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Football / Who here does actually go PFL game?
« on: November 25, 2005, 08:21:29 AM »
Just a few questions for the local based who anti-wagonism.

How many of you have a local team that you support in the PFL or other football league in TnT.

This is where wagonism starts

This is where football support starts. if you not going to football games weekend in and weekend out dont beat up your chest because you go 20 WCQ and practice games every 4 years.

you is a wagonist too.

Whether is be going every weekend to the neighborhood youth league with you kid or going to PFL or TTFF games or super league games

This is what wagonism is about.
It is not limited to the national team

It is a total support of TnT football

Football / The # 10 is a big loss for Bahrain
« on: November 13, 2005, 06:03:11 PM »
I hear in out on Yellow cards this is abig loss for them.

He is a good player he is the only one on the side who comfortable with the ball at feet and willing to try to dribble men and thing.

He is the heart of the midfield , basically our latapy, it would be nice to see how they play without him.

this will slow their attack and make their counter a lil less dangerous.

He is the man that does be make the through pass, no counter attack without the through ball

Football / For the men who vex Watch the game over and be objective
« on: November 13, 2005, 05:24:27 PM »
It is not as bad as it seems.

In my oppinion we control the game,

The only part of our game that was off was the midfield passing, Birchall, whitley, yorke and latas make bad pass under no pressure, this will be corrected come wednesday. No movement off the ball was the cause Bahrain was cutting off the through ball passing lanes and we was trying to force it.

With regard to the defense
Spann is not a defender we know that so he made some mistakes, Avery also act a lil nervous.

We know what to expect from Dog and tallman , so we should not be shocked from miss passes and poor marking.

Our defense has always been shaky even when we had clean sheets,

Just look at the guatemala match the every time guatemala get in we box they look dangerous same in the mexico game they went up once and get a goal.

For the most part we kept Bahrain at distance and we handle them decent given the fact that they quick.

We dictate the game and we will dictate again come wednesday.

We need Whitley to do a better Job screening the defense.

Bahrain have one play "Ball between stopper and wing back with the winger cutting in, we need to cut off the service from the middle This is what we need Whitley to do.

Birchall too but he a bit slow.

Yorke and Latas hopeless defensively so I will not call them.

Other than that we set to go.

Stern need to shoot cause the keeper is a mess,

Carlos need to take it by line and make the crosses.

Things not as bad as they seem

bahrain is not doing anything beside laying on the ground and playing for time come wednesday.

They did however score a good goal, Bennie man need to address how we going to defend short corners, because that was the cause for the goal.

Look off the Short corners and Lock of the through ball and they attack done.

On attack we need more movement off the ball so the passes will connect and matters fix.

Watch the game again

After doing that I feel much better

It seemed much worst the first time around.

The players was nervous nerves gone come wednesday cause there is no tomorrow.

Football / My Name is KND and I is a Socawarrior!
« on: November 13, 2005, 08:42:22 AM »
Fellas repeat after me

My name is ------- and I is a socawarrior.

We are 90 mins from the world cup the boys and them was a bit nervous in the first leg. But now more that never we need 100% support.

If it 1 thing we cannot doubt is the Heart and fight of this team.

We needed to Beat Panama at home because we had Mex and USA away and we did it.

We needed to beat Guatemala at Home and we came from behind twice in that game and we did it.

We needed to beat Panama away and we did it.

We need to beat mexico at home and we came from behind and we did it.

Bahrain get a goal and we immediately hit them back.

We need to score goals in Bahrain and trust me the goals will come.

We know what we have to do and them boys will do it.

Have Faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is KND and I is a Socawarrior!

Football / Bahrain turn now
« on: November 13, 2005, 08:33:43 AM »
They have to deal with the home pressure.
The fact that this last game is key puts the pressure squarely on them.

Let them figure out how to deal with a packed stadium crazy fan support ticket avalibility etc.

This will be their Nov 19th

a 1-1 draw though disapointed for TNT is not an advantage for them.
The biggest plus they have right now is that they just did this versus Uze so they will have confidence.

