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Football / Corneal, Vidale, David, Cave, Narada ....
« on: January 13, 2016, 09:11:42 PM »
Field of Dreams Episode 23
Good show with panel including: Alvin Corneal, Edgar Vidale, Steve David, Wilfred Cave & Narada Wilson

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

The video from the last Field of Dreams episode 21 is above, with the rarely seen Jan Steadman.
Based on one of the more pressing (although admittedly disjointed) discussions here, about how to get:

1. A fair competent technical committee
2. Qualified developmental coaches and U15 to U23 coaches
3. Need for a technical director
4. Need for a panel of top local coaches to select the U 15 & up coaches

could we begin exploring coaches' names that the footballing public needs to lobby for inclusion. For Mens' and Womens' teams. Please volunteer coaches from old to new, known to relatively unknown, local or abroad who need to contribute to the panel and maybe some coaching too. There are too many T&T teams idle just rotting on the side as we invest all in only the Mens' national team. DJW's manifesto talks development, so how do we proceed, who should be selected that has been excluded from the so called cabal that recycles the revolving door of low-esteem coaches with verbal contracts with no pay.

Uncle Tim may have been clueless about development. Gotta start getting ready now ASAP as our achilles heel is last minute prep or no preparation before tournaments. What about placing these folks based on just talent & experience, no nepotism, no cronyism:

1. Technical Committee: Gally, Bertille, Fenwick, Vranes, Alvin, Vidale, Shabazz, Look Loy, Angus, Anton, Fevrier, McComie, Latas, La Foucad, Lillywhite, Streete, ?Steadman,
2. Technical director: Stumped. Polarizing decision. Help please.
3. National Mens' coach: Hart assisted by "Barber" and Derek King.
4. National Womens' coach: Waldrun by default, assisted by a local, let his son run the Houston Dash.
5. Under 23 Mens' (least glamorous but still crucial team for somebody trying to prove themselves): Fenwick, assisted by Mc Comie.
6. Under 20 Mens': Gally assisted by Clayton Morris.
7. Under 17 Mens': Vranes assisted by Anton.
8. Under 15 Mens': Bertille assisted by Angus.
9. National Under 20 Womens': Not Creece. Bring back Pellurud after paying him?
10. Futsal coach: Clayton Morris
11 Under 17 Womens': ?
12. Beach soccer Men's: keep the last guy, Mr Astorga
13. Olympic Womens': ?, ? Ross Russell
10. Other coaches trying to prove themselves: Brian Haynes, Richard Chinapoo, David Nakhid, Latchoo
Please submit more names and alternative & general suggestions.

Wok for everybody to stop the bitterness and bobol? In addition ...
Media officers: Andre Samuel, Villafana, Fuentes
Marketing officers: Flex, Tallman, Harford, Narada, Football supporter (after paying a disciplinary fine  ;D & 1 yr probation)
Players' Union heads: ?Kelvin Jack, ?Anthony Wolfe, ?Maylee Attin Johnson.

For the World Cup pool, we need at least 2 TOP quality players for each spot, so let's say we aim for 3 per postion, with a big pool. Using 4-4-2. I presume Jan, Mitchell will recover, maybe Hector, not Molino. I would love to put Cyrus and Justin Hoyte on opposite sides but I'm not sure if Cyrus is a natural left footer. Using (____) to represent position needed to fill. Fellas, some help needed here. Ah takin' a shot ..

                                                 Jan, Marvin, Foncette
(Cyrus, Justin, Gomez), (Marshall, Abu, Trimmingham)  (Bateau, Mitchell, Power) (Gavin, Aubrey, Mikiel)
(Peltier, Cato, Levi), (Boucaud, George, ___), (Hyland, Cummings, Dwayne), (Joevin, Hector, Akeem)
                        (Kenwyne, Rundell. Corbin)      (Plaza, Glenn, Britto)

Football / Updates please ...
« on: January 14, 2015, 10:32:40 AM »
Any news please on the current form, match fitness, performances & health of :

1. Hughton Hector in Vietnam.
2. Armstrong (Akim I think) sold/loaned by Caledonia to Finland club.
3. Darryl Roberts in south east Asia.
4. Joevin Jones in Chicago Fire (is he there yet doing preseason trips)
Soccerama, daiz for you.
5. Rundell Winchester at Central (FS ah find yuh very silent on him)
6. Defender in Thailand .. Oh shims ... Fellah who cut off his ras nah. I always liked him.
7. Primus. Defender who got injured.
8. Marcus Joseph.

