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Football / We are not in this alone-Brave Warriors
« on: March 23, 2021, 11:01:04 AM »
Over the past few months, many fans, including myself have  questioned, the government stance, team selection and make up and the governance  of the TTFA. Not all are without just cause. however today I was reading an article from TSN webpage regarding the Canadian Men's national team- I found some very interesting comparisons to  what is happening with  our team as well. SEE BOLD below:

Canada Soccer announced the roster Tuesday, delaying the announcement until all the players could arrive in camp and meet COVID-19 protocols. The games, both to be held in Florida because of pandemic-related travel restrictions, mark the oft-delayed start of World Cup qualifying in the CONCACAF region.

Assembling the roster from around the globe given the current conditions has not been easy.

"What a mission to get that roster in, what a mission," coach John Herdman said with a sigh. "It's been crazy."

The Canadians, ranked 73rd in the world, open Thursday against No. 169 Bermuda in Orlando before facing the No. 193 Cayman Islands on Sunday in Bradenton in first-round Group B play. They will have to play at least 18 more games if they are to make it to Qatar 2022.

Ten of the 24-man roster are 24 or younger, including the 20-year-old Davies. There are two teenagers in Theo Corbeanu and Jayden Nelson, both 18.

The roster has a combined 343 caps with Atiba Hutchinson (84), Milan Borjan (49), Samuel Piette (49), Cyle Larin (31) and Junior Hoilett (27) accounting for 240 of them. Davies has 17 caps.

Seven players
Corbeanu (Woverhampton Wanderers), Ricardo Ferreira (unattached), Dayne St. Clair (Minnesota United, Frank Sturing (FC Den Bosch), Joel Waterman (CF Montreal), Alistair Johnston (Nashville SC) and Cristian Gutierrez (Vancouver Whitecaps) are uncapped.

Another seven have single-digit caps.

"The goal is always to select the best players players playing at the highest level, players in form, and then to also look at some of the prospects," Herdman said when asked about the youthful roster.

"It is a young team and it is where we're at There is a lack of experience in here," he added in an interview. "I mean that's normal and there's some things that we're going to have to learn together. But at the same time we've got some really experienced guys in Atiba Hutchinson and Junior Hoilett and Milan Borjan. Those guys, that sprinkling of veterans gives us that wise head and, I think, a real strong leadership core."

So having read this, I will personally  take some chill pills and hope for the best  and  encourage our TnT players to do the best they can in representing TnT during this global  pandemic. You are brave and dedicated Warriors.

Football / World Cup illusion
« on: March 10, 2021, 08:17:37 AM »
Dreams hopes fantasies and desires- then there is reality. From the inception of a WC, every football nation has yearned for this Holy Grail. Every minnow to giants among nation believe that they have what it takes. However, the fact remains that i reality there are predictable nations who will  come close and those who will go through a formality of qualifying only to shatter the hearts of a nation.

What is the possibility of TnT ever even coming close to a quarter final play? We can't even with any conviction lay claim to be a regional dominant force or a giant among CONCACF!
This farcical attempt every  four years to build some hope is quickly becoming a nightmare  of a dream - an illusion of sorts - The entire fabric of a WC is in many ways a highly organized- ooops orchestrated event with back door bidding wars- alleged payoffs for hostings  and money being allegedly laundered among different levels of executives and governing bodies - all under the guise of FIFA- "Foreign Investors For All"

It is rather a grand delusion that invites and supports those who play the odds and cheer for the u derdog hoping against all that the perennial favourites or top five nations will suffer a humiliating defeat. Given the overall structure and inequities of funding, player talent, resources and opportunities, the advent of a Caribbean nation ever appearing  in a final two is at the best a football mirage.
The farcical show and fracas of qualifying  standards and Playoffs is once more evident to keep minnows at bay and  reserve the rite of passage to the WC to nations of privilege - Depraved nations are left to seek desperate measures to attempt to equal the playing field- the recent announcement by Jamaica to immerse their team with foreign nationals who because of lineage is good enough to represent- YnT is no different- we put our hopes that those from far away lands will bring us a prepriev for our football local debacle.
These actions once more support the giants and further constrict the growth development opportunities and hope of local football.
Our association pays a coack20k US to coach a national team and then the ultimate betrayal occurs when the team is not good enough- recruits are brought in- there is something fundamentally flawed in how this occurs every  four year cycle?

Could the TTFA  take the money spent on coaching select top players send then abroad for playing and development and let them be the core of the national team- each year local players who earn a qualifying standard will be sponsored by TTFA to earn an opportunity to a foreign contract. This is fully disclosed and understood-  the illusion of trying to home grow talent  pay a coach ridiculous amount to break an illusionary spell  can be averted.

The drunken and hypnotic madness that we can rise among the ranks in this decade seems to be just that- with the present state of foot ball intnis nation our dose of reality lies in finding some semblance of glory if we could win a fete match against the likes of Anguilla- a country on the brink of starting their own illusion of  some day parading on the WC stage.

Let's inoculate against the illusion - watch the WC on our television sets and relishintne thought that there maybe better hope for us if we were united as Caribbean nations and have a regional team- like cricket
 to have any consistent regional representation at a WC.

In terms of its operation and control of governing ,bodies, its loyal insiders, the bidding process, alleged corruption, could FIFA  be akin to  a MAFIA like  body operating what appears to be legitimate governance and total  control of football?
what is the  possibility of cooperations brining nations together to host a world tournamentversion of a WC? A nonsa ction FIFA event?

