flopped and convinced him he was fouled so the goal didnt stand.

There was one small victory in the stands last night by a supporter who finally got it right in the 90th min. The solider bought a plastic vuvuzela and ketch he arse whole night to blow it. With every attempt the man failed and sounded like Snuffelupagus from sesame street with a bad cold. People laugh, they heckle him and the fella feel real shame. When he finally get some noise the whole crowd in grounds gave him a cheer and a clap. It was good entertainment you had to be there.

So while disappointed in the result, I was not surprised and I saw progress being made by the team. It was a friendly exercise and I feel the coach got some answers last night.

Let us hope kenwyne is not seriously injured and let us ready ourselves for the next two important games. They are difficult games and I think anything more than 2 points for us is a bonus. Let us be realistic and try to win both of them, but the schedule and timing is difficult.

Don't panic and fret, we will press on and regroup. This team has what it takes to make it to Russia! Remember progress before perfection.

Football / D Touches Match Observation - T&T Women Warriors vs Ecuador
« on: December 03, 2014, 03:15:40 PM »
It is with a heavy heart that I write this...and I am trying to use this as a form of therapy, but I cyar lie...I am depressed, this loss hurt meh real real bad.

It was Nov 19th all over again and big people cried yesterday in the stadium. Most like me were in shock, numb and just silent, while others too young to know what’s going on or just disconnected from what transpired wined away with Olatunji and the music whilst heading towards the exit.

Let us be honest...we choked...not once, twice, but three times in an effort to qualify for this WC and yet  these ladies showed, character, determination and fight. They gave their all and despite the fight down, poor prep, mistakes and struggles along the way, the end was in sight. The fairy tale looked like it would have a golden moment but alas it was not to be.

The really sad thing about all of this was that the Women’s team brought out new fans, they re-energised many old fans or those who were fed up with the TTFF and the men’s team. They were fresh and they brought a spirit, yes a light hearted warming spirit that we all wanted and were proud to have called our own. 

But let’s recount the hours leading up to the “Feel Sick”.

Personally, I woke up yesterday with a real good feeling, I said my prayers and I was certain we woulda pull off the victory. Getting caught up in a work meeting, meant I could not escape till 4:30, but I managed to shower and gears up in the office facilities and I left closer to 5:00 pm. Gridlock in town, not a taxi to be had and taking a drop with a co-worker, I managed to reach woodbrook around 5:10. With traffic crawling I opted to walk the rest...oh what a nice feeling it was!

Sun is setting, hundreds of fellow nationals moving with purpose, all heading in the same direction, red everywhere with an unspoken bond. For those who ever played Mas it is the same feeling you get when you are walking to meet your band on a Carnival tues morning.

O’connor street, De vertile Street...I walking, pressure mounting as the scalpers ply a brisk business at $200 and $400 a piece to be part of history. No place to park, people moving frantic and now we see the masses and police at the entrance to the stadium. A sea of red,but people are well mannered and orderly..we are actually lining up to enter the eight makeshift scaffold channels leading to the stadium courtyard.

The wait was long and upon approaching the channels the reason for the wait annoyed me. Four of the channels were occupied by “Security”...not asking to see tickets, just turning the eight lanes into four and forming a ”channa bottle” line and all the confusion, stop and start and merging that had to take place.

After passing through the scaffold channel, we were then “searched” by a number of men and ladies pretending to be security officers. Either they were tired or overwhelmed but passing the wand on your pockets, hearing the beep, and then saying go tru without looking makes no sense...either do your job properly or don’t bother to have it in place...all this simply did was add to the time and frustration to get into the stadium.

In the grassed area just after the security checkpoint there were a few tents with the 12th man jerseys and match programmes being sold, but the usual activites, giveaways and sponsors were absent.
Finally, I joined the line to get inside the uncovered section...again another exhibition of third world planning/exhibition at it’s best.  You know tickets are sold out, you know its 20,000 coming and yet only six turnstiles are you had to wait a few minutes for the ticket scanner to work and verify that your ticket was legit. Come nah man!