Football / New Socawarrior film ...
« on: June 14, 2014, 04:53:36 PM »
Time for a positive film on the Socawarriors, timed for release when they are in form, with a nucleus of their best players and when the team is at the cusp of qualification for some significant tournament such as Carbbean Cup Finals, Gold Cup qualification (if we reach that far) or for beginning of 2018 World Cup campaign.  Would be good for a number of reasons.
1.   For introducing the team to an apathetic nation and begin rallying behind the team.
2.   For putting fear in our Caribbean opponents & countering disrespect from Concacaf opponents.
3.   For humanizing the players and making them more marketable.
4.   Promoting the supporters groups.
5.   Chronicalling the team's best moments.
6.   Target the business community by selling the team to them. Advertizers need personalities.
7.   Counter the anonymity of some of the players,
8.   Promoting socawarrior songs, fan base, T&T culture and more of what was done in Argentina and Brazil
10.   Good wok for budding or experienced film directors.

... and a nex' ting, ... the film must show that we have picked up and dusted off, having purged ourselves of the corrupting stench of Jackula.

Football / Some good news for Warriors ...
« on: March 12, 2014, 11:24:05 AM »
..... is needed such as:

1. Beenie arrives in T&T.... by April.
2. Warriors paid as new sponsor is declared.
3. Joevin, Cyrus secure trials with MLS & Europe. Many more players to follow.
4. TTFA anounces new constitution emphasizing transparency & accountability.
5. Colombia secured for a FIFA date game against Warriors.
6. Julius James called by Braveheart to be ready for call up.
7. Renraw snatched by US special forces and extradited to join son in US.  :rotfl:
8. Task force created to implement community football club business plans while land offered for community football stadia development in North, Central, South and Tobago.
9. Latas, Yorke acquire top European coaching licenses.
10. Kenwyne scores and saves Cardiff from relegation then signs with Dennis Lawrence's Everton.  ;D
11. Guaya sorts out coach drama and gets big sponsor to join Pro League.
12. Surge in Pro league attendance noted with new innovative marketing thrust.
13. Much more on the wish list but leh we leave it so fuh now.
14. Sheldon Phillips secures Belgium and Hungary games against Warriors in T&T.
Something so...

Football / Journey of the Socawarriors: A recent flasback
« on: February 08, 2014, 04:37:50 PM »
Inside look at the build up to the final of the Caribbean Cup which paved the way for the Gold Cup.

Football / Latas settles out of court with TTFA after $5M claim
« on: January 15, 2014, 08:46:41 PM »
Latapy settles $5m lawsuit with TTFA
By Rickie Ramdass (Express).

FORMER national football coach Russell Latapy has withdrawn a lawsuit against the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) for more than $5 million in compensation after both parties arrived at an out-of-court settlement.

Latapy had filed action against the TTFA in October of 2011 after claiming the mo­ney represented the salary owed to him and compen­sation for being wrongfully dismissed.

When the matter came up for hearing before Justice Frank Seepersad at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain yesterday, attorneys representing both sides informed the court of the agreement. Details of the settlement however were not made public.

Latapy was seeking salary in the sum of US$424,278, plus interest, from April 8, 2011, at a rate of six per cent per an­num. He was also seeking damages for wrongful dismissal, in the sum of US$402,852, with interest at six per cent per an­num.

Interest at a rate of 12 per cent per annum was also being sought on any sums awarded from the date of judgment to the date of payment.

On April 15, 2009, Latapy was hired as head coach. The contract was run until November 30, 2009, on terms which included the payment of a base salary of US$33,571 per month.