Football / Impact of culture on our Success?
« on: January 24, 2021, 07:48:47 AM »
How much of an impact is the success of our National teams on our culture or personality?

I will not indulge in attempting to complete a dissertation but to invite " ole talk" on observations about the intangibles which exist within the control of the individual athlete and the atmosphere he finds himself in.

Some foreign coaches have labelled elements of our culture as one characterized by laid back attitude  / and a proclivity  for liming/ and partying. If we accept this as part of what is innate to our athletes? What would it take for them to thrive I this  environment? Many have and we have had  international success!

But how do we sustain it? Harness this success and thrive? We have had many successful footballers who developed their talents from our local schools and leagues, go abroad and achieve success but upon returning to these shores have defaulted to patterns undisciplined actions required to sustain successful performance.
Intne past, how many times have our national teams had to leave the island during carnivalto for focus on playing qualifiers?

How many of our players are able to maintain the personal discipline / drive to adhere to training and lifestyle skill development required to be at the top of their game inTnT? 

If they desire to be Professional athletes , it would require more than  the possession of natural talent, which sets them apart , but an enduring  discipline and competitive drive to rigorous daily practice and training when all others are liming , partying and indulging.

How do coaches instill this? We have witness  many national coaches come and go- some foreign born some the sons of our soil who achieved success here and abroad all with the intent of imparting this success- some achieve a degree of success and others fell short. We have seen other countries - even within our region accept and have employed the services of our nationals for their programs yet these same nationals  were  not able to have an impact or influence the success of our players?

Do we have a flawed system? Or is it the atmosphere in which our players reside to blame? What are the factors required to develop nurture and sustain our success? Which factors reside within the control of players? Which factors do we need to revamp?
 What cu.tural shift ought to occur? Born in the 50's seeing our minnows on the international stage in the 60's - PanAmerican games- taking on World Giants Brazil in Trinidad- were feats of marvel! What happened in the ensuing years over the past two decades outside of 2006? These are serious questions our best football minds should be asking. Not that they have not been asked- I recalled either in late 90 ,d a series of symposiums to address football concerns- now I am suggesting that in the pursuit of excellence mYbe the ministry of sports  could begin a revamp of our programs, the governance  e trusted to oversee these programs  and examine supportive measures to e ha e and support individual development of our athletes.

Pouring money into a  drain will not fix the leaks- it just goes to those with hallucinating  mind numbing  thinking  of filling their own coffers or erecting monuments like HoF or Centre of Execellence  in the name of betterment but may just be some erection to placate their own midlife deficiencies or personal gains.

Today during this current COVID situation is a time there the external elects in the culture could be subdued and  the focus and discipline instilled, if I am a local player with dreams of making the national team only to know that all my effort and sacrifice will be for nought pe ding the arrivals of foreign players what is my motivation? If I am a foreign player knowing that I am a shoe in on the team what is my motivation?
I both instances the default to partying and liming is so readily available that no coach or program could influence me.

Folks is time for a revamp of our thinking , governance and levels of support if we want to sustain the 2006 level of achievements.

General Discussion / Storming of the White House like the Red House?.
« on: January 06, 2021, 09:12:38 PM »
 Well well well- white power in action- ironically with a mantra with black origin- " by any means necessary"
Internal terrorism- imagine if that was a black mob? Imagine if that  were Muslims? Imagine if this was a mob  of immigrants?
Lawd this action exposed so many things wrong with USA- the inequalities  the utter disgrace for democracy -

Nice nice a leader who called for this action- a real leader could have stood up on the steps and tell supporters this is not the way but he still on about a fraudulent election- he must be drinking Grey Goose.
Coming to think of it we had someone here inTnT also trying to incite demonstration with allegations about the election-
Yuh know how TnT like to " follow fashion"  - guard we Red House - funny when dat happen in USA - the self rigitious start to claim the actions are something that only happens in " banana republics" well take that
This is the result when idiots vote for inept divisive leadership- we had one right here who only weeks ago
Inciting followers to " take them out" referring to the government- these rhetoric from leaders should not be acceptable and should be grounds for inciting hatered and violence yet we have idiots still  voting to keep them in power.
This is not what we need from a nation who upholds the standard of highest democracy!!! Shocking- Who is the biggest banana in this republic?

Football / The best thing for our Football
« on: November 13, 2020, 09:15:44 AM »
To put a new spin or to reframe all the hoopla surrounding our football.The adversity our players are facing in times of uncertainty could be the best thing  to motivate them moving forward in my opinion.

Now we could purge all the vile and insidious elements by focusing on progress with a clear sense of purpose.it is this resolve that will  take us through to a new path. A good coach , could use this situation to rally players by:
- creating a compelling vision
- establishing a clear sense of purpose
- instilling a sense of belief
- providing a focus on achievement

There are those within and those from the outside that would relish in our demise  however this is the time to prove our worth to rise above all this distraction and to stand up for the legacy of those who wore the national colours to prove that a minnow could roam among giants in the football world.
undertaking practice sessions now is  the start of this  focus on progress and putting our energies where it ought to be.
 I would even suffice to say that we needed this blow up to show how quickly dreams  hopes and futures could be taken away from you.My message to each player with a desire to represent TnT is that take this as a personal mission to dedicate to the goal of being the best at learning and developing as a player and person for TnT.

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