After using the bathroom which had no lights (Security hazard), I checked out the vendors to see what I could munch on. The days of pies, souse and corn soup gone; it’s fried chicken, bake & shark, pelau and hotdog and the new vendors with Pricemart  Items - cake, doughnut, Pringles and chocolate..tink it easy with dem.

After getting two warm beers, I took my seat and took in the atmosphere. I was happy, I was excited and I wished that all those who loved T&T football could experience this. The stadium was full, the kinda full that was reserved for England and WCQ against Bahrain and Mexico, since 2005 the Crawford ent see nuttin like this.

I’m sorry that I didn’t see the warm ups of the teams, I missed Benjai’s performance and even the starting line up, but I was most present for the chorus of boos that were directed at our Prime Minister when her name was announced. I felt shame...not only for her but for those doing the booing. Intl stage, the world watching and you collect a “Full Stadium Blast Boo”. After that Mr. Tim Key was the second one to collect a “Boo” dose and his own was just as hard. The fans around, then christened him “Stinkey” and let’s just say people in the stadium not pleased with either of them.

The Anthems started and we sang our anthem with gusto. It was a pore raising experience...loud and proud.  It was a crowd that believed and it was a crowd that despite not knowing how to be a fan, wanted the girls to do well.Ecuador had a handful of supporters in the covered section and seven to eight fans in good spirits with a flag in uncovered. They were jeered and taunted, but they walked along the bottom of the stands near the fence and took up residence near the corner flag close to the covered section. I looked at them..thinking to myself, licks for alyuh...not today...dem girls serious today, T&T winning.

The Siparia riddim section started to beat a riddim with gusto and another riddim section started up under the clock and it was pace for the opening 20 minutes with TT on the attack.

TT started out with a 4-4-2 but then moved to a 3-5-2 with the following line up-  Kimika Forbes; Patrice Superville, Brianna Ryce, Rhea Belgrave, Arin King, Maylee Attin Johnson (capt), Tasha St Louis, Ahkeela Mollon, Karyn Forbes, Janine Francois and Kennya Cordner.

Yaya and Mollon were the main threats on the wings and the poor Ecuadorian left back was getting “rip” time and time again...”food”... but with all the fancy flicks, belt and beat, Ecuador stood firm.
Ecuador sat back and played for the counter and let T&T tire out themselves, in fact Ecuador forced Forbes into a dangerous save or two and the number 14 Forward for Ecuador was pacy and kept our back line alert.

Arin King was a standout and had a very good game. Calm and composed bringin the ball out the back, reading the game good and winning everything she kept #14 at bay, which is when #14 then switched and harrassed the other stopper.

Maylee Attin Johnson was a beast, fit and composed, tackling well and provided hustle, support, short everything a midfielder supposed to do. The engine on her is phenomenal and she ran the entire game.

Ecuador played a 3-4-3 system, letting the three forward players and the midfield push up as far as possible...with a big gap between them and the defence. They also bypassed both their and our midfield hitting it long for #14 to run onto. The large transitional space was this allowed the Ecuador midfield to recover and for the defence to organize themselves. The Ecuador defence was on point, wave after wave was repelled, composure galore from the back three and no panic in moving out the ball to safety. Their keeper was short but agile and did not get any work to do in the first half.

For all our movement, knock and pretty flick the final third let us down..shooting wide, taking long to trap or we over dribbled. The cross ball tactic also didn’t connect either and we only got one sure look on goal...a header which was flashed wide. Apart from that Ecuador had 2-3 chances which forced a save from our keeper and we had the possession of the ball. I am really disappointed that we did not make better use of our corners and free kicks, given that this was our strong point in the last run of games.
Ecuador played nuttin...we were physically bigger, stronger and fitter. But they were disciplined and were content to let the clock run fact it seemed they were playing for penalties.

Our first sub was a strange one as the young lady went to ground after making a cross and it looked innocuous. However, I kept an eye on the Coach (Waldrum) with every break in play. With any injury a TT member warmed up with an assistant. He was always patrolling the lines and was giving instructions. Then you could see an adjustment being made. When St Louis eventually came off she received what looked like a soft tackle, normal run of the mill collision, but she folded up like a Patraj Roti and was immediately replaced. The replacement Maria Shade was just as effective, pace and aggression running at them and penetrating.

