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Football / How do you build a team for the future
« on: October 18, 2018, 02:17:08 PM »
It is apparent that people in TT does not know how to build a team for the future giving caps to a bunch of players over 25 that is still playing in the pro league is a total waste of time at this rate TT will end up in the same position they were with S Hart when the WC start we will be depending on the same 2 players K Molino and J Jones who will be 30/29 our goose would be cooked.

TT will have to hire a coach with international experience who will give players like M W Ling ,K Julien ,J Garcia .C Benny ,T Emmanuel and Gomez etc a chance to play on the team that's what these friendly's should be used for these kids should be given playing time in the GC so they could develop there game that's how you build your team for the future G Cummings gave young players a chance Z Vanes gave young players a chance to play in the GC that's how they develop not being a chicken.

Plus clubs  in Europe would not take a chance with a undevelope player over 25 but they might take a chance with a undevelope player between 20 to 25.

Football / Advantage Panama slow death for T&T
« on: June 18, 2017, 06:01:25 PM »
With Panama getting a point in Costa Rica they now have 1 hand on the 4th spot they just have to win there next 2 home games and its game over with 13pts they have to play T&T who cannot score goals so the chances of them losing that game is pretty slim and there final game would be against Costa Rica who would already be qualified and now that there coach Hernan Gomez has made up with there top goal scorer Bias Perez they are now going to start scoring more goals so now they have the advantage.

If Honduras win there last 2 home games there would end up with 11pts even if Panama end up with 11pts they still have the advantage 4 GS 4GC VS 6 GS 14 GC Honduras has to get pts on the road.

T&T needs 9 to 10 pts to have a chance in 2005 R Latapy came out of retirement and save there buts at nearly 50 years old that's not going to happen this time the TTFA decision not to fire S Hart after loosing 4 -0 to the U S A put them in a big hole Saintfeet jump ship when he realize he dealing with a bunch of jokers and the decision to hire D Lawrence seal there fate while the team is playing better with the help of coach's from the UK he does know what he is doing we have only scored 3 goals but conceded 10 we not going to beat anybody playing that type of football its going to be a slow death for T&T.

Football / No time for a disciplinarian
« on: January 06, 2017, 10:38:07 AM »
Tom Saintfiet is a much better coach than S Hart but he is not a good fit for TT I know that the coach's and the TTFA thinks that's what we need to pull these players up but if Tom Saintfiet continues TT would not have a team for March 24th TT is going to need its best players for the WC it is better they bring back Z Vanes who already knows TT culture and players and would not be dropping everybody for every little offense TT does not need a disciplinarian right now.

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