This country’s national team’s bid to reach this year’s World Cup came to an end in November 2011, under German Otto Pfister, but Latapy had argued he agreed to stay on as a coach until another for­mal agreement was arrived at between himself and the TTFF.

Latapy says TTFF general secretary Richard Groden and then special adviser Jack War­ner entered into an oral agreement with him to continue ser­­ving as a coach for two years, from March 2010, at the same salary.

The agreement provided no provision for its termination by either party. However, his contract was terminated on April 8, 2011. Latapy was represented by attorney Derek Ali while the TTFA was represented by Anthony Bullock


Latas, TTFA kiss and make up
By Derek Achong (Guardian).

Former national senior football team head coach Russell Latapy has withdrawn his multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the T&T Football Federation (TTFF), now the T&T Football Association (TTFA), for unpaid salaries.

When the lawsuit came up for trial before Justice Frank Seepersad in the Port-of-Spain High Court yesterday morning, Latapy, through his attorney Anthony Bullock, indicated that he had agreed to an out-of-court settlement with the TTFF and no longer wished to pursue the matter.

The exact details of the settlement were not revealed in court. Both sets of attorneys agreed that each party in the case would bear their own legal fees. Latapy and current TTFA president, Port-of-Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee, were present in court yesterday.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in October 2011, Latapy was seeking to recover US$424,278 in outstanding salary payments and US$402,852 in damages. According to his court filings, the sum of damages that he was seeking represented 12 months’ salary from his dismissal as coach to the end of his contract with the TTFF.

Latapy’s first stint as head coach after retiring as a player began on April 15, 2009 and ended seven months later after T&T’s unsuccessful World Cup 2010 qualification campaign.

In his claim, Latapy alleged that in March 2010, during a meeting with former TTFF special adviser Jack Warner and former general secretary Richard Groden, he entered into an oral contract with the federation that he would serve a further two years in the position, ending in March 2012.

He was fired from the post after the team’s mediocre performance at the 2010 Digicel Caribbean Cup in Martinique, when they were eliminated in the group stage.

Under a written agreement with the TTFF, Latapy’s base monthly wages were $33,571, which were maintained at the same level during his second stint in the position. Latapy also alleged that he was only partially paid during some months and received no pay in others.

Latapy’s court filings detailed several lump sum payments made by the federation after his dismissal and other one-off payments that did not total the full salary due to him. According to the documents, Latapy also alleged that he contacted the federation on several occasions, demanding his payments and was ignored.

Latapy, who scored 29 goals in 79 appearances for the national team and was instrumental in the 2006 World Cup campaign, is currently employed as a coach with Portuguese third-division team Boavista FC. The TTFF was represented by Derek Ali.

Football / Zoran Vranes Thread
« on: January 11, 2014, 09:01:27 AM »
Zoran Vranes: Coaching whom now?

Effective with the youth team players.

Seems to be a renaissance down south (PFCC, Guaya, Cub Sando etc)  where mind you football was always great.
Imagine if somebody says in the future, there is only one major panside from Tong and dey barely make Panorama finals. Daiz de bes' analogy ah could think of when looking at the situation. Could it be linked to the more rapid degeneration of Tong youths compared to country yout's? Could it be the excessive distraction options for Tong yout's?
Does seem ah bit passin' strange.

Football / Hughtun Hector Thread
« on: October 23, 2013, 10:32:45 AM »
Hughton Hector: Any news on his new team.

Our super left midfielder who became a star in Vietnam with Song Nam Lhe. Got a tiny sweat against New Zealand. Really hoping to see him make it big. Has he left T&T yet? Is he training with PFL teams to keep fit before the next launch out to Asia ... or Europe.

