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Football / Coach stephen hart and Captain kenwyne jones Expresses concerns
« on: November 20, 2014, 09:48:23 PM »
Uncertainty lies ahead , this is according to an express article i've read moments ago , a december decison is being considered by our  national coach stephen hart as it pertains to his future going forward with the national team  and football...Sadly this is what it has come to !! Let me take this opportunity for all the parties involved to sit  and make every effort to ensure that Mr Stephen Hart remains in his capacity as Coach of men's  national  team , should we let this  honourable man leave  our  football programme i say again as i have previously stated it will a damn shame.. !!      Also  all who chose to allow careless  whisper to spew from their mouth, pls read what skipper kenwyne jones had to say in an another article as well !!.... I have nothing to more to add  on that for now..!!

Football / Tears, But Hope..( Sports Trinidad .Express Article)
« on: January 22, 2014, 10:04:58 PM »
Is the dawn of a new day ?  Yes i do Believe what took place  in the caymans islands has  shone light  on what can potentially be achieved when all united fronts come together .collectively ... again  what these young ladies has done in terms of their performances and efforts  , i do believe is shine a light  on what needs to be done and can further be gained.... i am appealing  once again don't let efforts be vain .....i have just finished reading a very most refreshing article in the (Trinidad Express Sports)  and have to admit delight  with the welcome they've ( the team  players and officials  received......that's how it should be .done ... its uplifting..... to see the girls smile again  after what must have been emotionally tough ... cheers and thanks  again  young  ladies, coach izler brown   and  staff  keep up the good  work.....

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