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Sounds like a pack of excuses to me. If there is no shortage of talent and they didnot look dangerous against a mediocre team?  Who is to blame? First I would not call Jamaica mediocre . The players are similar to ones you had . A couple playing in leagues abroad. It seems to me hart wasnot able to capitalize on the talent pool? Stop putting all the blame on the players! We are beginning to see your slip showing!

Yuh funny! All yuh fellas know the shit that going on very well. What you think about dem excuses Hart making in the Guardian today?. Like he read dem  requirements for success in a football course book? . He didnot know dat before he take de job? . Where he think he was coming to ? Germany?? He make some easy money( we still waiting to hear how much he pocketed ) gone back to Canada to live it up with his family and talking shit? Oh  Gord When we go learn??? All the best guys for the New Year. I looking for more insightful commentary like that which Sam gave us.

Football / Re: Waldrum: We will qualify over Ecuador.
« on: December 06, 2014, 02:08:52 PM »
Who said services were for free? I read elsewhere that Sheldon Phillips made a bargain that he would be paid  later when the TTFA got sponsorship. We need to find out how much these fellas including Hart are being paid for doing little or nothing to develop our teams. Waldrun was doing two jobs , coaching team in Dallas and giving his son  to oversee when he has commitments. You mean we don't have coaches here who can fo the job? We need a part-time coach for our national team? This is insulting! it appears that the new gimmick is to search for players playing  at a higher level or in better organized and disciplined organizations and bring someone looking Caucasian hoping the local business sector will sponsor and you good to  go. But it has failed in both instances , God does not reward frauds!
People start thinking objectively. I see only praises for these coaches and licks for our own coaches like Shabazz, Marlon Charles and others. We have experienced people who are right here.
I was looking at a scrap book of the skipper of the Strike Squad and I saw an article where the Strike Squad was voted as one of the top 10 playing teams in the World in 1989. Style, rhythm , compactness, control , technical soundness all the elements of a great team , now that Waldrun has spoken highly of that team to take blame off him, let me hear what these glad boys on the website have to say!
We can't have pick up sides and expect to go to World Cup. It needs strong team leadership and vision , good administration, corporate and government sponsorship, real supportive fans not spectators.
Those of you who think we will qualify for the next World Cup with this  bunch of jokers, you all better think again and call for real changes and a serious approach! This is our resources being expended willy nilly. Do not be a bunch of wimps! Where is Lasana when we need him to ask the real questions and dig deeper into the mess we are in! Are we getting value for the money being spent??

Sam which Mohammed Isa you talking about? Not the one the players rejected in 1987 after dismal performances in Caribbean and CoNCACAF football. Phillips Sheldon and Lincoln planning to take football back about 3 decades. Dem fellas on friends and associates. We going nowhere fast!
They should be makin No such decisions and await the approval of the new Constitution and new governance structure. Are they planning to impose someone for hopefully a new administration to be saddled with.? Have an interim structure and NO permanent arrangements. Wake up guys. Sheldon is an agent and a smart man. Wey de money gorn ??

Football / Re: Who should take over for the TTFA
« on: November 18, 2014, 12:45:48 PM »
Flex is Ok for PR and he could be part of an interim executive who can create change and to hold proper and transparent elections.some of the members of this Committee could include a rep nominated by the 73 team, the strike Squad and the 2006 soca warriors . The problem is too big for one man. This committee could work for a year to put things in order . A rep of the ministry of Sport or Sport company can also be appointed because they seem to be running football. We want an executive body free of nepotism. After the Corneals regime , it is now the Phillips and son team Sheldon and Lincoln , what a shame! We can't go on like this!

Football / Re: Remembering Our Strike Squad
« on: November 14, 2014, 10:59:53 AM »
Fishs statement represent Trinidad and Tobago culture un gratefulness.! The strike squad inspired Jamaica's qualification and Jamaicans themselves said so and laid the foundation for the Soca Warriors! A house is not built without a foundation. Take a page from the book of Jamaica and the USA ! That is why they achieve so much and are a proud people! Shame on you Fishs!!

Football / Re: Remembering Our Strike Squad
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:00:18 AM »
I will definitely be there! I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. We are inspired by the efforts of our young women too!

Football / Re: Gally talks on 2014 World Cup, Warner and bonus-gate.
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:19:15 AM »
Any coach who gets 8 goals from El Salvador in an important intense regional competition cannot have my respect! It shows he is lacking in technical and tactical ability. Canada gets rid of him and TTFA thinks he represents a certain sector from which they will get funding .But that sector not that gullible. And government not giving PNM Tim Kee money just so . So they in a monkey pants! Bad decisions all around! Check and see how low key everything is now! Nothing to excite the population . I  wish all of them luck. They catching at straws! 

Football / Re: 2014 CONCACAF U-20 Women's Championship Thread
« on: January 20, 2014, 05:28:54 AM »
Congrats to the girls! They played their hearts out. All blame should be placed on the TD and coach. Loss could be gleaned from the bench. You did not know who was in charge? Poor leadership and tactical awareness  and ability to manage players on field!
Do the right thing and tender  your resignations ! How long are we going to go along with this charade?

