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Football / The way forward: food for thoughts
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:45:24 PM »
Russia 2018 campaign is over. I am sorry. Time to start doing things the right way for the next cycle. 👊 Some food for thoughts:

1- hiring an experienced coach teaching tactical discipline and defending

2- always pick the players available who are playing lots of minutes in the higher level available leagues. But also be mindful, being a rotation player in MLS or Mexico is much better than being a star in remote non-football countries like India.

3- Avoid TT Pro league based players at all cost until they first go play in a club abroad and prove they can belong. If really needed, call up only 1-2 of the youngest TT Pro league based players from the U20 to round up the roster.

4 - The National Team should never be a mean to an end, in other words a mean to showcase TT Pro players so they can get a contract abroad. Rather the other way around, first the player goes and proves himself abroad, then he gets an
opportunity at the senior national team in official matches. A local based squad for non Fifa dates can be formed.

Who knows what's going to happen so this is just pure speculation or maybe a topic for next cycle. But if that is the case we can't afford an expensive coach with international pedigree from Europe or South America, so let's be realistic.

Need a good coach that first and foremost fixes the backline and connects with the players and can be respected in the locker room.

My best bet is Paulo Wanchope for these reasons:

1. Costa Rica currently is the Giant in Concacaf and he was an important part of the movement as he was the assistant during WC 2014 and then interim head coach until Ramirez was hired
2. Knows Concacaf well and what it takes to get points
3. Speaks English and can connect with the players culturally/ethnically. Has a name in Premier League and most of these players look up to that league.
4. May be able to recruit more players of heritag in England since he was a standout player there and knows everyone
5. Has done extremely well calling the shots as Technical Director at Saprissa (recently eliminated Portland in CCL and Saprissa keeps on exporting more players to Europe than any other team in Concacaf) and he knows Aubrey David who he brought to Saprissa

The alternative? An Italian coach who can fix the backline and play this team to its strenght (Counterattack). Francesco Guidolin who recently was at Swansea but had very succesful career at Udinese. Won Italiam Cup with Vicenza back in the days. Knows how to get results as underdog.

Football / Murciélagos F.C. Thread
« on: August 05, 2016, 09:05:45 PM »
Live Murcielagos FC (Marshall, Williams, Winchester)

live now marshall, jomal and winchester http://www.ustream.tv/channel/murcielagosfc

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