But we did have at least 4 Goal scoring chances in this game so we could easily have won the game 5-1
and i really cannot see them totally dominating the home leg. ( their tactics and ability do not suggest that)

TnT Home game is over we have the second leg to recover from our mistakes Bahrain mistakes will be Final as their is no tomorrow after their home game.

Bahrain is under pressure for this whole game
even a 2-0 lead will still have them edgy because if TnT were to tie 2-2 we will go through.

In close series teams playing home second legs are at a disavantage because of the away goals rule.

Our Game plan is simple

Play they same way we did in the first leg and hopefully we will put away our chances

Bahrain is in a catach 22 pressure situation because it would be Mad to try to defend for 90 mins at home and at the same time they will want to at least mount some good attacks.

After the game they will know that they cannot totally dominate TNT at home because our attack is deadly
But even if they were to score a goal it changes nothing because we still will be pushing forward to score because our tactics is fixed.

Man U Porto is a good example of how the second leg at home could kill you.

Man U play all over porto away and dominate the game at home.
A last minute free kick from mccarty and a fumble from Howard and Mourinho becomes the best coach in the world.

TNT major disadvantage is adjusting to the time differnce which these england based men should be able to do.

Football is a precarious sport.

Bahrain turn now.

Football / Chelsea's biggest strength is their Business Startegy
« on: October 30, 2005, 08:46:03 AM »
possibly being driven by Peter Kenyon

They Systematically weaken there opponents but preventing them from getting any stronger.

When you look at how they have operated over the last 2 years you will see

The constantly go out and buy players that Man U were intersted in

Roben, Essien are good examples
The also almost got Steven Gerrad, and Asley Cole

By buying these players they not only make their squad stronger but they prevent their opponents from getting stronger.

inflate the price and win the bidding war.

They are cut throat business men.

it will be hard for any side to compete with them if they keep this up because they are in fact preventing the other teams from getting better.

They will have to wait for youth players coming through the ranks

but I see them self destructing soon

FA cup is a toss up

Champions League they will not win,
Their Lack of competition at home will make it difficult for them to be ready

They will win the league but it may not be good enough

They looking to win multiple throphy Mourinio will be under pressure unless he deliver the champions league.

Maybe not,
maybe he just taking a different job

No maybe the Nakhid issue is not that big an issue
maybe we just over reacting.

I think the timing is Bad but it may not be such a big issue as we are making out to be

Boy I just read on Flex site news that Bahrain offer Nakid real real money.

The also fly out Panama for a warm up game and offer them enough money to fund WC 2010 campaign.

Real money passing

I is a man have all the facts and Stats on the Trini players.
I watching them donkey years now if alyuh want information come to me.
Just hit me off with a lil thing and I fixing alyuh up.

I would not be suprise if them men aint offer Flex and Tallman some money already. ;D

I looking for my share  oui.

Look me right here any thing you want to know

Football / Suppose it is a Set up
« on: October 24, 2005, 05:24:24 PM »
Suppose this is a staged game and jack and Them stage this to get Nakhid in the enemy camp.

The Trojan Horse

Nakhid could be inside and instead of giving information in he taking information out.

Anything possible these days

Next thing you know day before the game he giving them Bahrain men fresh trini fruits like Senna Pods
and poking hole in they mosquito net and thing so they go get Dengue fever.

boy you never know.

This is real CIA thing

Football / Jamaica Did not Sell out
« on: October 24, 2005, 10:14:10 AM »
First thing alyuh men just taking bait and running akyuh mouth about nonsense.

We you have games to play you Plan warm up games and environmental aclimitization games.

Jamaica is a obvious team for them to play against, so what is the big deal.

We cannot have no warm up games or camps because our players in foreign, but we vex cause Bahrain preparing.

Playing Jamaica will not prepare Bahrain for TnT because we do not play alike.

Jamaica is a hard running hard tackling team.

TnT is playing slow build up play football.

This is a good thing for TnT

Bahrain will be tired from being on the road for 2 weeks.
Jamaica will also plet nuff kick on the ass

Added to that Jamica will probably rain goals on them comming off of the 5-0 cutass they get.