Flex should check with Alvin to clarify but an informed source advised that Trinidad and Tobago did indeed draw with Jamaica1-1 with the goal scored by Warren Archibald with a forward line of 3 college players - De Leon, Archibald and Gally and Alvin. It was a CoNCACAF qualifying tournament played in Honduras. Haiti was another team in the competition and they qualified together with Trinidad and Tobago. As a little vignette the bus in which both Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti travelled after the game to the Hotel was stoned with a big rock by the Jamaicans bursting the windscreen.  After that. Tournament 4 college boys including Steadman defender got contract for the North American Soccer League . In  the year prior 1966 Trinidad and Tobago beat Jamaica 1-0 in Haiti in another tournament in which Gally scored the lone goal .
Also in 1969 T&T beat Jamaica 2-0 in Costa Rica with Goals by Buggy Haynes and Gally in another CONCACAF tournament.

I see the Jamaican coach plans to use mainly local players. We should give most of our players from the pro league who have been training iwith the National  team a Bligh . It makes no sense to spend money on bringing foreign players here while coaches are still to be paid!

Football / Re: New PoS mayor Raymond Tim Kee stays at TTFA.
« on: November 02, 2013, 05:31:29 PM »
I agree that is lot of voluntary work. I don't understand the parallel with Camacho in guardian life and Olympic association . Mayor is a public position and part of governance structure . Camacho was in a private institution. We will have to wait and hear from Rowley since he was against Jack holding public office and holding an international position. Mayor is a full time work. A president of a national association should not openly political. He s a PNM Mayor! It sounds to be like he is threatening Rowley!I am sure there is more to come if not from Rowley from Moonilal!

Football / Re: Why was the Akeem Adams section not sectioned off?
« on: October 21, 2013, 11:46:17 AM »
Any word yet on how much money was realized from these ticket sales and T shirts? Want to be sure my couple hundred dollars was well accounted for. Any updates?

Football / Re: VFFOTT accepts invitation from the TTFF to work together
« on: October 19, 2013, 01:58:11 PM »
No mention of Gally.Was he offered a ticket? Can anyone advise? I hope he was among the first five? In fact he should be given a lifetime ticket to the stadium. Maybe he has one hence the reason his name was not mentioned?

Football / Re: New home for TTFA.
« on: October 03, 2013, 05:41:56 AM »
Fishs if that is the case then this is how it should be done. Football is not the only sport played at the Stadium.

Football / Re: New home for TTFA.
« on: October 02, 2013, 12:13:18 PM »
That is not the point whether the space is being used by the management . It is FOR the management. It is a matter of policy and principle ! It can only be temporary ! A government must be even handed in dealing with sporting bodies. Polices must apply across the board!

On another point raised. I understand Tim Kee wanted to be Mayor of POS. I was surprised to see his name on the slate! I think it inappropriate in view of the position he holds as President . Another Jack Warner in the making! Watch his actions closely . Don't be fooled!

Football / Re: New home for TTFA.
« on: October 02, 2013, 10:15:35 AM »
This should be at most a temporary arrangements until the TTFA gets out of the red! The stadium offices should be used For  the management of the facility. Once a precedence is set for any long term arrangement , every sporting body could request the same consideration. More information on the terms is required before bigging  up anyone!

Football / Re: Steve David ( TnT legend)
« on: September 28, 2013, 06:39:41 AM »
Thanks for that info Tallman on Steve David. But Archibald is still missing! Now that we have use of technology and we can get access to archival material where exists , we can make a true analysis of those who have made great contributions to the sport who have paved the way for those who are benefitting today from the Sport. The forum can make recommendations to the relevant bodies for persons to be recognized appropriately with all the data to support. In spite of the old talk and glad boy attitude and bias ness I see on the forum sometimes, this is one of the positive outcomes that could be derived .
I believe real professional football began with Gally, Steve, Archibald, De Leon, and others! Three of that group were the leaders in Haiti which should have taken us to our first World Cup. ( Politics in Haiti and tiefing referees prevented it) Now we hear that the Haitian President gave dem a little money too to make up from what was taken away from the players! Then Gally came in 1989 and gave us another good shot(politics and USA qualification came in the way) we were not part of the plan to go but persevered with Gally' passion for the game!. It was already sown up in the FIFA mafia. Everything is clear now with  hindsight and the role Jack played to work against his  own country ! Then 2006 Dwight and Latapy led the way to WC 2006 (whom Gally helped to groom for professional football and contracts  in Europe )and strangely with Jack's help!Remember dem easy Bligh we get with Jack at the helm in the early  part of the qualifying rounds? Who is going to carry on the struggle now??

Football / Re: Steve David ( TnT legend)
« on: September 27, 2013, 07:39:01 PM »
Yes . Great thread! Steve was one of the most successful players in the NASL! And one of our best goal scorers !Imagine we have such a wasted treasure and not using him in any capacity! Only in TNT!  Why was not he selected among the  legends of Sport or on the Hall of F-ame? He deserves a place before Corneal and Sedley! Archie another of our best should also be among our legends. You know how many people name they sons Archibald after Haiti? The two best known Trinis in Haiti were Eric Williams and Archibald for decades after 1973! Cabal in football blocking progress! This does  not happen in countries that are top rated in world football!
Good interview Andre!