Football / Talented Under 17 right back find: Gomez. Where is he?
« on: September 30, 2013, 07:24:07 PM »
Gomez impressed in the games in Panama. Who is he playing with now? Any follow up news?
Coach Hart mentions him in this post-game video:

Football / How to select our best pool of back four ...
« on: September 07, 2013, 11:11:33 AM »
We need analysis of our widening defender pool.  As we have growing options (a beautiful blessing actually) we need to know which combination of these defenders’ characteristics gets the job done.  Ah waitin’ to get a video of the recent  T&T  vs  UAE game to help me make the latest analysis of Primus and company. Say we have a back 4, with 2 central defenders  and 2 wing-backs, one each on the left (L) and right (R). Some players are good on both L & R (B). How do we get the best out of the following players listed below. Would we aim for some specific characteristics such as must-have speed (S) & recovery on the wings, (hence Cyrus, Gonzalez, Jones, Hoyte, Power) and aerial power (A)  and sure footedness centrally (Mitchell, Bateau, Primus, Cyrus,) and additional issues of L footedness (Aubrey) , right footedness (Gonzalez?), marking skills, setting offside trap, composure (C) and how prone to give away yellow and red cards. Also who contributes to scoring goals (G) and who can pass (P) the ball like a midfielder nicely and intelligently like some saw in Sancho, Jamerson etc.  Probably more importantly, who has glaring weakness that makes the team vulnerable.  At the time of selection for a tournament we may have to add code (F) for optimal fitness level to handle 90 mins of full concentration. Maybe (H) for who is all heart. Wish to make a table of players and coded characteristics and compare to see where we stand and how much good duplication/ options we have. Will add others  players as they come to mind.

                                         L         R        B         S         A        C       P       G      F      H

1.   Cyrus
2.   Mitchell
3.   Power
4.   Bateau
5.   Julius James
6.   Primus
7.   Hoyte
8.   Gonzales
9.   Mekeil Williams
10.   Joevin Jones
11.   Radanfah
12.   Aubrey David (cyah quit figure out this yout’ yet)
13.   JLloyd Samuel

Football / Next player to head out for trials ...
« on: August 25, 2013, 06:22:22 PM »
 .. if it eh happen quietly already
These older video clips  doh quite do him justice. However, perform well in the 4 Nations Cup in Saudia Arabia and Europe will be on the phone.

Football / Reminiscing: Can Hart find players like Jughead?
« on: August 17, 2013, 10:06:55 AM »
Reminiscing: Can Stephen Hart, who recently asked where have the dribblers gone, find players like Jughead?

If you forgot or were too young and never knew:

Football / Kerry Baptiste: The forgotten man?
« on: March 18, 2013, 08:22:02 PM »
Previously league top scorer, Mr discipline himself, was fit, speedy, captain at Joe Public.
What happened? Did he have an injury that was reported under the radar?
Life changing event?
Did stint in Tampa deflate him.
Did experiment after with TTEC damage his career?
No recent picks to national team.
Will he be back? Is North East Stars using him well? What's going on?

Football / 2006 World Cup Socawarrior quietly making new mark
« on: February 03, 2013, 12:59:41 PM »
Avery John's Overview

Current:  Implementation, EDM Application Specialist at Medical Information Technology, Inc
Past: Revenue Administrator, Commissions (Temporary) at Mac-Gray
Corporate Communication/Marketing Intern at ITA Software
Administrative Assistant (Temporary) at Shawmut Design and Construction

Data extracted from:
Playing days:

Football / Toussaint:
« on: January 03, 2013, 04:48:27 PM »
Yeah Guerra, Molino an' dem doing good in de midfield, but jess so we overs Toussaint. De man wth the perfect first touch and delicate passes. Not one word, not one peeps about de man. He retire or whor. C'mon leh we at least have de courtesy to ask if he alright. Tallman help out please.

Football / Cornell Glen Thread.
« on: March 11, 2010, 02:42:41 PM »
... Any news since the morale crushing injury to his knee again several months ago?

If daiz de case, then hip hip ....
The recent threads I've seen, seem to maybe? suggest that something is afoot.

Fenwick is talking lovingly about de grounds in Santa cruz and getting community ball going.
Rougier talking community, community and hinging plans on his new found grounds for the south.
North East Stars giving ultimatum. No renovated grounds, then no 10th team entry to PFL

I'm interested in seeing how advanced or how lacking are the plans of the various teams. Wish I could hear those who are knowledgeable on this to tell us the good or bad news. The reliance on sterile, multipurpose, currently too-big for-club-football, poorly located, club detached football stadia, is killing club football as previously discussed.