Look for Bahrain to come in to TnT Home Sick, Ramadan Sick, Ice Pack on foot and doubting they self.

Jamaica go run them ragged in the office, and it sould be easy for we to scout them in Jamaica.

This is a good thing.

men does talk bout I does talk shit, but you know what I not working here, Jack and them communicating for TnT football and nothing but shit comming out the mouth.

What the ass is Shaun Fuentes doing? He supposed to be in charge of all coimmunications.

Come on ShaunTell them men to hush the ass.

Shit after shit after shit just coming out of people mouth.

Trinidad does find a way to f**k things up.
We should be preparing for a big game instead the news littered with nothing but shit.

As god is my witness we will find a way to may things difficult and shoot we self in the foot.
Everything from Driving maxi from south to partying before a game.

Somebody Please Tell Jack Warner TO HUSH HIS ASS
The man just talking Shit after shit
Nothing but positive vibes should be comming out of his mouth.
Preparations Going Good
The team Ready, Everything set we going world cup.
Instead is ,

My 17 Million the Govt aint put none
Nakhid and the Syrian
Jamaica sell out

Somebody Tell Jack to hush is ass the man talking a set of shit and we dont need all this shit around the team news.

Instead of complaining to Jamaica about training camp, why not take to opportunity to send a scout to watch the camp, or Better yet where the f**k is we camp.

Why we not in freaking Kuwait learning to play in the desert.

leadership is a hell of a thing.

This is a big game Bahrain preparing. instead of we preparing we complaining bout the next team preparations.

Nakhid is a next c**t.

I dont know what does be wrong with these men
How the ass you could be talking to Bahrain for a coaching work at this point in time.

Why not wait until the 17th to talk that talk.

And the next thing is, if you talking about the job then keep that shit to yourself.

News and drama and all kind a SHIT.

We dont need to know that you get a work coaching Bahrain U20.
Keep that Shit to your self That have nothing to do with TnT Football at the moment and we dont give a f**k.

Liburd and them and the Express is a next set of Ass hole looking for good story with plenty comess to do nothing but write SHIT.

SHIT SHIT SHIT, everywhere you look is nothing but Shit

for what to sell more papers.

The whole point of the issue is everybody in Trinidad what to be it.
The want to be the center of attention to be the MAS

Now that the cameras rolling is time to play mas.

This is a carnival going on here, when the focus should be on the game of football.

Jack want to be the center of attention, Nakhid want the focus on him The express want to sell papers.
this player coming now.

This is about football, 11 men on the field trying to score more goals than your opponent.
Let us focus on the game.

Nakhid should do the honorable thing as a muslim and organise a big beach lime up in Maracus for
Jack Warner
ANR Robinson
Police commissoner, past and present
All the Syrian and them
All the kidnappers and them
And most of all ABU Bakr

Let them lime on the shore and hopefully Allah will send a big Tsunami to take them and deliver them to the 10 virgins in the sky.
erradicate the Island of all this SHIT

One step forward two steps back.

We have the wrong leaders in place that is what we not reaching no way.

I dont care what alyuh say
Jack Warner is a fool and everytime he talk he does prove it
Over the last 30 years he as single handedly prevented the most glorious football nation in the caribbean from reaching it true potential.

Look at what the man is doing and saying 3 weeks before we big game and you could see for your self.

He is a Trinidad and Tobago Football Terriorist!!!!!


I drop 2 cyber lyrics on she and she only posting posting, want to send ticket for me to come and see the game all kind a thing, thing thing

Ah dont believe the shit I does be reading on this site,

man talking bout Brazil and population percentage and all that shit.

The truth is Trinidad is the same shitty side we was back in March when alyuh same men was cussing left right and center.

men cah trap pass shoot

men unfit

same shit different day.

we now start to get a lil organization so we looking better

if we did not make the playoffs alyuh would not be running alyuh mouth so.

relax alyuh self and wait for something to happen then talk.

we aint do nothing yet 

Football / Transition is one of our Big Problems in Attack
« on: September 12, 2005, 07:54:03 PM »
when we win the ball we too slow to surge forward and take advantage.

In modern football that is when goals are scored by winning the ball and moving quickly into attack .