The ref and all was on our side...we made many silly fouls in the area, some off the ball stuff happened and plenty blade share foul. People in the crowd believed we “spend a good money” and while we received a yellow or two, Ecuador had many a moment to be upset about in terms of the officiating.

At half time with T&T in full control I wasn’t worried, I told myself the goal will come and I wouldn’t panic till the 70th. The half time show consisted of Maximus Dan and some moko jumbies circling the track and he created more excitement with his new tunes and he brought back the ole classic “Fighter” whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

The Warrior Nation Flag came out and was on display, the Siparia riddim section was in full swing and brass was added to the repertoire, from Chutney to Calypso Siparia riddim was pumping!

Tweet...and we started the second half breathless. Cyap, belt, spanner, breed,  flick up, attempted bicycle we tried it all on the Ecuador players and nuttin pass the lil Ecuador keeper. We had at least 2-3, one on one attempts when our forward managed to break the offside trap but uncertainty prevailed...the end result would be neither a cross or a shot, we would over push and beat or we didn’t square the ball to the open player, going for glory when playing simple would have sufficed.  We started to panic and after the opening 15 minutes of the second half tiredness started to come in.

Shots, crosses, ball hit post, you name it we tried it and throughout it all Ecuador would try a long shot or get a breakaway to remind us to be careful and not make any mistakes.

From the 60-80th minute, we laid siege to the Ecuador goal with shots, corners, breakways and in the end..the legs started to drop but moreso, panic and frustration started to creep in. We didn’t play anything in the final 10 mins and we were holding on as Ecuador started to play some long hoof to relive the pressure on themselves and keep the ball in our half.

At around the 80th minute...I got genuinely worried as I have seen this scenario played out countless times...when you cant score, no matter what you do..when yuh sour yuh sour. Also there is a thing called a “feel sick” where a purgers comes from nowhere in the dregs. Manchester United in their glory days were masters of this and the last World Cup in Brazil had too many of these to count.

But funny enough, everybody knew when the moment arrived. Most of us were preparing for extra time and the penalties as the board came up and the 3 minutes were already announced. Siparia was on a break as they were tired, some people went to the bathroom and we were just waiting to see the game out.
A routine long ball from Ecuador was trapped by their forward who tried to beat and was closed down by three T&T player. It happened right infront of me...the girl slipped and fell, it wasn’t a bad tackle or anything but because of the number of players around her the ref took the chain up.

It was then, everybody knew...everybody...the crowd behind me fellas bawling, they have a funny feeling, men saying we going and get cork, every body saying this looking like a jumbie vibes.

In truth and in fact it happened...from the time the two Ecuador women stepped up to take the kick and I looked across at how we were set up...I saw the purgers coming.

It was as if a Jumbie descended on the stadium and the team ...and as the ball was kicked in...I saw our keeper come out, go back, come out again, flap and miss...the ball back in the other direction and the net bulge.


Joy and ecstasy from Ecuador as they ran and celebrated...they made it to the WC.
It was at this moment the T&T fans who only minutes before were cheering on their up and walked out...In droves!

The riddim section did not play..stunned silence, we did not rally our team, we did not pick them up and we never really were the 12th man for our team. We were simply observers, jamming and wining, having a time at the efforts of the girls on the field. But guess what...that is all we know, you can’t blame them.

The girls mentally just lost it and even as they tried a last attack with a shot missing the goal in the dregs, the reality of the situation and all the pressure they saw for the last few months just came down onto all of them.

The ref and all felt sorry for us and played 6 minutes extra time just to give us a chance, but it had already happened.

Just like that our dream was over and like Nov 19th, this was just as bad or even worse.

Then came the third world ism and outta timing mentality again. Girls on the field crying, Ecuador celebrating  the moment in progress...Out runs Olatunji and the DJ running music. The poor girls couldn’t even get up, do a lap of recognition, was just drag them off the field and Ola and the Dj trying to hype a empty stadium.