Shaka, Sancho, Leonson, Clayton and Leslie "Tiger" Fitzpatrick to run for TTFF posts, probably I say in the next few years. Hopefully before the next World Cup qualifying cycle. President could be Shaka and all kinda permutations and combinations for the others who eh no small fry by any means. My oh my, how football would be so different. A groundswell of support will do it when the fire is lit. Sancho breds, ah know yuh listening.

Extra talent for special committees: Latas, Yorkie, Earl Jean, Rougier, Hutson "Barber" Charles, Dion La Foucade, De jabloteh fellah wit' de li'l goatie beard who reformed from he bad bwoy ways. No end to the possibilities. Good bye to Papa doc Jackula, Baby Jackula, Scamps, Grodent, Cornmeal and all the other stinkin' bamceelickers.

How much ah allyuh heartbeat skip de dip when yuh read this thread headline. ;D  If iz a high percentage, then is time to chrow dem effers out ... now.  >:(  Even Coops' heart skip 3 beats dey aldoh he was initially feeling a reflex sense of lorse.  :-\

I eh know about allyuh fellas, but I felt sick, disappointment, puzzlement, anger, shame and also let down by my country as a whole, when we had the honour of having 2!, (not 1) teams in the Concacaf Club championships via nailbiting qualifications, with man staying up all night begging fuh a link on dey computer and fuh far away international TV broadcast to watch Connection and Jabloteh, only to see us host the rare American and Central American teams in EMPTY STADIA!!!!!!! despite the potential myriad of spin-offs (not to mention a 12th man boost for further promotion) ....

So I have some questions, some of which have been addressed before as serious talks and some as passing jokes.

1. Simply who should be considered to have a stake in successful football TT Proleague teams?
2. Who therefore should be contributing to ensure attendances are high?
3. Is it too much to expect a radio announcers to say, "Massive!, the game is at de Hasely, de Mannie etc, be there at 8 PM and support our teams like de Hondurans do theirs" ?
4. Is it too much to ask the Minister of Sport to say well I will put in my 2 cents as it is a matter of national pride just like World Cup qualification?
5. Is it that the football environment is so poisoned by the ill will of Jackula, that nobody wants to have anything to do with it?  Ordinarily football is a good money spinner that attracts business and entrepreneurs  quickly in other parts of the world.
6. Should we blame the inconveniently located stadia in the too-late-to-travel-in crime-infested  Trinidad for the poor turnout? Should simple local SSFL type fields be used then?
7. Is it just plain foolish to expect football fans to leave a community to watch a football game in a distant sterile stadium when the whole point of the fan frenzy is built on defending yuh tribal turf and benefiting from all the convenient resources and personnel right there in yuh own town  especially in new tough economic times.
8. After seeing W Connection handle the Central Americans and seeing a depleted Jabloteh without their Egypt players there is no reason why we cannot be on top in Concacaf club football with a whole new industry in TV, radio, food, culture and spin-off contracts flourishing.
9. Who is the real ultimate  impediment to reform and progress if this is so difficult to achieve? Jackula, Scamps, gRodent, Skeene, TV6,  Express, De Guardian, Newsday, Club coaches, The Minister of Sports, The Prime Minister, The businessmen, The uniquely self-loathing T&T public, Lincoln Phillips, Gally, Cornmeal,  I95.5, FPATT,, nobody, the economy, T&T bandits, cricket lovers?  North people, central people, south people, Trinis as a whole. Who?!!!! Should the future games be sent to Tobago then? Drastically cut ticket prices and it will be a sea change? Make it free for school children?
10. Is it just the camera angle which is positioned stupidly in the stand with the people and the camera faces the stand with NO people. Daiz de problem then? So yuh never know when the crowds are increasing as yuh never see de damn crowd .. and yuh know Trini like crowd. Can the opposite side of the field ever accommodate the electronics without a stand configured for this?
11. What about the Ministry of Tourism? Yuh getting free TV time all over Mexico because of Pumas, Honduras, Washington DC and many spanish speaking stations in Guatemala with these games shown live and yuh eh interested in a li'l appearance to say we pushing event tourism and convention center business meetings at de Hyatt or have a billboard on the opposite side of the field to say so in english and spanish. Same thing for the Energy sector.