In the CR game we we having good possesion but with 8 men behind the ball we could not break them down. The long cross to stern not working.

Our defense is holding strong but once we win the ball our build up is too slow so we not getting behind the defense.

I think we will beat Panama no matter what but to beat mexico our transition game will have to improve.

Good teams are hard to break down once you let them set up
Mexico is a good team

Football / Beenie Man Cost we that Costa Rica Game
« on: September 11, 2005, 04:08:35 PM »
we should have never go with a 3-5-2 but I guess his hand was forced based on who was available.

He should have leave Spann as Right Back and leave the left wing free, it is no big deal to play one sided because we have no left side penetration anyways.

We look solid otherwise
Cox not to blame for the goal alone.

Whitley loose the ball and fail to tackle the man.
Spann Tackle the man with he right foot on the left side and fail to chase back.
Cox get leave out yes

but the Tallman get caugth facing his own goal and Dog let the man beat him to the ball again.

This is the 3rd game in a row a side score on we with a ball rolling across the six
Bennie man need to address this shit.

when man attacking the byline

A defender must mark the First post area to cut off any low cross.

Like we forget that.

In addition Jack need to be pointing this out to the defenders and have better command of the six yard box.

Ball constantly rolling across we six yard Box What kind of nonsense is that.

If Shaka or Ince get some playing time with they club they should be recalled Jack is doing a good Job but we have 2 other capable keepers and we should give them a chance as well.

Jack aint keeping no clean sheet so is no big deal to give a next man a try.

Once we keep this form we will beat up on Panama.

They will come hard but if we score early they go give up nothing to fight for.

I really aint see Costa Rica beating Guatemala on the road so we go be in for some problems

Once we beat Panama and Mexico beat Guatemala
I like we odds going into the last game .

If Guatemala need to go out for a win Costa Rica should be able to hit them on the break.


Football / Alyuh men read this? from a newspaper article
« on: September 06, 2005, 10:12:56 AM »
St Clair was sacked as coach of the team after a 5-1 defeat to Guatemala in the first round, but was allowed to coach the team in its goalless home draw with Costa Rica at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

The man get fired after the 5-1 loss but they still let him coach the team,

And alyuh does call me a mad man.

Is mad people running football in Trinidad you fire a man and then tell him go and coach?

That is what the assistant is for! to stand in the itermin until they new coach come

it was clear that them men and them did give up on bertile you could see it on they face and you could see it on  Bertile face, he look lost on the bench.

Some Key things I see is that Pierre will slot in nicely on left back for avery, he adds good composure and steel to we back line.

Atiba also play good in them 2 game and we should give him another chance. not because a man play shit in one games mean we should drop him.

Football / True Trini make sure you Americans Beat Guatemala
« on: September 04, 2005, 10:09:30 AM »
That is all we need right now.

Guatemala to get bout 5 from America at Home.

Hope bruce send out a winning squad oui, because after America Guatemala going to Mexico

3 losses in a row and revenge CR as a last game should all but knock them out.

if america give them 3 pts we right back where we started.

Football / Allyuh men on this site need to Kiss my A$$
« on: September 04, 2005, 08:55:10 AM »
I is the onlyist man since last week say we have to go with Stern John.

Yes he is been playing Shit but this is a critical game for TnT and allyuh want to go with other forwards.

Jones- I never see he score a goal for Trinidad Yet in a world Cup Qualifier.
Scotland - I never see he score a goal for Tnt in a world Cup Qualifier
Sealy - Same thing , Never even Start a game for trinidad.

Alyuh men getting Tie Up, With these kind of games you have to go with tried and tested, practice game is to try out new men, If they do good in practice game then they might get a chance.

Nothing but Talk Talk and more Shit Talk on this site,
If you dont know keep your Ass Quiet.

Now that things a lil less critical we have more leyway to try a lil new people.

Football / The Greatest Game In the History of Football
« on: September 03, 2005, 09:50:29 PM »
It used to be France vs Brazil 1986 now it is Trinidad and Tobago vs Guatemala Sep 3rd 2006.

Today is my Birthday, Happy Birthday KND!!