People just walk out and steups, people cussin, people crying and the waggonists wining. The music truck that was waiting outside for the celebrations barely made it to the Woodbrook youth center before it was shut down and everyone just went home sour.

Honestly I was depressed, in fact just reliving yesterday had me extremely sick. We would never have such a chance at glory again and I felt it for the team. Being a T&T fan is the hardest ting ever and last night further pushed people away from football. It traumatised the nation and we will not recover from this setback anytime soon.

In closing I would like to thank all the T&T women warriors for their heart, determination and character. You did your best and even though you didn’t qualify I am still very proud of you all.
Realise this...the game is bigger than you...but even bigger than football, even bigger than Trinidad & Tobago there is a thing called BLIGHT!

It is a sourness that happens when someone either inflicts it upon you or when people do bad things.
You ladies were simply the victims of those who profited from your efforts. We have powerful people in this country who do the wrong things under the guise of help, we steal from each other, we lie, we showboat to look good and we take advantage of those in need and the helpless.

The TTFF and by extension, Trinidad and Tobago is a heavy place right now and we will never see success in football until a cleansing happens.

Bad vibes and negativity can never prosper and T&T will never be able to move forward until we start living right, doing the right things and putting the correct measures in place.

Till next time...

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs French Guiana Game (13-Nov-2014)
« on: November 13, 2014, 06:35:43 PM »
Give Thanks and praise....3 points.

But TT play utter la la.

Total mental switch off and we are shambolic in the back...any serious side will beat us.

Bakr is too slow.

We throw away too many chances and we do not have a commanding presence at all in the center or in the defence.

I feel sorry for french guiana.

We playing against 10 men and went from 100-zero in quick time.

As kenwyne say...dem fellas not showing big time.


Relatives claim gunmen were soldiers
By \\\\\ Gyasi Gonzales
Story Created: Sep 26, 2014 at 9:51 PM ECT
Story Updated: Sep 26, 2014 at 9:51 PM ECT
TLETA SKEETE sank to her knees and screamed in the carpark of the Forensic Science Centre yesterday over the loss of her 30-year-old son, Dillon “Bandy” Skeete, who was shot dead on Thursday night along with two other men.

The others, Joel Tash, 22, a Special Reserve Police (SRP) hopeful; and Tremin Thomas, 28, a Jamaican national; were also shot dead in what the police described as gang-related killings in Laventille.

However, relatives of the trio are blaming the Regiment for the killings.

Communications specialist of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, Major Al Alexander, denied their involvement.

According to the major, “We continue to be law-abiding personnel and any killing is a loss to Trinidad and Tobago and is very unfortunate, but no member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force has any involvement in what occurred on Thursday night.”

The families claimed, however, that around 10 p.m. soldiers accompanied by the police drove through the Desperlie Crescent area. They added that the back-seat window of the SUV was lowered and that two soldiers in the back seat peered out and looked at them intently following which the SUV sped off.

Ten minutes later another SUV which was black in colour arrived and stopped near the group of men.

They said that everyone in the SUV wore masks and were dressed in black. Two occupants of the SUV then fired several shots while seated in the vehicle hitting a total of five men, three of whom died.

Other relatives said, however, that several men including the three shot dead were forced at gunpoint to line up against a wall following which two men dressed in black who they claimed were soldiers opened fire on the group.

In July this year, Skeete was fingered as one of the suspects in the shooting death of Regiment Lance Corporal Kayode Thomas who was shot dead while en-route to visit his mother in Beverly Hills, John John on the night of June 29.

Skeete’s sister said yesterday that since then he (Skeete) had been “marked for death” by certain members of the Regiment and when he attempted to surrender to the police days after Thomas was killed the police turned him away from the station saying he was not a suspect.

A cousin of both Skeete and Tremin Thomas said, “Everybody know how they wanted him (Skeete) for murder of the soldier and he gave up heself at the station and when they turn him back from the station the police say that the soldiers could not hold him.”

