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Football / List of Foreign Based players
« on: March 29, 2017, 01:41:49 PM »
Tallman , Flex, or anyone else.

Can we please have an up to date list of players who play abroad. They can be either Trini born or Foreign born. If ages can be attached that too would be helpful.


It is seriously time for this switch. Many National Coaches including Hart and Pro League coaches have called for the switch.

F.S if you can contribute here. Is it the club owners who decide these things or is it the Pro League board and Skeene? because I have heard its the clubs.

Benefits of running it from end of March to early December:

1) Post Carnival start = All facilities available, no delays during Carnival season causing fixture congestion.

2) Top 2 teams benefit if they are in Concacaf CL as the group games are August-October. The players will be in season and be fit and have good match rhythm.

3) International Windows are between March and November. Better for National Team selection as local players will be fit and can showcase their talents on the International Stage resulting in a possible transfer aka TRANSFER FEE to the local club which is a business at the end of the day.

4) Possible pre season camps in USA Mexico South America. Showcasing local talent etc.

It is seriously time for this change. I can't believe all the clubs don't see the positives of this.

Kevin, maybe you can shed some light on this.

Is the Ministry of Sport planning on giving the HCS a much needed facelift for the upcoming qualifiers in November? or maybe even friendlies in September and October?

What is the state of the pitch? Why haven't we replaced the pitch with a top class grass surface and maintain it? That current pitch is the same field from 2000 when the HCS was upgraded for the 2001 u17 World Cup. That is 15 Carnivals with Machel etc destroying the surface.

Stephen Hart complained time and time again that the surface isnt watered before kick off making it a dry pitch to play on. Why don't we have a groundstaff comparable to higher level Concacaf to deal with these requests? Why should we be at a disadvantage at home?

Are they going to allow SSFL to destroy the surface between September and November? The national team should take priority and School Football should be on School grounds.

Is the dressing rooms of standard?

Lastly, in March when T&T played Panama the game was switched to Ato Boldon Stadium because the HCS was booked for some minor track event.

Is it not common sense to put a block on International Dates at the HCS? The FIFA dates are available for years in advance.
From FIFA:
31 August - 08 September- Official or Friendly Matches
05-13 October   -             Official or Friendly Matches
09-17 November   -             Official or Friendly Matches

It is time to make our National Stadium a fortress for qualifiers and also comfortable for the supporters. Run down Bathrooms and poor lighting throughout the stadium must be sorted out. Young kids should not be subject to that at a Sporting Event.

We pay taxes for these reasons to see our money go to upgrading of facilities in Sport, Education, Health etc.

Football / Name the 10 best players you have seen Live
« on: October 16, 2014, 01:08:49 PM »
Let's keep it International as in NO T&T players. We can all agree Latapy would be in our top 10 anyway  ;)

He might not have had the best game but just seeing that player live where would you rate him among the best you have seen live ? Name your top 10 outfield players then your top 3 goalkeepers...

1) Messi
2) Scholes
3) Pirlo
4) Giggs
5) Di Maria
6) Lahm
7) Keane
8 ) Rooney
9) Vidic
10) Beckham

Extras: (Shevchenko, Mascherano, Tevez, Berbatov, Ferdinand, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Ashley Cole, Owen, Zlatan, H.Larsson, F.Ljunberg, D.De Rossi, Nesta, Gattusso, Del Piero, Totti, Seedorf, Cafu, Maldini, Kaka, H.Crespo, Cannavarro,Schweinsteiger, Ballack, Klose)

1) Van Der Sar
2) Buffon
3) De Gea

Football / Charter to Argentina - Be Part of the Team !
« on: May 24, 2014, 07:03:30 PM »
TT $16,000 includes category 1 match ticket at the Estadio Monumental, four-nights with breakfast at the Marriott Hotel in Buenos Aires, round trip on Copa Airlines, city tours, fan pack, ground transportation.. See Messi, Aguero and Di Maria live vs the Red Black and White


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General Discussion / Are you a "Glad Man" ?
« on: February 11, 2014, 09:12:45 AM »
Somehow I feel real fellas going to get make out with this....Brilliant

Football / Hyland and Genk win 2013 Belgium Cup
« on: May 09, 2013, 09:48:16 PM »
Congrats to Hyland on his team winning the 2013 Belgium Cup 2-0 vs Cercle Brugge today !

Silverware is silverware

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