Today Trinidad and Tobago football was reborn!

For the first time since Nov 19th the Stadium was full.

For the First Time Since the 2000 Gold Cup TnT exhibited an excellent passing game connecting passes and controlling a game with a knock.

For the first time in my football history I see men Fight a game with they Heart and Soul

Them men and them refuse to loose.

We totally dominate Guatemala, they was in shock , they could not connect 4 passes , they look like trinidad in Mexico when we used to collect 7 and thing.

They could not even cross the Half line on the regular.

I dont care if we make or do make the world cup.
Because today I finally fell Happy with regard to Trinidad and Tobago football.

That picture I see today satisfy my every fantasy as to how I would like to see a Trinidad and tobago team play.

This is the kind of shit you does see on tv in a Hollywood movie.

This is the Greatest Day in the History of Trinidad and Tobago Football.
Because from Today forward we have a recorded football game template to refer to.
We have a Standard To Define

How the Stadium must Look
How the Game should flow
How the men should fight
How the results must go.

Now when future generations want to know how to play we can just show them this game.

Latapy is a prophet the man deliver us from Evil with that goal!
Stern John is the prodigal son, play the most shit I see in the history of the game but came out good in the end.

All the Shit we had to endure over the last decades of watching TnT football slip into Hell, was worth it for today.

Just like in the shawshank redemption, we had to go through real shit over the last decades with regard to TnT football.

Today we can finally say that we football back where it is supposed to be.

That Place is a state of "Good feeling" in the mind of a tnt football fan.

Boy , I aint feel this way since Jamerson Bullet did hit the back of the net in that same goal in the stadium against Guatemala. in 1989

World cup or No World Cup, I am Happy again with Trinidad and Tobago Football.

This game will go down in History.

Football / Big Dog is a liability
« on: August 31, 2005, 03:00:46 PM »
We need to watch him very closely

He was slow to slide out wide to cover for the Birchald and Charles mishap for the first US goal.

Then he do the back pass to set up tallman.

Rangers have not been playing him and it is not like Rangers in form so he must be real shitting down the practice.

I feel the knee giving problems or he gul leave him but some thing wrong with the Big Dog.

We need to watch him close for the first 20 mins of the Guatemala Game if necessary bring in Cox and let Dog rest

Football / Is the game on Gol TV
« on: August 31, 2005, 02:56:08 PM »
anybody Know

They does show Guatemala league everyweek anybody know if they bringing the game

Football / Attack With Full Force , Stern Have to Start
« on: August 30, 2005, 06:08:06 PM »
Alyuh men have to realize that TnT is up against the wall, Guatemala is in the drivers seat, We have to take the game to them and we have win. A tie will do them fine. Time is running out for us.

We need Goals
The past bennie man approach of solid play in our own half with the ball against Mexico and USA will not cut it, We need to posses the ball in the attacking 3rd

Stern Have to Start! Why? Because he is our best forward, yes he playing shit for days, he not running he not doing anything but all that could change, maybe the man might catch a vaps

All our offense Stern is involved, In the US game the only shot we get in the whole game was the bamsee shot from stern that score but was offside.

He score and set up the Panama Goals
This is his chance to wipe of 2 years of shit
Stern Have to start

Playing Guatemala at home we should get more offensive possesion and chances in the box which is Stern Strength, not 1 aganist 3 fast americans, you not getting nothing out of stern in that situation.

Stern was always a slow poke.

Stern have to Start
Latapy Have to Start
Carlos if Fit have to Start
Yorke Have to Start
Sealy Have to Start

This is a must win game we have to go out and score goals,

Man talking bout defensive liability and all that stuff, but that is not the Thing.

We need to win this game Let Guatemala worry about tackling in midfield.

We need to score a goal in the first 20 mins and be up 3-0 by half time.

All out attack anytime game close we dead in the water because pressure does buss pipe.

We under real pressure.

This is it fellas make it or break it.

The players and them who define TnT football for the last 10 years this is then chance to write history,
Let them do it, put them on the field.

If they shit down the place and we loss then at least they have no one to blame but themselves.