She recalled that last week Saturday both she and Skeete were liming in the same area when a patrolling group of soldiers and police stopped near him. She said that they (the soldiers) looked at him and drove off following which he told her, “I’m next.”

She added that, “so when they left him last week they wanted him to feel that everything was all right.”

Asked to describe Skeete, she said, “everybody have they bad ways but he never disrespect nobody.”

Asked what she meant by “bad ways,” she did not reply.

She was also asked how the community knew that it was soldiers who shot and killed the three men and she said, “We just know because they had ah high calibre guns because all his teeth (Skeete) mash up because they fired the first shot to his face.”

Asked about her cousin, the Jamaican national, she explained that he had arrived in Trinidad about a month ago and was involved in filming a video about crime in Trinidad and the gangster life.

\\ The number of people murdered for the year to date is 302

\\ The comparative figure last year was 286


Griffith on station attack: We will fight fire with fire
By the Multimedia Desk
Story Created: Sep 26, 2014 at 3:37 PM ECT
Story Updated: Sep 26, 2014 at 3:37 PM ECT
NATIONAL Security Minister Gary Griffith on Friday issued a statement in response to last night's gun attack on the Besson Street Police Station, which came after three men were killed in disputed circumstances in Laventille. The following is Minister Griffith's statement -

Minister of National Security, Senator the Honourable Gary Griffith, following the shooting of the Besson Street Police Station wishes to give every assurance that the combined arms of Law Enforcement have the situation completely under control.

Referring again to claims that he has been militarizing the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), that the deployment of Law Enforcement Patrols in Laventille was heavy handed, and that the calling out of Reserves to bolster the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) during peak times was unnecessary, the Minister pointed out that those who are making these claims should refrain from making unfounded accusations with the nation's defence and allow the combined services of law enforcement to execute their jobs in light of last night’s incident.

The Minister said that in a time when criminals are armed with high powered weapons and are willing to exchange gunfire with our Police Service, statements that our security forces do not need Armoured Personal Carriers (APCs) demonstrate a woeful lack of situational awareness, if not critical intelligence. He once again called for a more mature response from those tempted to speak on the issue.

Minister Griffith stated, “This attack demonstrates for all to see that we were already on the right path and, if anything, should have upgraded our ground assets sooner”.

Minister Griffith continued “The harsh reality is that we are fighting to reclaim this nation from the criminal elements, a fight that we have every intention of winning and, as disturbing as last night's brazen attack was, it shows that we have been spot on in our assessment of the situation and our responses to it”.

He described attacking the troops in the media, calling our soldiers killing machines or accusing our Police Service of killing without provocation as counterproductive, undermining the morale of the troops on the front line, and may well give comfort and support to those bent on unleashing mayhem on our society.

He reminded that his approach to National Security has not been media frenzied crime plans but promoting effective and professional policing using strategies that have worked in other theatres of operation that have achieved results. The Minister said, “Our successes to date are an indication that this remains the correct path to follow, and while last night's attack was sensational, it was not unexpected and it will be responded to efficiently and with surety of purpose”.

He insisted that the nation cannot sit idly by and bury its head in the sand and act like the problem is going to go away. “We have to fight fire with fire and every time we move to protect our law enforcement officers, there are a few persons who continue to make deliberate statements to try to peg us back”.

Minister Griffith reiterated that he is going to do all that is necessary within the law, to secure our citizens.

On social media it was reported that 2 of the deceased were part of a cast filming a movie called "lights of laventille" starring Louie Rankin who left the country earlier in the day. I guess we will never see this film completed.

Shots fired at Besson Street Police Station after three men murdered in Laventille

By \\\\\ Alexander Bruzual
Story Created: Sep 26, 2014 at 10:01 PM ECT
Story Updated: Sep 26, 2014 at 10:01 PM ECT
The peace and silence that East Port of Spain has been experiencing for the past few months was violently broken on Thursday night with the killing of three men and the subsequent attack on the Besson Street Police Station.

