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Football / The Grail of Order 2010 Fifa Challenge
« on: August 17, 2010, 09:01:23 AM »
Simple gentlemen, due to the fever that has arisen from the batles in cyberspace and the need to determine the true order, we have come to this moment. We are in search of worthy contenders for the first ever Fifa challenge of the elites. Anyone interested let us know by the latest 1900 EST today. For obvious reasons the league at a maximum cannot exceed 20 players, idealy we are hoping for a number around 16. This is a league knockout format, with each player having to play at least 30 games before the knockout phase, so it will be time consuming over a course of several days and will require commited managers. There will be a league as well as playoff champ. Once we have the confirmed number of players, we shall create the league. The name cannot be verified now as our proposed name may clash with another league in existence. So to confirm your participation just respond in the affirmative to this post and include your psn. This is a Playstation 3 Fifa 2010 battle, there will be no prisoners,no mercy and total order. Note to the masses, the grade is high, very high, bring your best product. That is all folks, let the war begin.
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