Stern John is the most prolific striker in TnT recent History put him on the field and see if he cannot give us a goal when we most need it!

Football / KND is Alive
« on: August 29, 2005, 04:11:28 PM »
I know nuff man what to know what happen to the KND and some of alyuh must be glad I scarce so you aint have to hear no shit talk.

But I am Back now!

I mash up me foot Back on August 3rd, tear my Achilles (sp) Tendon, boy talk bout pressure, all kind of surgury and cast and thing, I still on crutches all now, I aint been to work since.

I think that might be the end of my sweating days it aint easy to be on house arrest for the past 4 weeks, I feel like Martha Stewart.

I dint self had cable or internet in meh house or nothing, boy talk bout pressure.

Things now starting to fall in place and that is why I able to come and post.

Alyuh men on this site Goat Mouth me into Goat Mouthing me self.
But this have to be the end of the Goat Mouth because it aint have nothing else that could go wrong.

I miss a trip back to Trini for a wedding that I was supposed to be in
I miss the blasted game had was to end up giving away meh tickets
BBQ crash

The team was training right down the road from my house and I could not self make a turn.

It was like a bad episode of the twilight zone.

I have nothing to say football wise.

I hope them boy and them can pull it out and make the world cup.

If anybody have the low down on recovery for this injury please post the details.

With regard to Spet 3rd all I could say is that is my Birthday, Something got to give, Goat mouth or no Goat mouth.

From now on all my Goat mouth done the results on Spet 3rd will prove that.


any body with bush send me some , I need a bush bath bad!!


Football / Jack can handle his stories have no Fear
« on: June 07, 2005, 09:51:56 AM »
The man is a good keeper
I dont care what alyuh say. The man does handle his stories He is not as good as shaka or Ince yet but he is still only 28 Years old.

The fact that he got a contrack over seas means he is good.
Keepers dont get contract just so it is 10 times more difficult for a keeper to get a contract

He has always pulled through with some great saves for tnt
But I will admit that he has never had a dominant run like Ince or Shaka

This may be his start

Maybe he can build on this next few games and get a good run of confidence including the Gold Cup.

Jack is a boss , KND say so!


Hopefully Bennie man will start Rojas and Tiger for the Mexico game.

They both play at altitude so they will have limited adjustment issues and they both are fresh as they did not play on Sat.

How you use your squad depth is the key to how the results will go against mexico.

Mexico is a running team and altitude is a factor

Player use and Subs is the key to ensure we can match their intensity and have a shot at taking some points out of the game.

My Line up 4- 5 - 1


Charles-------Lawrence ----Dog------Avery

Birchald-----Season----Tiger ------Rojas



Bring Stern and Carlos off the Bench to provide the second half Pep.
Bring Theobald Off the bench to run things in the middle.

Start Rojas and Tiger for freshness

Start Jones up front as he will run 2 times more than stern and he can cover more ground as the lone striker.

This is it TnT
Go for Goal

Football / Don't write of Panama Yet The can beat the US at Home
« on: June 06, 2005, 12:45:23 PM »
Remember they had the US dead and buried the last time at home. SO watch out a Panama win versus the US and they right back in the fold

Costa Rica Gutemala will be close but CR are in good form. If it was not for Keller they could have beat the US.

In the second half they play all the ball, Just got some unlucky goals but they are a good squad.

Guatemala gets ruiz back so they will get better.

We have to beat Guatemala at home, Panama on the road and at least tir CR away.

They if we could steal pts against USA or Mexico thatmight push us over the edge.

I dont expect the US or Mexico to win out the last few games because as they get more certain for qualification intensity will drop and points will be droped as well.

This qualification going down to the wire

Everybody will be in for a shot to the very last game.

4th place playoffs will ensure this happens

You can't beat that

3 Points is 3 Points at this stage.
We taking it any way we can.

I will pass judgement on team improvements until after I see the team play versus Mexico.

Go easy on Jack GK remember the man been injured all season as well so he must be rusty.

Go easy on stern as well it is ok to play shit, b/c stern been playing shit for years but Goals is what counts at this level.