Football / Jackula: The saga
« on: September 27, 2009, 02:18:21 PM »

Football / TT Proleague: Improving?
« on: August 05, 2009, 08:49:19 PM »
Does this reflect improved attendance and some more marketing?

Now ah assuming anything could happen eh and yes, we could win, but how would we react after de game. Ah bracing meh ears as this could be a crossroads for many who are emotionally invested heavily in this, just like de Mexicans.

Football / Dear Matas and Latas ....
« on: April 04, 2009, 12:04:18 PM »
I am a socawarrior fan, like many on this forum, who invests plenty emotional capital following the gut-wrenching rollercoaster fortunes and tragedies of my team. I get tremendous pleasure seeing the socawarriors do well and I accept when we lose fair and square to a better team. I feel that the highlight of our team, in recent times, was when Beenhakker (Beenie) summoned Latas from Scotland to help turn around the fortunes and it succeeded. Beenie understood defense as the pillar of one's strategy before you can fantasize about all the glamour of attack and made a tremendous turnaround with what was a porous defense, that was distracting us from launching our attacking raids. We spent alot of time compensating for our defensive weaknesses, with our best aggressive & attacking midfield and striker formations sacrificed for conservative ones.

It was sad to see what happened in Nashville on wednesday. I can't help but notice a sickness coming back with full force. Hopelessness with the wingbacks, a position that if weak, would automatically be a God-send for the opponents like the USA, Costa Rica and other teams that rely heavily on the wing attack. More painful is the realization that the shortage of confident, fast, sharp wingbacks is exacerbated by unpatriotic sabotage in the form of the blacklist, that is a career-destroying, evil vendatta against wingbacks like Cyd Gray, Avery John and who knows why, the sidelining of Silvio Spann and Nigel Daniel  both of whom could easily do better. No offense to Akile Edwards, but the youth looked so unsure of himself and just out of it and I am not quite sure what it is that he has that makes him the ONLY!!!! player who gets selected for that position.

Latas, you are my hero. Please see to it that you do not slip into the blackmailing claws of Jackula and his bamceelickers and perpetuate the distasteful persecution of Avery, Gray, Sancho, Colin Samuel and others. Please focus on selecting speedy wingbacks, as this has been our achilles heel for years until we found Gray. Makan Hislop is NOT a wingback. You have to have blazin' speed to deal defensively with the likes of Lennon, Theo Walcott and such players as we painfully learned in Germany 2006.

Btw, Good job by Dennis Lawrence and Keyeno. Need 2 fellas (and a pool of substitutes) on dey side to protect the wings. So Latas and Matas, please bring in Avery and Gray to help groom the next generation just like Ian Bishop, Ambrose, Walsh, Holding and Roberts would have tried to support the new WI fast bowlers lacking confidence.

Matas, thanks for experimenting with local Pro League talent, but please tighten' up the defense and understand our historical weakness. If yuh doh understan', let Latas show you please.  :-\

Football / Maturana/Anton ... sickening impotence/arrogance
« on: September 10, 2008, 08:19:04 PM »
1. No leadership body language by Maturana. Actually looking very mooksee on the sidelines
2. "Vikeevie" captaincy decisions, giving Gray who has no impact in directing things.
3. Vaps omission of Dennis Lawrence.
4. Refusal to play players on the bench when 3-0 down as if daiz all we could aim for.
5. Stubborness with Stern John, Birchall
6. Arrogance in their firing of players just to prove who is man.

Fire dis joker!!!

Watch dem pin-point crosses from de right.

An' he improve since these performances too eh...

Interview at de very end. Good attitude. Niceness

Good luck Baptiste. Yuh have my vote ... since long time.

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