Football / Re: Hart uncomfortable as financial woes haunt Warriors
« on: September 05, 2013, 05:35:13 AM »
Yes the debt was inherited and so it seems was the style of management . If we continue with the same style it ill get no better . Money will continue to be wasted without a proper foundation and properly run institution. Case in appointment appointment and payment of coaches. Window dressing at the top without real program for revitalization of football.  Tim kee feels Beenhkker can take us to another WC just so without making an assessment of the players who took us there and how they were developed and exposed. They still believe grab all the players who are being trained and playing in professional leagues overseas and to a lesser extent in Trinidad and we will get to the WC . It is not so. I think Beenkakker will take them for a good ride with nothing to show afterwards.
What is the motivation for other coaches? Anyway some of them are not the best available in the country and just glad to be in the position. Same merry go round.
Anil is the Minister whether you like him or not and has a responsibility to guard the country's national interest and not be forced into a corner as Phillips is trying to do. Which is we will do what we want with money from FIFA and let the government look bad for the under 15 team not going to their tournament.

Football / Re: Hart uncomfortable as financial woes haunt Warriors
« on: September 03, 2013, 06:13:15 AM »
I agree with Anil. Phillips is playing a dangerous game trying to force the state to pay for their incompetence and even discrimination in the way coaches are hired and being treated.  Anil should not give a cent until there is a new constitution in place and proper structures and transparent elections. These people have the same dictatorial culture that they complained about in previous administrations.

Football / Re: T&T Football Association $25m in debt
« on: September 02, 2013, 10:06:25 AM »
I am not impressed. Serious ideological flaws. Business without acknowledging fans and putting the interest of players and coaches who have been in the trenches for so long is starting off on the wrong foot! His approach on marketing seems flawed . Who is he marketing to? Who is he trying to fool? Is Beenhakker going to help in the cultural shift? Is it management culture he is speaking about? How was Sheldon Phillios and Anton  Corneal selected? Is not that the same old culture? How can you have new culture with same old nepotism in selection of personnel? Poor governance !what is needed to put a proper constitution in place , have the fans and persons involved in football be part of decision making. Fans too should have a say. Proper election of all officials in a transparent process. Tim kee camethrough the back door . He has no legitimacy to make those kind of statement for the long term . He should be focussing on putting some proper structures in place and he he will get more traction in the long term. He s trying to say the right things but doing it the wrong way! I still see an old school colonial thinking in Corneal and Phillios trying to run football through their sons. Doomed for failure !

Glad for the win. We did play Honduras B team after they had qualified and with 10 men But say what that is football. Our players were much more experienced professionals as well. best of luck for Mexico! This Mexican team not at their best either. So T&T has a chance!

Football / Re: Brilliant First Game For Coach Stephen Hart
« on: July 10, 2013, 02:00:45 PM »
Ah go hear a different song after the Haiti and the Honduras games. All yuh fellas want the team to progress so bad yuh happy for anything, From what I saw the game could have been 4-2 in El Salvador's favor. But I guess a draw is better than a loss again!

Football / Re: Anton Corneal
« on: July 10, 2013, 01:56:44 PM »
wey Anton in truth? Coach come coach go , performance good , bad or different Anton in place. I hear Hart saying his father invited him to join the National Team back in the 80s. Is he another Corneal find and is Anton staying in the background to surface again? Questions, questions, over this Anton fella but no answers.
Ant answers Tim KEE?

This shoukd have been done a long time! Tim Kee trying some quick wins. Even if he has an ulterior motive , it is a good move. Must recognize those who laid the foundation.

Point taken. Something fishy here. More transparency please . National sporting Associations need to account to the public if they calling they teams National teams. This team looking like Alcons. It ain't looking right. You all accepting this and encouraging poor governance . Where are the smart guys on this forum?

I hear this man on Fazeer this morning and the man sound clueless . He does not have a philosophy. Canada is not first rate and this guy reach as far as intercol. Sounds visionless to me but I am keeping my fingers crossed. And he ain't seem to have contract. We still not sure wey de money coming from ? This sounds like a next set of confusion and secret under the table deal. It ain't sitting right fellas!

Football / Re: Head Coach Stephen Hart on i95.5fm today at 6:25pm
« on: June 28, 2013, 05:14:32 PM »
Another set up by Alvin Corneal to keep his son in the job. I can't believe why football in this country is bing held ransom to Corneal and associates and it seems to be OK with everyone. Treacherous bunch!

Football / Re: Nakhid blasts TTFA over coaching changes
« on: June 22, 2013, 04:15:44 PM »
If I remember correctly , didnot this same Nakhid get himself in trouble in the Middle east with his same bad arse attitude and rude behavior and the government had to send an official to rescue him from jail? Personally I believe he s missing a screw and has some attitude problems . He was not all that skillful either and was dispensable. Rude and undisciplined and I don't believe any coach will stand for  that.

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