We might get a point from the mexicans they may relax a bit as it seems that them and the US are almost already Qualified

The battle is for 3 and 4

But watch for Panama to bouce back if they beat the US at home they right back in the mix

COngrats TnT 3 Points is what we needed

Football / What time EST is the game starting
« on: June 03, 2005, 11:00:53 AM »
 let me know

Football / VB and others Please check out the Football Wizard
« on: June 03, 2005, 08:44:06 AM »
The Link is on the left side of this page.

We tried to fix the bugs please test it out and let me know if there are anymore bugs.

Football / Panama Analysis Weakness and Strengths
« on: June 01, 2005, 07:29:51 AM »
Panama is probably the weakest team we will meet in this group. Becaused they are the least experienced and have the least football resources of the other 4 teams.

That said they are probably still a little bit better than us based on previous performances in this rounds as well as the last rounds. (remember they did eliminate Jamaica who is a much better team than we are.

I have seen Panama Play versus the US and Mexico on Tv and this is what I think.


They are very weak Tactically on the defensive side of the ball.
We need to isolate the defense and engage them in one on one by spreading the play from side to side and use the wings aggressively. Their defense is slow especially the right wing back.

Play high pressure (as long as we fit enough) and force them to hit it long. underpressure they tend to give the ball away.

surging runs from the midfield is a must, Their midfielders like to pass but do not track back.

Short passing interconnect play will be more effective than long balls, But their keeper is weak on crosses so our corners and free kicks must be rehersed and ready.


On the Offensive side, We need to man mark the short man, everything going through him. We need a defensive specialist to do this work. Maybe Tiger or Birchald can do it. But who ever need to be commited for the 90 min duration. Medina can poison us if given time and space.
Also their forwards will run hard whole game and put pressure force mistakes and score given opportunites.
It will be difficult for panama to break down a good defense but we tend to break we self down with poor marking etc.

In short

If we cannot Beat Panama on Saturday we cannot go to Germany.

They key for us is to stay calm
Play the game and let it come to us.

Fight Hard whole game
Spread the play out
Use Dribbing Ability to create space behind the defenders
and Finish the Chances that come up
Stay safe in the back and do not get caught on the break.

I predict a 2-0 TnT victory with Stern and Andrews scoring goals in the first 30 mins of the game.

My Line up


Atiba-------------Lawrence---------Andrews-----------A John

Edwards--------Birchald ---------- Tiger --------------Rojas

----------------Stern -----------------Yorke--------------

I moved Tiger to the middle to man Marke Medina from Panama who usually play either middle or left for panama.

Rojas can play a decent left wing as he can cross the ball and his defensive abilities will help us out.

Avery John to provide some speed in the back as Lawrence is slow and Andrews knee is not 100% so he will need coverage
I guess the White boy will start as reports have him playing well I never seen him play however.

Hopefully Yorke and stern can do the business.

This is it TnT, This is it

Football / I like We Squad
« on: May 31, 2005, 07:54:26 AM »
Clayton Ince (Crewe Alexandra), Kelvin Jack (Dundee).

Dennis Lawrence (Wrexham), Marvin Andrews (Glasgow Rangers), Anton Pierre (Defence Force), Brent Sancho (Dundee), Marlon Rojas (Real Salt Lake), Avery John (New England Revolution), Atiba Charles (W Connection), Glenton Wolfe (National Quarries NE Stars).

Carlos Edwards (Luton Town), Christopher Birchall (Port Vale), Leslie Fitzpatrick (Real Salt Lake), Aurtis Whitley (San Juan Jabloteh), Brent Rahim (Unattached), Densill Theobald (Caledonia AIA Fire).

Gary Glasgow (Unattached), Kenwyne Jones (Southampton), Stern John (Coventry City), Hector Sam (Wrexham), Dwight Yorke (Sydney FC).

But the only thing I could say is that we have few midfielders listed and most of them have little experience. Especially if they using yorke up front.

I like the fact that we bring in a few new faces hopefully we can get the chemistry right.

We seem to have a lot of defenders listed so I am not sure if we going to try to play with a 5-3-2 formation but time will tell.

some key men get leave out but you never know how they was looking in practice men might be out of form.

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