For most of the night, gunshots were heard echoing throughout the hills of the East Dry River and Laventille, as heavily armed police officers along with soldiers from the Defence Force patrolled Desperlie Crescent, Laventille Road, Piccadilly Street, and the surrounding communities of East Port of Spain.

Piccadilly Street was cordoned off from vehicular and pedestrian traffic as police officers and soldiers responded to the threat raised against the police station by unknown assailants. Several times throughout the night, reporters who visited the scene had to be cautioned “for their own safety” as gunshots echoed throughout the still night air.

Reporters were also told by police that they will not be allowed to proceed any further as “the area was too hot”.

The entire incident began when an unknown group of heavily armed men reportedly opened fire on the Besson Street Police Station around 10 p.m. on Thursday, shortly after 30-year-old Dillon “Bandy” Skeete was killed.

According to acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams during a news briefing yesterday at the Police Administration Building in Port of Spain, Skeete was one of three people who were killed following a shooting incident along Desperlie Crescent, Laventille.

“Last night at about 10 p.m. a group of men were located at Desperlie Crescent, Laventille, when a black Nissan X-trail approached the group and five heavily armed men came out of the vehicle and ordered the men to kneel down. As they did so, the group was then fired upon. Five of the men from that group were injured. Three of them fatally. They were all taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital (POSGH), four of them by persons in the area and one by a police patrol which responded.

“At present, two persons are at the POSGH receiving treatment under police guard. The three persons who have died are Dillon Skeete alias “Bandy”, Joel Tash and Tremin Thomas. The T&T Police Service (TTPS) wants to firstly express condolences to the relatives of the deceased, but we also want to give the public the assurance that we will be doing everything possible to solve this crime, this heinous crime, which would have occurred causing a disturbance to the peace which would have been operating in Laventille for several months now,” Williams said.

The Express has since learnt that the two persons who are at the hospital are Christian Huggins and Atiba Lewis. Both men were said to have been shot multiple times about their bodies and were said to be listed in a serious condition.

When the Express visited Desperlie Crescent yesterday, residents described the killing of the three men as “an execution” and they believed that law enforcement officers were the persons responsible.

“We were all liming here on the block. About nine fellas and a few girls when some time after nine (p.m.) a marked police vehicle pass by. They didn’t harass us so we said okay no scene and carry on. A little while later, another car just like the first one, except it was unmarked, come up the road. The marked police car end up driving down the road and the two vehicles stopped and the drivers chat up with each other, before the marked car drive off.

“Right after the marked police car drive off, the unmarked one drive up on the group, and men jump out, some masked, some not, and scream out, ‘Eh! police! Everybody go up on the wall!’ One of them even put a gun to my chest and said it have no gyal thing here, and he would kill me just the same if I didn’t go on my knees. So I went down. They then shine a light in my face and I remember it was a masked man who tell me that they know me and they would come back for me.

“One of the men then get a phone call and went by Skeete and dry so they shoot him. When I saw him shot I ran for my life, and the men began shooting behind me. Next thing I know they pull up in their vehicle and drive off and when we check five of them bleeding on the ground,” said a woman who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

She said she was fearful for her life and the lives of her four children because she “knew in her heart” it was law enforcement officers.

\\ Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has denied that police officers were involved in the killing of three people in Laventille.

“The preliminary investigations that we have conducted clearly points to the fact that the persons involved are not law enforcement,” Williams said at a press briefing yesterday.

Williams said investigations will proceed with “an open mind’.

“What we normally do with an investigation, even if we get some early indicators in relation to public perception and suspicion, what we do is approach the situation with an open mind so we don’t limit the investigation from the start. So the Police Service will approach the investigation with an open mind to explore all angles but there are some early indicators, including information that these men were not law enforcement, which we are in fact exploring,” Williams said.

Now we know why the armoured vehicles were purchased...

The gangsters have more ammo and guns than the police.

But they real brazen to shoot at a police respect...and then when they pick up corn, oh they was "good boys" they wasn't in nuttin.

Football / Re: W Connection youth team to tour Italy.
« on: September 03, 2014, 09:32:45 AM »
I am really happy for any youth to be given any opportunity like this...good job W Connection

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